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Comment of the Week 10/1: And the Winner Is…

(I’m sorry, Kryszszytoff, but I’m not going to promise a name to my child when I can neither spell nor pronounce it.)

Let’s be real, when we brought back the comment of the week last Friday, you were all pretty much fighting for the right to play second fiddle to Seth’s “less a writer, more a philosophizer” comment describing the benefits of loving oneself as a coping mechanism. Unfortunately for Seth, as soon as one of us signs ourĀ CagePotato contract, we are immediately excluded from winning any prizes of any kind, be it a simple comment contest or an MMA Journalist of the Year award, which is clearly why not one of us have ever been so much as nominated in the category.

But we had to pick a winner eventually, so head after the jump to see which one of you will be receiving a gold medal for coming in second place…


And the Winner of the Hayabusa Presents: The Cage Potato UFC 140 Guess the Fight Photo Contest is…

With 10 correct entries out of 32 submissions, the odds of winning this Hayabusa-sponsored UFC 140 contest were better than most, but as with most things in life, (except for stupid sports like doubles tennis and two-man bobsled) there can only be one winner.


Amir Sadollah Out of UFC 91 with Leg Infection

(Looks like Sadollah’s first non-TUF fight is going to have to wait.)

Ultimate Fighter 7 winner Amir Sadollah won’t be fighting at UFC 91 this weekend after all, as reports that a leg infection has forced him off the card. What with the fight just a couple of days away, the UFC couldn’t find a suitable replacement and has given up trying, so the bout is being scratched altogether.

Sorry, Nick Catone. That big UFC debut you’ve been training for, the one you told all your friends and family about, it ain’t happening. Look on the bright side: at least you’re still undefeated.

Since the bout leaves a hole in the televised portion of the event, the UFC is going to bump Tamdan McCrory-Dustin Hazelett up from the darkness to make up for it. You hear that, “Barn Cat”? You’re going to fight on TV in front of a Dana White-estimated 1.2 million households. Your struggles with women are finally over, my man.


We Haz a Winnur!


Many thanks to everyone who entered our first caption contest. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner:

“Mmm..screw the belt I want this nice piece of sushi right here.”

See, we knew most of you would pick up on the prison-rape vibe of this one, but referring to Sato as a “piece of sushi”? Well played, sir. So, CagePotato reader who goes by the name of “D Biggles,” shoot us an e-mail with your address and we’ll drop that Ultimate Knockouts DVD in the mail as soon as we get around to it.

As for the runner-up, we should also give recognition to “Jeremy,” for this insightful caption:

“I shaved my balls for this?”

Unfortunately, Jeremy loses points for plagiarizing a t-shirt, but just as “Christ, what an asshole” is a viable caption for every New Yorker cartoon ever drawn, “ISMBFT?” is always a solid option for photo caption contests.

Good work, Potato Nation. We’ll do this again the next time a publicist makes the mistake of sending me a free DVD.