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The End of MMA: Don Frye Shaves His Legendary Mustache

(A portrait of an American)

Say it ain’t so, MMA fans. Don Frye, legendary bad-ass whose blood runs red, white, and blue with freedom, shaved his mustache. What crude and demonic device was capable of trimming concentrated manhood, we’ll never know. Seriously, his mustache was like bald eagles, American flags, fireworks, and guns condensed into facial hair. It was perfect! A more puzzling question is why Frye would be compelled to do something like this. At the time of writing, his twitter–which still presents an avatar bearing his wondrous stache–offers no explanation.

Now, here’s the picture of Don Frye sans mustache. We must warn you, it’s hard to take in; it isn’t for the faint of heart!

The picture has been making its rounds on the Internet lately, specifically on r/MMA and The UG.

We just hope that he grows it back, lest the sport forever be stripped of one of its last truly magnificent wonders.


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