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Video: Mike Brown vs. Cole Province Unaired Prelim Fight From WEC 51

Mike Brown Cole Province WEC 51
(Photo courtesy of the exclusive WEC 51 gallery at

Due to a number of factors — including the broadcast starting nearly 10 minutes late thanks to a goddamned arena football game — we never got a chance to see the WEC 51 preliminary bout between former featherweight champion Mike Brown and Cole Province, even though it was the shortest fight of the night at just 78 seconds. Thankfully, Versus has made it up to y’all by posting the fight online; you can check it out after the jump. Watch as Brown drops Province with a well-timed uppercut, then smashes him from the top as Province turtles. The ref steps in, and Cole immediately goes into ‘WTFIYP’? mode. Was he just about to spring into action when the fight was called? Who knows. Who cares. Enjoy.


WEC 51 Aftermath Quick Hits: Bonuses, Rodeos, Wife-Swapping + More

Donald Cerrone pig roast WEC MMA funny photos
(On the bright side, that pig was offered an immediate rematch in Arizona. Photo courtesy of

Between Jose Aldo’s latest title defense/demolition, the off-the-chain Cerrone vs. Varner rematch, George Roop’s KO of the Year candidate, and the other violent stoppages from Torres and Zhang, last night’s WEC event delivered the goods. (LOL @ any poor bastard who decided to watch Bellator instead!) Here’s some things you might want to know with Aldo vs. Gamburyan in the books…

— $10,000 bonuses were handed out to the following fighters: George Roop (Knockout of the Night) for being the first guy to finish the Korean Zombie, which he did with a perfectly placed LHK; Miguel Torres (Submission of the Night) for beating Charlie Valencia to the mat and finishing him with a RNC; and Donald Cerrone/Jamie Varner for their three-round co-headlining battle that was totally OMFG.


WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan — Live Results and Commentary

Jose Aldo Manny Gamburyan WEC 51 weigh-ins MMA photos
(Look, not everybody can pull off the "casual cool" look as well as Dana White. You can’t just put Reed Harris in a Nuggets jersey and expect him to not look like the world’s most uncomfortable pedophile. No offense. / Photo courtesy of the WEC 51: Weigh In Pics gallery on

Zuffa may have robbed you of $45 last weekend, but they’re making it up to us with a stacked-to-death WEC card on free TV, on a damn weeknight. Gotta love it. Will Jose Aldo continue his Sherman’s March through the featherweight division, or will Manny Gamburyan let everyone know who he is, bro? Will Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone settle their feud once and for all? Will Miguel Torres and Mike Brown return to old form? Can the Korean Zombie possibly top his last performance against Leonard Garcia? All these questions will be answered after the jump starting at 9 p.m., as we present our liveblog of WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan. If you love organized violence, give us a "hell yeah" in the comments section…


‘WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan’ Live Results, Beginning at 9 p.m. ET

Brittney Palmer WEC ring girlChan Sung Jung WEC 51 Korean Zombie weigh-ins
(Brittney Palmer and Chan Sung Jung: No matter who you are, the WEC’s got your eye-candy. Photos courtesy of the WEC 51: Weigh In Pics gallery on CombatLifestyle)

Potato Nation, assemble: Since tonight’s WEC event promises to be a card-of-the-year candidate, we’ll be liveblogging all the action starting at 9 p.m. eastern. So if you don’t have Versus, or you just feel like hanging out, come back to tonight and join the conversation. After the jump: Results from yesterday’s Aldo vs. Gamburyan weigh-ins, and a must-see video feature on Miguel Torres‘s new day job.


Reminder: Urijah Faber Q&A Session and WEC 51 Weigh-Ins Live Right Here Starting at 6:00 pm ET

Just a reminder that we will be streaming the Q&A session featuring former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber at 6:00 pm ET tonight, followed by the WEC: Aldo vs. Gamburyan weigh-ins at 7:00 pm ET.

What prophetic words will Urijah polarize the crowd with?

Is his move to bantamweight a permanent one?

What size chin strap does he wear on his wrestling helmet?

Did his crazy street fight in Bali really happen or did he recycle a scene from Fist of Fury and insert himself in the place of Bruce Lee?

(Video courtesy YouTube/vonguinness)

These questions and more will be answered after the jump.


Wednesday Morning MMA Link Club

(WEC 51 open workout highlights, courtesy of

Some selected highlights from our friends around the MMA blogosphere. E-mail for details on how your site can join the MMA Link Club…

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WEC Prospect Alert: Is the ‘Mongolian Wolf’ the Next ‘Korean Zombie’?

Zhang Tie Quan MMA
(He’s just a dude, holding a belt, asking it to love him.)

On Thursday, Zhang Tie Quan will become the first fighter from mainland China to compete in the WEC. The China Top Team featherweight product will close out the preliminary portion of WEC 51 against Pablo Garza — who just made a brief appearance on TUF 12 as a lightweight hopeful — after being originally scheduled to face Alex Karalexis (out, injury) and then Jason Reinhardt (out, bad vision). It’s a big moment for Chinese MMA, as well as for Zuffa, which has been angling toward expansion in Asia, but is generally short on Asian rising stars in its promotions. With "The Mongolian Wolf," they couldn’t have picked up a better prospect.

Competing primarily in China’s Art of War promotion and the Philippines’ URCC outfit, Quan has racked up an 11-0 record, all wins by stoppage, with at least 10 of those victories coming in the first round. (The stoppage time of Quan’s pro debut isn’t listed on any MMA databases, or even AOW’s official site.) Quan’s last six wins have come via six different submissions, most recently a 30-second neck crank win against Daniel Digby, at a June event in Hong Kong. Quan holds a knockout victory over a guy named, I shit you not, De Gi Ji Ri Hu. For the last week, he’s been acclimating to Colorado time (and American training partners) at the red-hot Grudge Training Center.

Notable quote, from this WEC profile: "I always admired the wolf because he was so ferocious and majestic. We saw a lot of wild wolves where I grew up and we all heard stories that if a wolf bites you on the arm for example, even if you kill it, its jaw will remain closed…I look at a fight with that same ferociousness…If there is any opportunity to finish, I finish. I won’t quit, I do my best and try to end things as quickly as possible."

After the jump: The Wolf in action.


MMA FightPicker Update: Submit Your Picks for Aldo vs. Gamburyan and WEC 51′s Other Marquee Matchups

WEC 51 Jose Aldo Manny Gamburyan poster

This Thursday night in Broomfield, Colorado, the WEC will be hosting its most star-studded event since Aldo vs. Faber — with many of the same faces squaring off in the cage. In addition to Jose Aldo‘s featherweight title defense against Manvel the Anvil, WEC 51 boasts the bad blood rematch between Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone, Miguel Torres trying to snap a two-fight losing streak against Charlie Valencia, Mike Brown bouncing back against Cole Province, and Leonard Garcia and his Fight of the Year partner Chan Sung Jung returning against new opponents. Set your DVRs now (Versus, 9 p.m. ET) so you don’t have to come crying to us later. And if you’re a FightPicker player, please swing by or to battle your fellow ‘pickers for bragging rights. The complete list of this week’s WEC 51 pool questions can be found after the jump…


Report: Mike Brown to Return at WEC 51 Against Cole Province

Mike Brown WEC geisha midgets
("Yeah, I was married before. For one day. Long story." Lots more bizarre photos at

A year ago, Mike Brown was the two-time defending featherweight champion of the WEC. Now, he’s a belt-less contender on a 1-2 skid, who most recently suffered a shocking first-round knockout at the hands of Manny Gamburyan. Once again, it’s time to rebuild. According to MMA Junkie, Brown will make his return at WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan (September 30th; Broomfield, Colorado) against Cole Province (6-1).

Province had a two-fight stint in the WEC in 2008-9, losing a decision to Diego Nunes, then winning a decision over Fredson Paixao — which was deemed a no-contest when Province popped for steroids. In June, Province returned to action at an event in Oklahoma City, where he scored a quick submission over Nick Masters. That was apparently enough to earn him a return ticket to the WEC. To summarize, former champion Mike Brown has to fight a 6-1 drug-cheat who’s never actually won in the WEC. In a way, we feel bad for both of them.

The addition of another WEC star adds even more firepower to a card that’s damn near PPV-worthy. The tentative lineup is after the jump…


Miguel Torres Looks to Snap Losing Streak Against Charlie Valencia at WEC 51

Miguel Torres bloody face Benavidez WEC 47
(Miguel may have lost a pint of blood, but he *gained* a pint of valuable life experience. / Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

There was a time when Miguel Torres looked absolutely untouchable in the WEC bantamweight division. But after two consecutive stoppage losses to Brian Bowles and Joseph Benavidez, the former champion finds himself in an odd position — in the middle of the 135-pound pack, fighting up the ladder like everybody else. Torres will return to competition at WEC 51 (September 30th; Broomfield, Colorado) against Charlie Valencia, who is 5-3 in the WEC and has picked up three-straight decision victories against Seth Dikun, Coty Wheeler, and Akitoshi Tamura. Not a bad resume, but Torres doesn’t plan on adding his name to it. In fact, he’s already planning to, well, return to the old Miguel. As he tells MMA Fighting: