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The Empire Strikes Back: Zuffa Cuts Marloes Coenen, Valentijn Overeem and John Olav Einemo

(Coenen and Overeem were taken aback by the news, while Einemo was taken aback by the smell of that glove.)

Much like we would deny any affiliation with CP if we ever find ourselves at a Dana White dinner party, teammates of Alistair Overeem may soon start having to deny that they train with the recently released former Strikeforce heavyweight champion if they want to find lucrative work.

According to Golden Glory head trainer Martijn de Jong, Zuffa yesterday released a trio of The Demolition Man’s teammates. De Jong tweeted that former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Marloes Coenen, Alistair’s brother Valentijn and his longtime training partner John Olav Einemo all received their walking papers Monday.

Although some might argue that all three fighters are coming off of a loss, Coenen only lost her belt on Saturday after defeating Sarah Kaufman last October to take the title and successfully defending the belt against Liz Carmouche in March. Name one other instance where Zuffa cut a champion after just one loss.
3-2 in her five Strikeforce bouts, Coenen’s two losses came against Cris “Cyborg” Santos and Miesha Tate.

Einemo was doing well in his Octagon debut at UFC 131 before getting stopped by Dave Herman in the second round via TKO.

Valentijn won his Strikeforce debut in less than two minutes of the opening frame of his heavyweight grand prix reserve bout with a slick neck crank submission of Ray Sefo and was beaten by Chad Griggs in his next bout by first-round TKO.

Although Zuffa hasn’t made comment on the firings, it’s unlikely they’ll come out and say, “It was because Alistair fucked up our tournament,” so expect an “It’s nothing personal. All of the fighters we released hadn’t performed as well as expected in their last respective fights, so we have decided to release them from the remainder of their contracts. We wish them well in their future endeavors,” bullshit type of statement.

It’s strong-arm tactics like these that make a union much more appealing to fighters.

Imagine if one of your friends at work pissed off your boss because he called in sick on a day that he was supposed to take part in an important conference, so in retaliation your boss fired you and anyone else the friend eats lunch with. Where I come from, that’s called wrongful termination.

The sole remaining Golden Glory fighter on the Zuffa roster is Sergei Kharitonov. If he loses to Josh Barnett in September in the heavyweight tournament semi-finals, expect him to be cut as well. Dana never forgets.


  1. Dynamo Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:53

    It's over for the ladies. They aren't going to get Cris “Cyborg” Santos back either, they're going to run with Miesha and Gina for a bit then fold it.
  2. Onan Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:54

    In Zuffa, contracts are only binding on the athlete's end.
  3. Mood Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:55

    Them cutting the Undereem is no surprise, but pretty shitty to cut Einemo (who was pushing the pace in the Herman fight and imo winning it till he got caught) and especially Coenen. Business as usual.
  4. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:57

    Looks like Zuffa is taking a zero-tolerance stance to the "No horsemeat" rule.
  5. ksgbobo Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:58

    I don't get this. Is it because GG promotes fights for their other fighters who are not contracted with Zuffa? I wonder if it has to do with Horsemeat Overeem, or if it is similar to that BS with AKA a while back.
  6. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:58

    i can understand Othereem -- tapping to strikes, bro, really? Einemo was a bit slow and winded, but i would have liked to see him again. But dropping Coenen is just indefensible. i call shenanigans.
  7. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 09:59

    Seriously, though, I think the women are pretty much done under Zuffa. Cyborg won't get a contract, Gina ain't coming back, and slowly the rest will be released. If Bellator is smart, they will start snatching up the, uh, snatch.
  8. Viva Hate Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:07

    MMA, the new totalitarian state. All hail King Zuffa! And we thought Saddam was a bastard.
  9. Cup Cheick Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:09

    Thinning of the herd.
  10. towelie Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:18

    Are you shitting me? Is this DW business class 101? I'll believe Hendo is fine when he gets a new contract. For some reason I don't think DW/Zuffa give a shit if he is the Strikeforce LHW champ or that he just beat Fedor. DW didn't think highly of Hendo before, nor Fedor, so does he give a shit all of a sudden? his comment before the fight was something about the loser retiring. So to him it didn't even matter that Hendo was the LHW champ, if he lost, it was perfectly acceptable that Hendo should retire. I don't see Hendo having the bargaining chip he thinks he has.
  11. flyingogoplata Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:25

    Something to consider here folks... Overeem threatened to go fight for United Glory which is affiliated with the Golden Glory gym. Maybe all of these fighters did the same thing and Zuffa called their bluff?
  12. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:27

    All of them were coming off of losses.
  13. blackboxmma Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:31

    Damien white at it again
  14. skeletor Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:31

    @towlie - Hendo will get a ridiculous EliteXC conttract, become the mw and lhw champ. He will then KO there HW champ (arlovski) in the first round. By then he will be 43 and retire, and will have bankrupted another promotion. Hendo will be rich and happy and be known as the baddest man on the planet. He will retire as the only man to get rich from MMA on his own terms. The only better outcome would be if he started his own org eventually rivaling the UFC forcing a co promotion tournament headlined by a fight against none other then DW. Then afterwards he claims DW's soul and in turn zuffa's as well. Holding all the cards in the tournament of champions ala Mortal Combat.
  15. parchy mcthirst Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:33

    Everyone associated with Overeem in Strikeforce/UFC will be gone if they aren't already. Empire Strikes Back indeed, Dana Fucking White as the Emperor
  16. Gorgzilla Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:34

    From fight of the night bonus to walking papers for Einemo. The Fertittas sure remembers some caponian tactics from the good ol' days. Take out the whole family! That will scare the rest of the herd from pulling any stunts!
  17. rodogg78 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:36

    I think Dana White is the biggest prick in MMA! If gets rid of Strikeforce and all the women fighters then I will lose much respect for the UFC! If you don't like the women fighting then don't watch them! Dana you are a sexist pig! I think the best thing the UFC could do would be to get rid of you! Nobody is irreplaceable including you Mr. White! You only care about money and could care less about the fighters yourself! Maybe one day you will get a taste of your own medicine! I don't like arrogant douchebags like yourself!
  18. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:40

    first off this is new news, and there more than likely is much more to this than it seems at this juncture, also, i will be the first to tell you, there isnt going to be a fighters union. there isnt one in boxing , there isnt one in K-1 , and there wont be one in MMA neither. hold off on the speculation till we find out whats what, maybe they tested positive for horse rhoids or something .. relax people
  19. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:41

    and btw its lorenzo fertitta thats running SF not DW
  20. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:42

    "Dana never forgets" Anybody else get the chills while reading that?
  21. chrismw Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:42

    DW, i like the guy, but his business practices are pretty shitty. I personally love women s mma(especially the good looking ones), and Dana just slit its throat.
  22. whatthe87 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:44

    I'm getting tired of Dana. He's making bad decisions for the ufc. It's not like they have alot of great heavyweights in the UFC they have 5 Frank Mir, Brock, Carwin, JDS and Cain. John Olav Einemo had a great fight with herman they could have set up alot more great fights with him. The hell with Valentijn Overeem he was terrible against Chad Griggs. And if Alistair Overeem signs with another organization (Bellator,Proelite or Dream) then Dana is the biggest idiot ever.
  23. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:46

    Caponian tactics... FTW! Send Gorgzilla a t-shirt ASAP.
  24. jimbonics Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:55

    I say Fuck Yeah - if this was retaliation for dickmeat fucking up the tourney. Fuck him and all his cronies. Absolutely LAUGHABLE listening to the SF commentators state time and again "overeem out of the tournament due to injury". Give your fans some respect and don't blatantly fucking lie about shit like that. Fuck 'em all and fucking no regrets. For every "superstar badass", there's a much hungrier person waiting in the wings.
  25. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 10:58

