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The CagePotato/Fightlinker UFC 84 Pick-Off: Holy Christ, What Was I Thinking?

Ipecac vomiting

Three weeks ago, I entered a devil’s wager with, in which Ryan Harkness and I would go head-to-head in predicting the results of this Saturday’s UFC 84, with the loser having to do something awful. After reviewing the reader suggestions on CP and FL — which ran the gamut from permanently scarring to financially unfeasible (good effort anyway, guys!) — we both decided on something simple. The loser will have to put up a video of themselves drinking ipecac. To illustrate ipecac’s gruesome effects, Fightlinker posted this video. Wa-wa-wee-wa. Needless to say, I really don’t want to lose. So if you have any inside info/messages from God regarding Saturday’s fights, hollatchaboy in the comments section. I’ll post my official picks tomorrow.


Also: FL found some amusing CBS Saturday Night Fights promos starring Kevin Ferguson himself. You simply must watch them after the jump.


  1. godzillad Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 08:14

    Mentos and Coke would have been better than Ipecac. That shit could kill you.
  2. Wad Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 08:19

    Those were actually decent. I didn't like the cop one so much but the Kimbo's Mom video was awesome.
  3. PTRCK Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 08:52

    Reljic will beat Gouveia. Dong Hyun Kim is an animal, and will work Tan over.
  4. The Survivalist Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 09:00

    "Kimbo doesn't fight crime, but he does fight the best in MMA"... MUhahahahaha.. Really? Kimbo fights the best in MMA? Really? For really real? To funny.
  5. jared Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 09:20

    loser drinks the whole bottle
  6. Aryan Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 10:24

    the second vid was funny
  7. tony@rbd Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 10:43

    I feel bad for you all, but I like it. Is this full on CageP v. FightL? Ie will the other Ben have to drink up as well? Or is it only Ben v. Ryan?
  8. CagePotato Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 10:50

    @ tony@rbd The bet is strictly a Goldstein vs. Harkness production. I wouldn't involve Fowlkes in this...he has his political career to think of. Me, I already have sex tapes and worse floating around the Internet...
  9. MKXii Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 11:46

    "Kimbo fights the best in MMA." Just because a doodz name is tank don't mean he's good. <-My savvy internet lingo.
  10. Aaron Says:

    Mon, 05/19/08 - 11:48

    Kimbo needs to fight someone before they boast about him fighting the best. He has great potential, but has not been tested in the least. I would not drink that puke juice if I were you. At least consult with a doctor before hand. Don't joke around with your health.
  11. gcw Says:

    Tue, 05/20/08 - 04:07

    go kimbo go!!
  12. C-Bus Allstar Says:

    Tue, 05/20/08 - 12:38

    Damnit, why did Kimbo have to punch the wall? I was kind of expecting him to punch the guy and have the guy fly through the wall. That would have been far more entertaining.
  13. toyn@rbd Says:

    Tue, 05/20/08 - 01:37

    @CagePotato (Ben G) Understood. You better post links of "worse floating around the Internet". Inquiring minds want to know.
  14. Captain Popetastic Says:

    Tue, 05/20/08 - 11:16

    Ipecac Records! Mike Patton is the man.
  15. PotatoHead Says:

    Wed, 05/21/08 - 10:29

    Aw, jeez, Ben! What the eff were you thinking? I'd rather fight Kimbo Slice blindfolded. Seriously. I agreed with every single one of your picks. But, truth be told, I've been living with my parents for 57 years and I'm not exactly famous for getting anything right. As far as that fat sack of shit licking his vomit off the sidewalk, I'd like to split his bloated gut open and make him choke on his own intestines... that disgusting son of a bitch. What's this world coming to?
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