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Take a Look at the Welterweight Version of Sexyama

(I have come for your women.) 

As promised, Yoshiro Akiyama has already completed his transformation to 170 pounds, and besides looking a little gaunt in the face, it’s safe to say that he has taken this “Sexyama” thing to a whole ‘notha level. I mean, first the music video and now this? You are making it increasingly difficult for the rest of the male population to get laid, Mr. Akiyama.

Below, we have Akiyama’s weigh in photo leading into his UFC debut match against Alan Belcher as a basis for comparison, courtesy of

Still sexy, but in hindsight it does appear that he was carrying a couple extra lbs around. Hopefully the drop to 170 will turn Akiyama’s career around, or at least help improve his cardio, which has been a huge factor in his losses to Michael Bisping and Chris Leben.

There are few arguing that the cut was necessary; the Japanese born fighter hasn’t tasted victory in the octagon since his controversial split decision victory over Belcher back at UFC 100 and was most recently knocked out by Vitor Belfort in their middleweight scrap at UFC 133. One more loss and you have to imagine that would be it for Akiyama’s UFC career, but then again, stranger things have happened.

No word yet on whether or not Akiyama plans on using his new set of abs as a distraction method in his next fight, because those things are making even this post tough to write. Someone’s clearly been stocking up on the Ab Ripper X tapes.



  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 09:12

    No homo.
  2. TheWarsawExpress Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 09:14

    Akiyama looks like he is dissappointed by his reflection in the mirror. It is almost like he wants another pair of abs to sprout out from somewheres.
  3. Squirrel Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 09:16

    looks like someone got a shake weight for their birthday
  4. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 09:28

    wow, he looks good
  5. PingPong Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 09:35

    Looks like he lost some wieght and found Jesus.
  6. Liverpunch Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 09:51

    "I have cum for your women."
  7. GistoftheFist Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:14

    His first picture looks like every Japanese villain in every martial arts movie set in modern day. Just dye that spiky hair blonde or green and boom, instant Yakuza.
  8. Morningwood Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:15

    Karma, perhaps you should take to strolling the streets of Wisconsin. This will help you raise money as well as practice for when you get to Japan.
  9. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:29

    Right nice adding a perioud to the end of my name.. Very Clever I see what you did there. Accept tons of people have done that to others for many years now. I don't live in Wisconsin Morningwood I live in Massachusetts. Come visit for my fight on Nov 19th.
  10. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:30

    @Squirrel; That shit was funny by the way.
  11. macreadysshack Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:36

    I'm not sure he'll be able to bridge off that chicken leg he calls a neck now. His traps are all but gone. Sure he's ripped but he doesn't look like a proto-fighter body to me anymore (big legs, ass, back, shoulders, smaller arms and chest). Don't rip me for A Silva or J Jones - they're not from here.
  12. macreadysshack Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:37

    That said, I am very interested to see how he does at Welter. I've always thought he was over-rated but maybe he was just too small for the weight class.
  13. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:50

    When Dana said he wanted his people to just "come out", he wasn't talking about you Danga.
  14. DangadaDang Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:53

    @Sparrow If you insist on stealing El Guapo's jokes, at least give him his due credit.
  15. Bandy13 Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:59

    Karma, where you fighting? I will be up in the north chelmsford/lowell area that weekend?
  16. Morningwood Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:04

    oh man, I fell for that. didn't catch the period at the end. When did you move? I'm so far out of touch!
  17. ctownhood Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:11

    I think Akiyama will have a lot of success at 170. He was just too small at MW. The skill level is definitely there
  18. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:24

    @Danga, Where's his joke at? Awww you're even sensitive like one too... Throw on some BPM, you'll feel better. :)
  19. Clyde Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:24

    I thought it should have been "your women have come for me... twice"
  20. DangadaDang Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:29

    @ Sparrow hxxp:// And I'm about the least sensitive person you'll ever meet. Bring on that hateraid, brah. *insert slightly homosexual winky face*
  21. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:38

    @Danga Fine, just admit you wrote this statement with Beyonce Pandora playing full blast. "No word yet on whether or not Akiyama plans on using his new set of abs as a distraction method in his next fight, because those things are making even this post tough to write"
  22. SnackDaddy Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:39

