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Some Shady Sh*t Went Down in Costa Rica at the XVT 5 Show Last Weekend

(Video courtesy Sherdog)

I don’t know what the hell it is lately with shady MMA promoters screwing fighters, but it looks like these leeches are bound and bet to add some black marks on an overall otherwise decent year for the sport before the clock ticks out for 2010.

By now we’ve all heard about some of of the crazy shit that went down at the Nemesis Fighting show in Dominican Republic earlier this month where fighters didn’t get paid and the promoter tried to high tail it out of Dodge before they realized the checks he wrote them were rubber. The latest on that story is that former bounty hunter Keith Jardine, who was one of the fighters who got stiffed has hooked up with the U.S. Secret Service to remedy the situation. We’ll have one of the fighters who nearly didn’t make it out of Dominican alive, Chris McNally on tomorrow’s The Bum Rush Radio Show to tell another crazy story from the event.

Well, it looks like another promoter has tried to pull a fast one on another UFC veteran, only this time it isn’t money that was stolen, it was a championship belt.