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Wanderlei Silva Undergoes Surgery to Become Freaky Space Alien, Can’t Fight Bisping at UFC 105

Wanderlei Silva post facial surgery
(Either Wanderlei had surgery or else he’s getting a head start on his James Carville costume for this year’s Zuffa Halloween party. Photo thanks to Fightlinker.)

It looks like the rumored Michael Bisping-Wanderlei Silva bout won’t be happening at UFC 105 in Manchester, England, and as usual when something bad happens, a plastic surgeon is to blame.  Bisping wrote in a blog post earlier this week that Silva had undergone facial surgery and would be out for the rest of the year.  Judging from the picture above that appears to be the case, and now at least we know what his manager was talking about when he said Silva would be taking some time off to heal his body and mind. 

Not that we can’t understand why a guy like Silva would opt to do something about the several pounds worth of scar tissue in his face, but it does seem like unusual timing.  Not only does this put him on the sidelines for a while, it also seems like money that’s bound to go to waste.  Unless Silva is considering retiring soon or drastically changing his fighting style, he’s probably got more scar tissue coming his way in the near future.

But now that we know for sure it won’t be “The Axe Murderer” who takes on Bisping at UFC 105, we ask yet again, now what?