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The 12 Greatest Ring Girls in UFC History, Ranked

(Edith and Arianny on the job, back when the phrase “GOD’S STREET SOLDIER” used to mean something. / Photo via

When ranking the greatest UFC ring girls of all time, four criteria must be considered: looks, personality, longevity, and whether or not they ever posed nude for Playboy. (That last one is probably the most important.) So in honor of the UFC’s 20th anniversary, we decided to pay tribute to the unsung heroines of the Octagon, who bravely circle the cage in booty-shorts to remind drunken fans what round it is. Disagree with our list? Then let us know in the comments section, tough guy.

#12 & #11 (tie): Chrissy Blair and Vanessa Hanson

Chrissy and Vanessa both made their UFC ring girl debuts in 2011 after winning contests put on by Transworld, and were officially added to the Octagon Girl rotation earlier this year following a stint in Strikeforce. They’re kind of a package deal, and we can’t decide which one is more attractive, so we’ll let them share the leadoff spots on this list. (Honestly, the Betty and Veronica thing will never go out of style.) Chrissy and Vanessa were most recently seen earlier this month, supporting the troops.

For further viewing:
- Golden goddess
- The artsy black and white shot
- Long tall Chrissy
- She really ties the room together
- Coming undone
- A woman in uniform
- Strikeforce’s dynamic duo

#10: Jessica Cambensy

Winner of the 2012 Potato Award for Best Female Newcomer, Jessica is part of the Octagon Girl crew for the UFC’s Asian events. The Chinese-Filipina-American model made her debut last November at UFC on FUEL 6: Franklin vs. Le, and will hopefully show up to rescue the UFC’s garbage-ass Singapore card in January.

For further viewing:
- Cosplay: You’re doing it right
- Pure beauty
Kissy face
- Leopard print
- More cosplay, just because

#9: Jhenny Andrade

Meanwhile in South America, Jhenny Andrade has stood out as the most impressive local Octagon Girl in a pool that already includes such beauties as Aline Franzoi and Camila Oliveira. The Sao Paulo-bred model first showed up at UFC 163 in August, and has held round-cards at UFC events on a monthly basis since then. The sky’s the limit for this young Brazilian phenom.

For further viewing:
- *hnnnngg*
- Our lips are sealed
- She wears it well
- Falling off the bed
- Who’s there? [NSFW-ish]

#8. Holly Madison

Maybe it’s cheating to include a woman who only appeared as a UFC ring girl twice and has already retired from the game. But the blonde bombshell and reality TV star certainly made a lasting impression when she showed up for guest Octagon Girl performances at UFC 100 and UFC 125. And yes, she’s posed nude for Playboy. Like, lots of times. If you don’t believe me, ask the Internet.

For further viewing:
- Best PETA ad ever
- Insufficient coverage
- Posing by the pool
- Arm-candy Hall of Fame
- Naughty gnome

#7. Logan Stanton

The German-Japanese model from Niceville made her UFC debut in December 2008, and quickly stole our hearts with her winning smile, quirky laugh, and craft projects. Unfortunately, she was fired a year later without explanation. (See also: Natasha Wicks.) Since then, Logan has booked countless modeling gigs and co-founded a jewelry line, but other than a cameo appearance at UFC 149 last July, Logan has put down the round cards for good.

For further viewing:
- Fist-posing in her ring girl uniform
- The reverse angle
- More bikini goodness
- The classic mirror-selfie
- Black-and-white, clothing optional

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