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‘WWKD?’: The Stunning Conclusion

In the final episode of “What Would Kimbo Do?”, Ferg realizes he’s only a figment of Average Joe’s imagination, and wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette. Wild, man…


More Details About Kimbo Coming to CBS

(CBS primetime star, Kimbo Slice.)

A few more details have dropped about the EliteXC/CBS marriage, although you should consult a finance guy and an attorney to explain it to you. Luckily, I do both of those as side jobs so I will lay it out proper. MMAPayout has a solid breakdown of the deal, but there are still some things we haven’t been provided with yet and a lot remains murky at best. The details we do have come from the SEC filing by Pro Elite for the agreement. If you’re in need of good bathroom reading material, print off the SEC filing and enjoy.

MMAPayout had originally suggested the agreement was not a rights fee arrangement, but a time buy. CBS and Pro Elite both shot down that notion. The SEC filing says that CBS will pay a rights fee. Check it:

According to the filing, CBS has the right to order up to four two-hour events during the first year of the agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, CBS was also granted four consecutive annual renewal options. CBS also has the rights to order derivative programs based on the events, in a possible nod to the long rumored Mark Burnett produced EXC reality series featuring Hershel Walker and Jose Canseco.

I told you “What Would Kimbo Do?” would find its way onto CBS’s Saturday morning kiddie programming. With the explosion in MMA’s popularity and now jumping over to network primetime, derivative programming could mean a lot of things so it’s hard to speculate what that could be. Unfortunately, “Survivor: EliteXC”, isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.


‘What Would Kimbo Do?’ — Episode 2!

In this installment of our collaborative series with, a cockblocking collar-popped jagoff named Josh learns that face + grill ? fun. Watch, comment, and spread the love.


‘What Would Kimbo Do?’ — Episode 1

It’s finally here! Kimbo Slice dishes out some poetic justice, garbage-can-style, in the series premiere of What Would Kimbo Do? Enjoy, and let us know what you think…


‘What Would Kimbo Do?’ Debuts Tomorrow!

What, you didn’t think we tracked the dude down just so he could say hi to us? Tomorrow marks the premiere of What Would Kimbo Do?, an original series starring Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson that we put together with and As the press release tells it:

The premise of each 30- to 60-second Webisode focuses on a down-on-his-luck guy facing a series of everyday dilemmas, but rather than just grin and bear it, Kimbo steps in and handles it in his own special way.

Obviously, we’re beyond ecstatic that a hair-brained idea hatched months ago is actually becoming a reality. Stop by tomorrow as we make history, and spread the word to all your Kimbo-lovin’ pals.

Also: We’re hoping that WWKD? is just the first step in taking CagePotato to “the next level” (whatever that may be). Right now, all the writing on this site is done by two dudes, and we could always use more help with reporting and features. If you’re interested in contributing to CagePotato on a freelance basis (yes, there’s money involved), e-mail Professional writing experience is a plus; original ideas are required.