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The 58 Most Incredible MMA Photos We Posted on Facebook in 2014

(January 6th: Andy “Ice Cold” Eichholz might have broken his nose this weekend.)

At the time of this writing, CagePotato’s Facebook page is within spitting distance of 50,000 fans, so we figured we’d drop you a friendly reminder — PLEASE “Like” OUR PAGE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! Honestly, it’ll be worth your time. We don’t just use our FB account to spam links to our articles; we also share some amazing photos and videos that you might not find elsewhere in your MMA media diet.

To give you a sense of what the non-followers might be missing, we went through our Facebook photo gallery today and selected 58 of the most memorable images that we posted in 2014, which we’ve laid out below along with their original descriptions. (Yeah, we did this last year too.)

Enjoy the pics, join CP’s Facebook Militia if you haven’t already, and invite your friends to follow us too! Or at least the ones who watch MMA and have a sense of humor.

January 21st: You know that photo of Fedor at the beach that’s been floating around? Well, we improved it. (Props: @ChrisColemon) #GloriousThongOfAbsoluteVictory

January 27th: Early kick-face of the year candidate, from the Cowboy/Martins fight. It’s hideous…and yet I can’t look away. #UFConFOX

February 4th: Jon Jones and John McCain joined forces today for a great cause:

February 6th: Ronda Rousey. Holy moly. (Photo by @brianbowensmith)

February 20th: Throwback Thursday: UFC 3′s Emmanuel Yarborough and a pre-Bangerz Miley Cyrus. #wtf #tbt

February 25th: Vitor Belfort’s new haircut. Your thoughts, please. (props: realvitorbelfort on Instagram)

March 10th: “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung got married this weekend. Obviously, he had to represent in his wedding photos. (props: r/MMA)

March 17th: Carlos Condit Suffered Meniscus Tear, Possible Torn ACL in UFC 171 Loss to Tyron Woodley

March 23rd: Whoa…best tattoo ever? (via Inked Magazine)

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