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Thanks to the Munchies Nick Diaz is Broke; Says He’ll Do Press if He’s Paid to Do It

(Video courtesy YouTube/TheShoot)

When Nate Diaz said in an interview last week that sponsors help put clothing on fighters’ backs and food on their tables, he apparently wasn’t referring to his brother, Nick, who says he’s broke and that he doesn’t make enough money to buy anything but food.

"People need to understand that I don’t make a lot of money. For real. I spent all my money on food. I don’t have any money; I spent it all on food. I didn’t buy anything," he explained. "I worry about taxes and I watch my bank account just, *whoosh* get sucked away. So I’m like, man, I just want to fight and get paid, you know?"

By "food," I wonder if he’s referring to weed since that would explain how all of his money went up in smoke.

Nick made $100,000 for his Strikeforce win over Mariusz Zaromskis in February alone, not including sponsorship money. Maybe he and Nate need to hire an accountant like Chuck Liddell look over their books.