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Exclusive: Cole Miller Looks to Make a Statement at Lighter, Natural Weight

By Elias Cepeda

(After making his UFC featherweight debut Friday, Miller will finally be able to put his embarrassing past fighting as a morbidly obese fat man [above] behind him.)

Cole Miller is in Sydney, Australia cutting weight for the first time in years. The young UFC fighter has competed at lightweight (155 pounds) since he entered the organization in 2007, but before that time he often fought at 145 pounds.

The UFC didn’t used to have a 145-pound division and even after it purchased the WEC – which did feature lighter weight classes – Miller says he was intent on staying in the promotion in order to take advantage of its larger fight bonuses (which, incidentally, he’s won several of), so he stayed at lightweight.

But now the promotion has lighter weight divisions and this Friday Miller will once again return to fighting where he says he belongs: at featherweight.


*UPDATED* Paul Daley is Just F*cking With Us Now

(Video courtesy of YouTube/CharlesFightTime)

Either Paul Daley is getting sick of the constant ribbing he’s taken over the past few years about missing weight a handful of times and has decided to pay back the MMA media by throwing sending them into a tizzy, or the British welterweight has jumped up a weight class between bouts. Our money is on the former.

“Semtex” told reporters yesterday during an open media workout in Montreal that he had just over 24 hours to drop 40 pounds to make the 170-pound limit for his Ringside bout against Luigi Fioravanti. For those keeping score, most fighters drop between five and 12 pounds the week of the fight, but 40 is pretty much unheard of the day before an event, unless you’re Anthony Johnson.

When asked how he planned on dropping such an immense amount of mass, he deadpanned:

“A lot of shitting, a lot of sitting in a hot bath and a lot of saunaing, and not eating anything. I might even have to chop something off that weighs a lot. We’ll just leave it at that and we’ll move swiftly on.”

To add fuel to his story, Daley posted the following photo on his Facebook page of what he planned to eat after today’s weigh-ins:


Akiyama Plans to Drop 15 Pounds, Pick Up His Career

I’m looking, but I don’t see one ounce I’d be willing to part with.

It looks like Dana White is getting his wish. Following his first round KO loss to Vitor Belfort at UFC 133, Yoshihiro Akiyama will be making the cut to 170lbs. Like any professional model, “Sexiyama” knows that thin is in, and after dropping three straight in the Middleweight division the judoka hopes to reignite his career as a welterweight.

Akiyama strutted into the Octogon sporting a 12-1 (2 no contests) record in Japan, but he hasn’t fared too well in the UFC. After snatching a split decision win over Alan Belcher, he fell victim to a last minute Chris Leben triangle, was outpointed by Michael Bisping, and dropped cold by “The Phenom”. Although he has lined his pockets with an additional $135k thanks to three “Fight of the Night” bonuses, at some point you’ve got to pick up a ‘W’ if you want to keep fighting under the bright lights…generally speaking.


Will Bisping’s Size Play a Part in UFC 120 Fight with Akiyama?

(Video courtesy YouTube/TwinkleToesTommy)

Besides his proclamation that he’s simply a better fighter than Yoshihiro Akiyama, Michael Bisping has been asserting for weeks that the biggest factor in him beating the Japanese-born Korean fighter will be the size advantage he will hold over Sexyama when they square off Saturday night in London at UFC 120.

The question is, will Bisping’s purported size advantage actually give him a leg up on Akiyama or will it hinder his performance?

Historically, when fighters add size, they subtract at least some speed from their arsenal as well as an exponential amount of cardiovascular endurance as a result of needing to accommodate the oxygen requirements of keeping their larger muscles stocked with ATP.