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Emilio Estevez Isn’t Impressed With Chael’s Letter to Anderson Silva [VIDEO]

(“When I was a teenager and I was having problems in West Linn, my mom sent me to live with my Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air. I’ll never forget how bad the cab driver smelled that took me to their house.”)

It appears the Gangster from America is back to his old tricks copping material and claiming it as his own.

You might recall that Chael “borrowed” his post-fight UFC on Fox 2 speech from former pro wrestler “Superstar” Billy Graham. Now it seems, as pointed out by several of our astute readers, that the number one UFC middleweight contender has claimed artistic license on a bit made famous by Emilio Estevez in the 1988 movie Young Guns.

Check out the videos and transcriptions for comparison after the jump.