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Check Out Tom Hardy’s ‘Warrior’ Workout

(Hardy’s traps are big enough to catch a whale.)

If you’ve seen “Warrior,” you’ve no doubt noticed that Tom Hardy put on some serious muscle, especially in his monster traps, ┬áto play the role of emo brother Tommy Conlon in the film. According to Men’s Health UK, the British-born actor actually put on about 30 pounds of lean mass by doing four strength workouts per day on top of his cardio, muay thai, jiu-jitsu and boxing workouts. Show off.

Although the movie was filmed nearly two years ago, Hardy has kept on most of his mass and even added some additional size for his upcoming role as “Bane” in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Check out his unique workout, which was developed by former U.S. Marine Patrick “P-Nut” Monroe, after the jump.


Videos: Kimbo, Sandman, Penn, and Vera in the Gym

Whoever’s in charge of video editing at Triumph United has incredible taste in music (though we would have probably chosen this jam for the soundtrack instead). If you’re not interested in seeing Kimbo Slice and Bas Rutten do some synchronized striking drills during a recent meet-and-greet at Elite MMA, we’d suggest skipping to the 1:54 mark to get your first taste of Kimbo workin’ it on the ground. Props to BloodyElbow. Also…

(James Irvin prepares for his UFC 85 fight against Rashad Evans at Fairtex Bangplee in Thailand. Props to MMAMania.)


Blast Your Core With Matt Hughes

Even though it lacked late-night room service, the Holiday Inn where I slept after UFC 82 had free wireless Internet in the rooms. Connecting to their system took me to a homepage which featured this 15-minute workout video hosted by Matt Hughes, where the former UFC champ discusses the fitness program he uses to develop his core. If you’re like me, you have an ass like a veal and a spine bent from years of office jobs and astigmatism, so I was definitely interested in some core-blasting tips from Hughes. Unfortunately, he leaves the actual workout demonstration to his assistants, and just shows up to do the introduction and provide occasional encouragement like “You can do this; just picture those rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted.” His delivery, by the way, is as wooden as Pinocchio’s dick. If you’re interested, give it a look before Holiday Inn’s lawyers make us pull it.

After day 1, my ass is still rather veal-like, but I’ll keep you posted.


Video of the Day: Brock Lesnar’s Pre-MMA Workout

I just came across this video from Brock’s WWE days, where he demonstrates a few of the exercises responsible for his behemoth-like build and athleticism. In particular, watch how he picks up that 180-pound log like it’s a toothpick. Though his technique on the heavy bag may be questionable, he certainly makes up for it in sheer aggression.

Of course, Brock’s physical abilities once convinced him that he could land a shooting star press from 20 feet away. But as long he avoids this sort of thing on Saturday night, he’ll be fine: