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Video: The Reem Episode 10 – Big in Japan

(Video courtesy Vimeo/TheReem)

While speaking with Golden Glory founder and manager Bas Boon a couple weeks ago, I told him how much the Potato Nation was digging The Reem series and I asked him if there were any plans to profile other GG fighters like Marloes Coenen, Sergei Kharitonov or Semmy Schilt in a similar fashion. 

According to Boon, the cost of making The Reem (which is completely produced out of pocket by his company) is very high as they have had to hire a crew to follow Alistair 24-7. Although it isn’t something he says they are working on at the moment,  he says he hasn’t closed the door on the notion altogether.

This isn’t the only fan-centric initiative Golden Glory has put on.

If you recall, the Holland-based gym also streamed its Glory MMA and kickboxing event last month for free, although they could have easily charged fans to watch it. Boon told us that the reasoning behind the decision was that they simply wanted to increase the exposure of their fighters and the sport, which is why they decided to give it away.

We need more people involved in MMA who value the fans as much as Golden Glory does.



Check Out The Preview for Jorge Rivera’s Incredible Looking Documentary

(Video courtesy YouTube/RangerUpVideo)

After nearly eight years of drought in decent MMA documentaries since The Smashing Machine was released in 2002, 2010 has seen several new features that have been nothing short of incredible, most notably Jens Pulver’s Driven film and Alistair Overeem’s The Reem web documentary series.

Our friends at Ranger Up and filmmaker Tim O’Donnell will likely be added to the growing list of awesome documentaries released this year when they put out Jorge Rivera: Surrender some time later this year.

Regardless if you’re a Rivera fan or not (but you should be because the guy always goes out to perform) Surrender should speak to you on many levels whether its as an MMA fan, as a parent, as a fighter or as a human being.