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Karyn Bryant, Her Husband and ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s Weird Sexual Relationship Continues

By Elias Cepeda 

Ok, I can’t possibly be the only one who is reminded of this classic Chappelle’s Show  ’Real World’ sketch whenever I watch Karyn Bryant get accosted by Quinton Jackson while her husband/cameraman/cuckold, Wade Eck silently and passively stands by and films the proceedings.

First there was Rampage’s attempt at motorboating Bryant to celebrate his win over Matt Hamill, and now this week he was back to his old tricks on Bryant’s MMA H.E.A.T. show. We’ve almost become numb to his antics and come to expect molestation from Rampage whenever a woman sticks a microphone in his face since it isn’t the first (or the second) female reporter Rampage “be humping” or otherwise sexually assaulting. Hell, we’ve lost count of the amount of videos out there of Rampage being his classy self.

Anyway, this time around Bryant had a full 45-minute sit down with Quinton, who we now know is all hopped up on testosterone injections, and besides his uncomfortable closeness to and constant leering and grabbing of Bryant, it was actually a pretty solid interview. He touched on a ton of topics including why he wants to leave the UFC, his rap career aspirations and how he helps his family and friends out financially.