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The Bellator Pay-Per-View vs. UFC 173: Which Card is Actually Worth Your Money? [POLL]

(“Sorry bro, it was either rent or Fight Pass. Easiest decision I’ve ever made.”)

As a couple of you readers noted after taking a gander over the recently updated UFC 173 lineup, the card is somewhat lacking in big fights department to warrant it’s $54.95 price. You could even go so far as to call it garbage-ass (I wouldn’t necessarily agree, but I’d die to defend your right to say it). In any case, several television providers similarly unveiled the price of Bellator’s upcoming pay-per-view earlier today, and at $39.95 for standard definition/$44.99 for HD, the Internet’s reaction has been critical to put it lightly. I know, I’m as shocked as you are.

While there are surely a few fights of merit on each card (read Seth’s breakdown of Bellator 120 here), both UFC 173 and the Bellator PPV are hard sells to even the most hardcore of MMA fans at their current prices. The question is: Which card would you actually consider paying for? 

Vote in our poll after the jump, then make your case/air your grievances for either card in the comments section.

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By the way, the results of our “Which Injury/Disease will Take Down Tito Ortiz?” poll were truly a thing to behold. With 30.24% of the vote, “neck injury” just barely edged out “back injury” at 29.86%. Greater than the results themselves, however, were the injuries/diseases you guys came up with, which read like one of Bob Ducca’s list of ailments. Some of our favorites:

-Neckerchief rash
-Lupalaria – The extremely rare combination of lupus and malaria
-Bitch tits
-rectal cranial insertion syndrome
-Chimney Sweep’s Lung
-Spontaneous vaginal growth
-dogging a hall of famer like that just goes to show ypu have no respect for the sport n r obviously 1 sided try n open up your poor pathetic piece of shit mind why dont u step in the cage n show us how its done then smartass bitchmade shittalking backbone lackin fat fuck

Huh. Never heard of that last one.

-J. Jones

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