    ^^Pretend to send, I mean. My bad.
  26. djp1988 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 11:33

    I'm more shocked that Dana's mom was right.
  27. j-k-martin Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 11:37

    Zuffa is throwing its weight around, but they better be careful. If they cut too many fighters they may end up creating another competitor.
  28. Me likey Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 11:55

    oh, your gonna fight in october instead? what's the name of your camp again? oh. ok. you can all eat a dick.
  29. BigCuev Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 12:05

    This kind of shit makes me not want to spend money on Zuffa events... I fucken hate how Dana White acts with the fighters that are making Zuffa rich, like the time he fired the members of AKA because of the whole video game fiasco!i think the fighters should Unionize on Zuffa--- lets see how Dana feels when the fighters lockout on their ass! Fighters need to wake up! There cant be any events without fighters... its the American way
  30. Fedor Penn Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 12:36

    They are cutting them because Golden Glory is going to start hosting MMA events in the United States. Fuck Zuffa!
  31. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 12:46

    This must be great news for Bellator. Dana White is handing them the pick of his fighters on a golden platter and not winning any fans (from inside or outside) in the process. Yeah, fuck you, Danna White. You self-righteous pig.
  32. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 12:53

    Can't wait for the day the Ferretas fire Dana. If you don't think that is possible, think again. Success has clearly gone to Danna's head. I bet somewhere, in the smokey back room of a convenient store, over the sweet smell of the boiling spaghetti sauce, the Italian mobsters are quietly contemplating in their husky voices what to do with Danna Fucking White.
  33. RSparrow Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 01:01

    Dana isn't doing the firing of these fighters. The Fertittas are, they play hardball business, period. Firing Coenen after one loss after having the belt is hilarious... and crazy. Obviously it has everything to do with their affiliation, not performances. Dana is pretty clever, if they come after him he'll be ready. At the end of his bed on the floor, much like a german shepherd, sleeps a curled up chuck liddell.
  34. Jugger Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 01:19

    This probably has everything to do with the UFC and Strikeforce not wanting to make Golden Glory fighters any more popular than they already are. Golden Glory isn't just a fight camp, it's a fight organization that is putting on shows in Europe. Why would Zuffa continue to employ and promote fighters that have open contracts (Coker's silly way of doing things) that allow them to take their fame to another competitor? It seems pretty simple to me. Like, "Here, let me make you famous so you can go make our competitor better." After months of promoting Overeem in America, he ditches the Strikeforce GP to fight in a Golden Glory card the following month? If I were Zuffa, I'd disassociate myself with GG fighters as well.
  35. SumDumGuy Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 01:25

    @bigcuev: I thought union busting and shady business practice was the american way? but what do I know. I'm just a decadant, socialist eurotrash to every body else loosing their shit: Lat I checked the bill of rights, being employed by DFW wasn't on it...
  36. BigCuev Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 02:06

    @SumDumGuy: lol... you might be right.
  37. smiledriver Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 02:51

    I was looking forward to seeing Einemo improve his cardio and fight again...I would have thought his fight with Herman impressed some people. Marloes was the champ, like a week and a half ago. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Overeem...whatevs. Zuffa keeps doing this and Bellator is going to be able to improve their already fine roster, on the cheap, and be the world's premier promotion for Women's MMA. 'cause Dana White has a butt hurt.
  38. mmaandrew34 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 03:09

    thats fucked up they fired coenen garunteed no girl is ever gonna be cyborg but like she just lost the belt. and shes one of the more exciting woman fighters
  39. FighterX Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 05:30

    which one of those fighters that got released did anyone care about...stop crying...Its UFC...if you can't fight you will not be in the UFC...period...If you are a fighter...fight anyone the UFC wants you to fight...if you don't ...walk on one has a right to fight in the UFC...
  40. J-Dog Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 06:09