    I didn't think Akiyama was a small middleweight. I actually thought he was on the bigger side. His dropping down to welterweight is just nuts. I don't think he's gonna anymore success now then he did before. He lacks mental toughness. Halfway through the fight he just loses all motivation and bad intention which is needed to end fights.
  23. danomite Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 11:48

    he looks sickly to me. Like macready said, no neck. It looks like he lost way more than he needed to. Was this a dry run at a weight cut? I would expect him to maybe look like this at a weigh in but not just walking around. He looks only slightly healthier than James Irvin did at middleweight.
  24. Me likey Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 01:07

    he had no cardio at 185. he had better come with some at 170 or he won't stay there long either.
  25. BlodyVag Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 01:11

    Young boys wanted.
  26. Duh Ogre Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 01:25

    " this will be deleted in 5 mins by pussies" That was posted at 01:11. Still here. Maybe he meant 5 hours?
  27. skeletor Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 01:33

    He did delete the earlier fake Karma post. He has posted my email on the site and deleted my asshole remarks about Ryan Jimmo. That being said, I have said a ton of ignorant shit and am still here to post.
  28. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 02:16

    Yeah only one real Karma here the others wont be visiting anytime soon That said. Bandy13 I am fighting at CFX 17 in Plymouth on Nov 19th.
  29. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 02:37

    @ CP See now, if you keep deleting every fucko that posts something prickish about you guys then there gonna get all " fundimental extremeist" on you and post even more plus there numbers will most likely increase just cause it gives them the attention that there dad's never did. Many people have already read it and if they have a clue, aren't bothered by it. Plus, people( like myself) sometimes call them out on there bullshitery.
  30. bescaredhomie Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 03:00

    as an honest man, and without homo intended, i must say....i've seen better.
  31. JCTUDELA Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 03:31

    He is going to murder at 170!.......hopfully
  32. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 04:09

    @SmellyPirate; It wasn't about Cagepotato Specifically and it was bullshitery creepy stalkerish bullshittery. I am all about the Trolling you guys inspire me Honest to god but when people cross a fine line and you know when that lines been crossed shit has to be handled.
  33. skeletor Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 04:39

    So.... Karma, your comments would lead me to believe you ran and told?
  34. RealTalk123 Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 04:45

    its funny how CP will post my email address publicly but will delete my comments and continue to ruin this site. Fuck you all, you unprofessional douchebags. youll never be a legitimate site. KARMA is a bitch we all know that. EVERY guy on TUF would smash him and he will never make it. hes just butthurt by that and loves calling people haters
  35. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 04:47

    @ Karma First off I don't say nasty stuff just for the sake of getting people roused up so I don't inspire you. Second, that (shit has to be handled) how's that working for you? I got nothing against you but you get more flak on here then anyone( Danga probable a close second undeservedly). Most people realize at a young age that if you let shit bother you i.e respond back to nonsence or in CP or mike Russell or whoevers case delete there coment, then there just gonna keep it coming cause that's there intention.
  36. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 04:49

    Aww sounds like the troll got put out there for what he is? Whats wrong did someone take away your puppy and give you a spanking? I am to bitch as you are to witty see what I did there? Skeletor the site is heavily moderated Admins are always on and commenting I don't need to taddle, but Yes I did.
  37. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 04:52

    @Smelly - I ment everyone as a whole when i said "You guys". Yes I do get a lot of Flack Danga and I are brothers in arms in that aspect. However theres a fine line and it has to be drawn and you know what the line is pretty hard to cross with me seeing as I enjoy a good troll so think about it really....I know you are never nasty or atleast I've never seen a comment from you that was so I apologize if I insinuated thus.
  38. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 05:03

    @karma perfectly fine, I read it wrong. This fella upstairs^^ is a breed of troll though that I don't come across often. Reason and logic is ineffective aginst these types. After reading some other comments and derogatory language, smite all this realguys comments. Just curious, who all does wield the " hand of god".
  39. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 05:59

  40. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 06:04

    I dunno man but they are among us!!!
  41. Todd M Says:

    Thu, 11/03/11 - 10:23

    That picture looks to me like he is losing weight in the wrong places, his neck and traps are gone but his chest looks as big as it always did, this ain't a bench pressing comp Sexy.
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