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The 11 Greatest Ultimate Surrender Videos That We Can Get Away With Showing You

(“Staring down her opponent with an animalistic desire, is ScissorFox.” — Mike Goldberg)

In case you’ve never heard of it — yeah right, pervert — Ultimate Surrender is essentially the girl-on-girl porn version of submission grappling. Barely-clothed women wrestle each other through three sweaty rounds, and the winner gets to have her way with the loser at the end. According to the totally explicit, NSFW, and hilarious official website, “The quickest way to win is to make your opponent have a screaming orgasm totally against her will. In the heat of the moment it can happen easily.” Easily!

Sound like something you’d like? Well today’s your lucky day. In the name of journalistic integrity, we scoured YouTube to find the best Ultimate Surrender videos that we can post here without violating our “no actual nudity” policy. Never let it be said that CagePotato won’t go to any heights (or depths, in this case) to get the story. Enjoy…

(Generic nu-metal riffs? Erotic stretching? This is just like MMA! Anyway, the action starts around the 2:11 mark.)

(And they have promotional rankings, too. Ultimate Surrender is more legitimate than I thought.)

(Wow, the voice on that blonde girl. I’d listen to her trash-talk me all day.)

(No fair, that tattooed chick looks like she actually knows how to grapple. You expect me to masturbate to a squash match?)

(I don’t care if the instructor is a fraud — *this* is the BJJ school I want to belong to.)

Six more videos await you on page 2. You know you want it.

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