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Wanderlei Silva’s Manager Shoots Down Bisping Rumor

Wanderlei Silva
(Sure he’ll fight again.  But he just got the "Wings" DVD box set and, well, you know how it is once you get sucked into a series.)

Hasn’t it just been that kind of week, fight fans?  As soon as something good or interesting or at least newsworthy seems like it might happen, the goddamn facts come swooping in to ruin all the fun.

Wanderlei Silva’s manager tells Fighters Only that they haven’t even discussed the possibility of fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 105, and suggests that even if they had their answer probably would have been no.  Apparently Silva wants to wait until February before he fights again so he can “take time off to heal his body and mind.”  Plus he’s got this gym to worry about and some vague “business affairs” (just say you’re not investing in puppy mills and we’ll believe you) to attend to.   A lot of stuff on his plate, in other words.

So there it is, another rumor destroyed, another dream deferred.  Oh well.