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$100 Fights Now to Happen in Canada?


(David “The Crow” Loiseau)

Maybe some of the cancelled WCO bouts will live on in another organization – and for more than $100 and ‘a figure to be named later’. The Fight Network is reporting that Hardcore Championship Fighting has offered fights on the February 1st “Destiny” card to Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Vernon “Tiger” White. Canadian David Loiseau has also been offered a gig. The fighters were among those cast away when the World Cagefighting Organization shit the bed seemingly minutes before their much-hyped event was to go down in San Diego this past weekend. Everything was cancelled when the fighters refused to rip up their contracts and fight for a Ben Franklin – and the rest to come later. How dare them!

The HCF’s current card looks like this:

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Todd Gouwenberg
Gegard Mousasi vs. Evangelista Santos
Thomas Schulte vs. Garett Davis
Brendan Seguin vs. Derrick Noble
Damir Mirenic vs. Mike Pyle
Andrew Buckland vs. Dan Chambers
Solomon Hutcherson vs. Amir Rahnavardi
Myles Merola vs. Ariel Sexton
Tim Hague vs. Miodrag Petkovic
Nabil Khatib vs. Lucas Rota
Babian Cortez vs. Juan Barrantes


WCO Has Five Hour Weigh-in, Axes Two Fights (UPDATE: Event Canceled Due to Lack of $$$)

We already dished out our thoughts on the World Cagefighting Organization’s event set to enter the cage tonight in San Diego. According to Sherdog, the WCO’s weigh-in took over five hours yesterday – and when all was said and done, two fights were dropped from the fight card. Luckily for people who relish watching things like Britney Spears’ many public meltdowns, or smile at the trainwreck that is Danny Boneduce, there are still some great circus acts left on the card. eBay vet and addict Ricco Rodriguez will still battle Mike Kyle, who is fighting for the first time since his attempted murder of Brian Olsen after their fight was already decided, is 9-5-1 to Ricco “not-so-sauve” Rodriguez’s 27-7. Kyle was suspended by the CSAC after his incident, even though they did not sanction the fight.

Renato “Babalu” Sobral, the occasional prisoner and disgraced ex-UFC fighter, will face Vernon White in the main event. Obviously, someone hates Vernon White and wants to see him killed in the bout. Why else would the journeyman and his 25-32-2 record be thrown into the pit with the blood-thirsty Babs? Another ex-UFC fighter, David “The Crow” Loiseau, will face Leopoldo Serao, which will be both fighters first fight since last May.


WCO Pillages Prison for Fighters

The new kid on the block, World Cagefighting Organization, has announced its full card for January 12th.  It’s a who’s-who of criminal types, has-beens, addicts, guys who spray paint themselves, and just plain assholes.  Check out some of these names that will step into the cage in San Diego:
-Renato “Babalu” Sobral (anaconda choke, anyone?)
-Ricco Rodriguez (how’s this going to affect his ‘detox’?)
-Tiki Ghosn (and his stellar four losses in a row)
-”Cabbage” Correira (no comment necessary)
-Mark Kerr (who stunk it up in PRIDE)
And a host of others.  Babalu will square off against Vernon White and his 25-32-2 record.  White will try not to be killed when Babs refuses to stop even after White’s head starts to come off.  There might be a few cool slugfests, though, like Joe Riggs against Gustavo Machado.  Contrasting styles between two solid fighters.  And it’ll be kinda’ cool to see Sobral in the cage again.
The WCO is the brainchild of former boxer Bruce Bellochi, who owned a career record of 7-9 in the ring.  There is to be an internet feed of the event for those interested.