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The 10 Best Responses From Matt Brown’s Reddit AMA

(Rare footage of Brown’s 2007 fight with Douglas Lima as unearthed during Brown’s AMA.)

TUF 7 alum turned welterweight contender Matt Brown has always been a man of few words, a man who prefers to let his fists do the talking for him. Then again, the occasions in which Brown does share his opinion usually result in comedy gold, which is perhaps why he chose to host an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit recently. That, or he was simply looking for an easy way to hype his headlining fight with Erick Silva at Fight Night 40 next month.

Of course, MMA fans being MMA fans, half of the questions Brown was forced to answer were either related to the back injury that forced him out of his UFC on FOX 9 fight with Carlos Condit, or how many wins he felt he was from a title shot. Real thought-provoking stuff, you guys. There were, however, a handful of questions that managed to get a rise out of “The Immortal,” so here are the 10 best ones.

1. How would you feel about if the UFC adopted Pride rules, or GSP’s and Gilbert Melendez‘s sugestion (sic) that there should be only one round (lasting around 25 minute)?

I agree with Gil. I understand why they don’t do it, but I wish the fight would be no time limit and no rounds and Pride rules with elbows allowed.

2. What makes you think you have a better pattycake game than Hendricks/Lawler?

Cuz I don’t patty cake. Anyone I hit that many times will be ko’d no question.

3. Do you really want Cyborg to fight topless?

How did I know this would be one of the first questions?

4. Who is the toughest opponent you have faced thus far?

Douglas Lima I think was my toughest fight cause he kicked my leg harder than it had ever been kicked before or since.

5. What do you think is the reason for your career resurgence?

I look at it differently. My career went through some hard times due to personal issues and internal focus. So I fell off the path for some time. I am simply back on the path that I was previously on.

6a. What do you feel is the most memorable event in your MMA career so far?

Fighting in my home town (Columbus, Ohio) against Pete Sell and putting on a really good performance.

6b. Do you know why that ref hated Pete Sell?

Haha because Yves Lavigne is not a good ref.

7. Do you ever read news about Mike Brown and freak out thinking its about you? I know we all flipped out here a couple of days ago when they announced Mike was out of his latest fight because 90% just read ‘M Brown’ and thought it was you.

No but I have got tons of fan mail for him. A lot more when he was champion. People also used to ask me if I was Mike Brown. Eventually I just started saying no and walking away. I always came back though lol

8. Can you clear the air about the comments you made on your podcast. Was it humor taken out of context? If so, what’s your real take on WMMA?

It was taken out of context, yes. It was blown out of proportion by a juvenile media reporter on a slow news week. (Ed note: He couldn’t be talking about *me*, right? No, definitely not.)

9. Would you rather fight 1 Bob Sapp sized Jon Jones, or 5 Demetrius (sic) Johnson sized Bob Sapps?

DJ sized Sapps

10. That anti-bullying rock video you were in was the fucking gayest shit I’ve ever seen.

I agree.

(Ed note: That “anti-bullying rock video” being referred to? Strap in for this one, Potato Nation…)

-J. Jones

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