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The Goat: Just Too Ugly, Claims Eddie Alvarez

(Eddie Alvarez)

Today over at CBS Sportsline, there’s an interview with former Bodog welterweight champ Eddie Alverez who got derailed after losing for the first time – via TKO to Nick “The Goat” Thompson last year at “Clash of the Nations”. Alverez (11-1) is now with EliteXC and has dropped down to the 160-lbs club. Probably better suited for him anyway, since he stands at 5’8″. The article reveals that Alvarez’s chick just popped out their second son, but he’s such a decent dude (the article’s tone, not ours) that he still took time to chat about his upcoming EliteXC fight with Ross “Da Boss” Ebanez (16-5) on January 25th.

Some highlights:

Q: You just recently signed a contract with EliteXC. You had been with Bodog but EliteXC live events president Gary Shaw alluded to the fact in the press release that announced your signing that you weren’t happy with Bodog. What were some of the reasons you were unhappy?

EA: I was completely happy with Bodog up until recently. I disagreed with the fact that they fired Miguel, Miguel Iturrate, their matchmaker. I thought he did a great job. He does have his downfalls but I think altogether he’s a guy who knows what he’s doing in the sport. They fired him and I think that was a bad move. That made me think twice about staying with them in the first place.

And then when I trained for a rematch (vs. Nick Thompson) for a couple of months and the rematch fell through — and I understand fights fall through, that happens with promotions — just as it is my obligation to train for fights and be prepared, I feel it’s the promotion’s obligation that if a fighter drops out then find me a backup fight.

There are people out there. There are people out there willing to fight for food; they don’t even give a s— about getting money, they’re willing to fight for exposure. And I was a little upset at the fact that I trained that long and I wasn’t given the proper compensation or even given a secondary fight after Nick dropped out.

Um, willing to fight for food? Perhaps you’d be more comfortable over at Bum Fights.

Edwardo goes on to reveal he has signed a three fight deal with M-1 Global as well as Showtime, although M-1 has not given him a fight date or opponent yet. I guess that translates into an untelevised fight for EliteXC in the debut of an ex-champion – which is where he stands now. But where the interview really gets liquid-shooting-out-of-the-nose funny is when Alvarez raps about Nick Thompson, the fighter who basically kicked his Philadelphia Eagles-loving ass.

Q: I wanted to delve a little deeper into what happened with the rematch that had been planned against Thompson for the BodogFIGHT welterweight title this past November. Can you talk about how that fight fell apart?

EA: The original fight was scheduled for Dec. 8 and I think Nick and I believed that we were going to fight Dec. 8. And we were told we were going to fight Dec. 8 and that it was 100 percent. I think it was a miscommunication of the people who approved the budget for Bodog and that the budget was never approved even though we were told it was and that we were going to fight.

It was never approved yet we were still told to train and get ready for the fight. So when we were both informed that the budget was never approved, they quickly got a budget approved for Nov. 24 instead of December and they told us we can fight in November instead.

I was down for it because I had already trained long enough and so was Nick. But considering Nick’s weight, I think he comes down from 200 (pounds) — I don’t know what the hell he is, he’s a slob — but whatever he comes down from he couldn’t make the weight in time. We were given two weeks or three weeks and he wasn’t able to make the weight in time and then he hurt his shoulder.

Q: And Thompson has said publicly that he has one fight remaining on his current BodogFIGHT contract. If he was to sign with EliteXC or M-1 Global would you be open to a rematch at that point?

EA: In a second. I would do it in a second but they aren’t going to sign Nick because he’s not good looking enough. Nick doesn’t understand. Yes, you can win fights but at the end of the day that dude is still too ugly to ever succeed in this sport.

Here’s the deal; Nick is always going to be ugly. I can get better at fighting; he beat me fair and square. I can always get better at fighting. I can train and become a better fighter but he’ll always be that ugly and he has to live with that and deal with that (laughs).

Riiiighttt. That kind of shit talking from an MMA fighter is like David Lynch directing a McDonald’s commercial – there’s a disconnect that is not disconnected for the sake of being ironic regarding the relevance to the subject, it just is because the originator is fucking whack. “The Goat” is ugly? Yes, we admit, he looks like something my dog did in the backyard, painted it pasty and ripped some hairs out of it, but have you looked at yourself in the “reflective glass”, Eddie? ‘Nuff said.

The sit-down rambles on and Alvarez states he’ll “fight anyone at 160 in EliteXC. Whoever they throw at me.” Nick Diaz, perhaps?

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Ron Burgess- March 16, 2008 at 5:05 pm
whoever is adding in comments is an absolute retard... "kicked his eagle-loving ass" now you're just fighter bashing the same thing you're hating on eddie for doing, show some professionalism you geek. Secondly if you knew eddie at all you'd know he was joking, you took the bait hook, line and sinker, just go to the Underground forums and read them laughing about it. and lastly, "look in a reflective mirror"? Eddie is obviously a good looking dude, infact thats the reason he's soo marketable. Now please, lets see a picture of yourself shitbag.
shawn- January 15, 2008 at 6:29 am
oh my god, what a crybaby........ the goat totally shut this whiner down... nuff said