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Vinicius de Queiroz May Have the Best Excuse for a Positive Steroid Test Ever

("Wow! Those pills from Broughton Nutrition really made me bigger stronger and faster. I can’t believe I won the contest.")

Besides the handful who admit to their wrongdoing, when most fighters get popped for using PED’s, they typically plead ignorance.

"I don’t know how I tested positive. It could have been from using the sauna at the gym."

Chuteboxe fighter Vinicius de Queiroz, who tested for positive for the steroid Stanozolol following his UFC 120 loss to Rob Broughton and was subsequently dropped by the promotion tells Tatame that he didn’t knowingly ingest anything illegal, but surmises that he may have unwittingly taken the drug.

“I was caught by surprise with this doping thing, I’d never use something that could ruin my career, something that could bring me any kind of problems… I won some imported supplements and I used it, and there were some prescribed medicines too," Vinicius said before trying to explain awayhis guilt by feebly pointing out that Stanozolol is "used to lose weight, something that would be useless for a heavyweight who would have a disadvantage in confronting a bigger athlete."


Saying that anabolic steroids are primarily used for cutting weight is like saying alcohol is primarily used by fat chicks to get laid. Sure it’s one of the things they’re used for, but it isn’t the primary use.