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The 12 Most Awesome/Terrible ‘EA Sports UFC’ Demo Videos Created by Actual Users

If you’re not having fun with EA Sports UFC, perhaps the problem is 15 inches from the controller. Watch how this German guy spices things up with his own play by play and a little goddamn enthusiasm. I nominate this dude to take over European announcing duties from Dan Hardy when one of Dan’s two hearts inevitably explode.

Jon Jones gets insta-downed the moment the bell rings. The gunman was never found.

Oh woe is humanity. We have allowed the anti-vaccination trend to spread so far that some fighters are spontaneously developing crippling polio in the cage.

Here Gustafsson decides to stop fighting and go limp. What happens next will BLOW YOUR MIND!

This UFC game harnesses the power of next generation consoles to create some of the most advanced and realistic character models we’ve ever seen before. So of course it’s imperative that we take them and make em look like they’re huggin’ and kissin’. This is the best “Let’s make them hump each other” video made thus far. Thus far…

Oops. Bug 2547: you can basically guarantee victory if you just throw never ending spinning back kicks during the first minute of the fight. Unlike some of the other game shortcomings *cough*no ref stopping the fight*cough*, I feel pretty good about the chances of this issue disappearing in the full version of the game. Will polio also be cured? We’ll have to wait and see, but as it stands most of the problems are of the amusing variety rather than genuinely frustrating.

EA Sports UFC comes out in full on June 17th; pre order the game to have Bruce Lee unlocked on day one. Cheapskates and anti-pre order monsters can unlock him by finishing the game’s career mode. Meanwhile, you can unlock Ryan Harkness‘ heart simply by adding him on twitter. No purchase necessary.

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