    Yup, this is pretty much the writing on the wall for the ladies under Zuffa. Or maybe it's a sign that Strikeforce is on its way out? Anyway, cutting Marloes after losing her belt in an exciting and competitive fight is just laughable. The ladies are done, if not the whole organization. What a shame.
  41. Nut Puncher 9000 Says:

    Wed, 08/03/11 - 07:51

    So much hate for DW...Its like everyone here thinks his 10% controls everything and every decision is run through him. Strikeforce was a dying name people, why do you think their primary investor left? THINK. 2nd - If you think that the UFC/Zuffa cares about women's MMA then you have not been listening and paying attention in that cave of yours. Fact: there simply are not enough talented women to sustain a single division let alone women's MMA as a whole. For Christ sake the biggest thing to EVER hit women's MMA (GINA C) considered quitting forever after she got some fists laid on her. Its time to admit the truth. 3rd - If you honestly think that ANY of the above mentioned cuts will boost another organizations roster than you are just wrong. B&C level fighters in B&C level organizations dont create A's together. Finally - A fighters union will NEVER happen because at the end of the day this is a sport that is decided by a 1v1 competition behind closed caged doors. "Imagine if one of your friends at work pissed off your boss because he called in sick on a day that he was supposed to take part in an important conference, so in retaliation your boss fired you and anyone else the friend eats lunch with. Where I come from, that’s called wrongful termination." Well now imagine if you impressed your boss with your 3 fight win streak against tough competition, and he gave your coworkers a promotion with more money just like you...
  42. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 08/04/11 - 09:32

    I'm sure fucking glad to see i'm not the only that is tired of Fluffa and their lead Fluffer, Dana. Rheem's - claim was simple. He was being coerced to fight when injured. Now Alistair could have been maneuvering for more money or the preservation of his record, but the fact is he walked and didn't look back. That was his decision. Fluffa on the other hand could have salvaged their show many number ways, but they cut their own throat by removing Fedor (as a stand in for Rheem) and preventing him from being able to even have the opportunity to make his way back into the tournament finals for some redemption. Now with Fedor losing to Hendo, that door is closed on the boyz from Romper-room. Who is left to salvage that upcoming SF Tournament, that despicable Josh Barnett. I hope Barnett takes the frosted cake in the finals and has a chance to publically smear some warm "white" cream all over Dana's face. On the flip side, it's now quite obvious, Dana is intimidating all his fighters by attempting to destroy all those Dutch (and the token Russian training partner) who are close to Rheem. Until Fluffa finds some real management (not a bald ex-aerobics instructor), fixes their hype based organization-monopoly, and understands why its best to allow the fighters to unionize, you will see ex-pay per viewers like me refuse to drop the outrageous $50 bones per pop. The economy has lost at least 30% of its value - so in reality the UFC should cost no more than $35 dollars, not $50.
  43. SnackDaddy Says:

    Fri, 08/05/11 - 04:31

    Na man, it would be even better if Sergei Kharitonov wins this stupid Strikeforce tournament, gets the belt, and then resigns from the promotion so that they are left without a champion and the worst end to the tournament imaginable. Actually, it would be even better if he gets in the final and then resigns without fighting. Hm... the options that are open to Kharitonov right now...
  44. Leaving Proof 44: Combat Sports Recap « Kitty's Pryde Says:

    Thu, 02/09/12 - 12:20

    [...] fight I can see for him at 205 lbs. outside of the UFC is a match against Gegard Mousasi, but with Zuffa expelling Golden Glory-managed fighters recently, I don’t think that can happen even if Henderson were to re-sign with Strikeforce [...]
  45. Crazy Story of the Day: Marloes Coenen Cast in Dutch Version of ‘Survivor’ « Rocked MMA Says:

    Thu, 03/08/12 - 07:02

    [...] women’s bantamweight champion Marloes Coenen since that whole Golden Glory debacle saw her get axed from the Zuffa banner along with John Olav Einemo and the Overeem brothers. And while Einemo and Alistair were quickly brought back to the promotion, Coenen opted to sign a [...]
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