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Check Out Dana White’s UFC on Fox 2 Video Blog

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

Nothing groundbreaking this time around, but I’m starting to agree with Nick Diaz about how it’s strange that the UFC expects fighters to be cordial and play nice before an event.


Check Out: Dana White’s UFC on FX 1 Video Blog

(“Get a load of this bullshit.”)

Dana White threw together a short and sweet video blog to commemorate the UFC’s first show on FX tonight and it had a few cool behind-the-scenes glimpses, perhaps most notably the moment he found out that Mark Munoz would be replaced by Michael Bisping against Chael Sonnen.

Some highlights:

• Dana says the UFC 143 countdown show (which debuts tonight) is going to be crazy

• He denies using paper-thin doors on TUF for dramatic effect

• Apparently copyright infringements, including playing Rage Against the Machine and wearing a Sons of Anarchy sweatshirt during the vlog aren’t a big deal

• Jim Miller’s wife hates his moustache

• Melvin Guillard is cool with Jim

• Dana loves the Neer-Ludwig fight

Check out the video after the jump.


Video: Dana White’s UFC 137 Vlog #2

(“Viacom paid WHAT for Bellator?” I got PRIDE, WEC, Strikeforce and Chandella for less than that.”)

Dana White put out an unprecedented second video blog today for the first time in a long time. In this instalment of his UFC 137 video diary, White admires the venue for the pre-fight press conference, pokes fun at Nick Diaz for being Nick Diaz and gives out a bunch of free tickets to whoever asks.

A word of advice: If you’re ever needing tickets to a certain event, stand in line at the weigh-ins or press conference and have a friend point a camera at Dana while you shamelessly beg the UFC president for some freebies. Works every time.

Of note is Diaz’s revelation that they brought him to the presser an hour early to make sure he was there. He missed his flight from Stockton this week and the UFC had to rebook, so it looks like they aren’t taking any chances. Reed Harris has been appointed as Nick’s official babysitter so there’s little or no chance that he’s going to sleep through his fight Saturday night.

Check out the video after the jump.


Just When You Begin to Think Your Life Ain’t So Bad, Dana White Comes Back With Another Video Blog To Remind You His Is Way Better

(Video courtesy of YouTube/UFC)

Hopefully everyone had a nice little Saturday. Maybe you went to Home Depot to pick out some wallpaper, or maybe you hit Bed Bath and Beyond with your significant other if you had enough time. Chances are you didn’t do anything too crazy like take your kids to skate with Tony Hawk and Shaun White or go to the Rage Against the Machine concert for your birthday.

Well, Dana White did, and proves he isn’t afraid to brag about his good fortune a little bit in his most recent video blog. His mom isn’t going to like this one bit.


Video: Auteur Jon Fitch Continues His Directorial Growth in ‘Road to Recovery’

Props to Jon Fitch for saying no to peer pressure. While all the cool kids are canceling fights to have surgery, then canceling the surgery itself, Fitch decided to actually go under the knife to repair the shoulder that pulled him from his rematch with BJ Penn. In the latest of his high-quality vlogs, he takes us back through his preparation for surgery.

What we learn: Fitch’s girlfriend is pretty attractive by societal standards; packing is easy when you’ve got clothing companies up your ass; if you’re a top-dog in your division, the UFC won’t wait until June 1st to hook you up.


Dana White’s UFC 126 Video Blog Days One and Two

(Video courtesy YouTube/UFC)

Watching the most recent edition of Dana White’s video blog series, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the dude is fucking rich.

When he isn’t sitting courtside in L.A. at the end of the Celtics bench with his kids during an NBA game, The Baldfather is throwing around cash like it’s confetti on things like souping up his SUVs with Corvette engines.

Ah, to be a multi-millionaire…

I still pick up change when I find it on the street.


UFC Video Blogs: Matt Serra Got That Breast Milk, BJ Penn Endorses the San Clemente Inn

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

With Dana slowly transitioning out of his web presence, the UFC is getting into an event-specific rotation for their video blogs. Last time we had Chuck Liddell letting us see the days leading up to his retirement, and now we’ve got Matt Serra giving us an impromptu episode of UFC Cribs. (Livin’ lawge, Matty!) Later, Serra stops by the gym, mainly just to mock Ray "The Hoarder" Longo. Many laughs are had, many balls are busted.


Video: Danavloggin’ Like it Ain’t No Thang

Dana White UFC 97 Video Blog – 4/16/09 – Watch more Funny Videos

Well, it looks like we’re back in the regular rotation for these things. In this 4/16 edition of the Danavlog, Dana swings by the the Bell Centre for a UFC 97 press conference, shoots the shit with an Iraq War vet who he hooked up for the event, and does some high-stakes rock ‘n’ bowling with employee Marty Cordova. "You know he’s Mexican, right, he’s gonna try to pay me in pesos," Dana says at the 11:25 mark. Man, it’s like he won’t be happy until everybody hates him. Though it wasn’t shown in the video, DW gave a fairly interesting quote at the press conference about the UFC’s continued campaign of global (and local) domination:

"Canada is the mecca for mixed martial arts right now. There aren’t too many places in the world we could go right now and sell 22,000 tickets as fast as we did here. I believe, as fast as we sell out here, maybe we could do 30 (thousand) in Toronto…We’re coming to France, there’s no doubt about it. We’re in Germany right now, and France is next…I’m pretty confident we’re going to do an event in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Boston Garden in November. Then, the first of the year, New York. I’m hoping we actually have Toronto done before New York."

Yesterday, Kenny Florian and Marc Ratner were at the Massachusetts State House fighting for the cause of MMA regulation, and things look promising. The battle continues in Ontario, and New York is still waiting for its MMA regulation bill to be voted on in the State Assembly. (Step on it, guys!)


Videos: This Is Not a Video Blog; The Gays Are Still Upset

We’ve already told you that Dana White will be giving the video blogs a rest after that faggot-thing blew up in his face (no homo), and now there’s this new video that basically confirms it…OR DOES IT?!? Give it a look, and get ready for the most stunning shock ending since The Happening. (Are you fucking serious? The trees did it?) Basically, Dana White is the new Lenny Bruce now, or something. It is he who is persecuted. Props for the Bob Dylan-reference, I guess.

Below: Street-gays respond to Dana White’s recent hate-speech. We had no idea Greg Jackson was gay, but there he is, on the left, at the 1:14 mark. Audio very NSFW. +1 for the cameo by the HotForWords chick @ 0:39.

(Props: RicoRado)