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(Meyrowitz is giving MMA another go.)

We already gave you the heads up about UFC founder Bob Meyrowitz’s plans to step back into the MMA business. And now the details are here thanks to a press release sent out this morning.

YAMMA Pit Fighting is the name of the new organization and they’re promising a “unique approach” to their MMA events. Intriguing for sure, but as we said already, is yet another MMA organization good for the sport? Especially one from a guy that ran his first organization off the tracks? Regardless, it’s going to happen – unless Yamma goes all WCO on us. Appears Meyrowitz’s new joint will be throwing a few events for Pay-per-View, with the debut event kicking off in Atlantic City on April 11th of this year.

Check out some of the press release:

Los Angeles, January 29, 2008 – Ultimate Fighting Championship founder Bob Meyrowitz and his company Rope Partners today announced the formation of a brand new mixed martial arts (MMA) league, YAMMA Pit Fighting (YPF). Continuing in his role as a trailblazer in MMA, Meyrowitz and YPF will take a unique approach to the sport by reviving the Tournament fighting format and unveiling a new fighting surface that promises to revolutionize the traditional MMA approach.

Trailblazer is a strong word. Someone who initially had good ideas and the gumption to keep the sport going after being banned in 48 states, but didn’t have the long-term vision to carry it past its rough years – thus kicking your own company in the balls – that would be a better term. Whatever term that might be.

Read on:

YAMMA Pit Fighting will return to the popular origins of MMA by reviving the Tournament format, in which fighters will participate in
multiple fights on their way to claiming the ultimate YAMMA victory, the title of YAMMA Heavyweight Champion. In addition to the exciting Tournament, YPF will also host two “Masters Superfights,” one-on-one matches between some of MMA’s most illustrious and legendary fighters.

What fighters? If they start signing proper dudes in the coming months, this could get interesting. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to see more of the Tank Abbotts and Jimmy Ambrizs of the MMA world – which is the more likely scenario. The PPV money behind them is a good start, but the UFC is still king of that game and the free cable game. Plus, we also know how the UFC likes to piss in someone’s cereal if they get a hint of competition. Watch your back, Bob.

Bob Meyrowitz is a veteran in the MMA industry, and it was through his guidance and vision that the Ultimate Fighting Championship was created. Now Meyrowitz is at it again with his company Rope Partners – creating a new league to once again keep Martial Arts and the sport of MMA moving forward.

“It’s with great excitement that we launch YAMMA Pit Fighting,” said Bob Meyrowitz. “Our deep and proven knowledge of the entertainment and MMA spheres put us in a great position to add a new dimension to the presentation of MMA as it moves into the future.”

The YPF surface, known as “The YAMMA” is an evolution of the traditional fighting ring that will greatly alter the current basis of
MMA by changing how the fight is fought and the strategy the fighters must use to win. This new surface has been specifically designed to keep the fighting more explosive and continuous. The YAMMA will change the face of the sport and will challenge the relevance of the fighters’ trademark tactics, as methods that were previously successful may be rendered useless with the new ring. This twist on an already successful sport will prove hugely popular with fighters and MMA audiences alike.

The fighting line up, commentators, rules and regulations, ticketing information and more event details will be announced on an ongoing basis beginning in February.

A lot of words, but not a lot of information – especially about this mysterious “surface”. Maybe the cage is heated until the metal is glowing red and the mat has shards of glass protruding from it. That would definitely keep the fighting “explosive”. Looks like the 411 will start trickling now, so we’ll know soon. Meyrowitz has been a great businessman for TV and radio, internet, and a host of other ventures, but does he get it now when it comes to MMA?

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Anonymous- January 5, 2009 at 12:54 pm
alamin- September 15, 2008 at 6:10 am
dojotube- April 13, 2008 at 6:40 pm
Yamma pit fighting, in my opinion, turned out to be a spectacular event. I sat ringside watching the event which proved above the hype. One thing I didn't notice was the push into the cage entrapment to just beat the crap out of someone. This environment was not conducive to that. As a lifetime martial art enthusiast I felt that it showcased more skills and gave the wrestler a fighting chance. The 28 degree angle of the dojotube surrounding seemed to bring people back to the ring. It also seemed to maximize take downs. A slighter degree angle may decrease that scenario. All in all I think we watched more exciting fights. Let's hope Bob Meyrowitz has the insight to bring in big named fighters that would attract more viewership and ultimately be good for the sport. We've got interviews with every fighter after their victory and some clips you just can't see anywhere else at Dojoe.
dojoe- April 7, 2008 at 3:38 pm
This is the beginning of a new MMA event with some mystery behind it. I think it is definitely worth 35$ for a ppv event. Who knows it might just become popular and you'll be the first to see it. Just as I remember watching the first UFC and every one thereafter. If the ring is done properly I believe it will be a step above what is offered out there. A new fighting environment will show different concepts and techniques in fighting. It's only $35 and it's not like we have the opportunity that often to see butterbean and Taktarov fight (other than 1 winning fight it's been 10 years since we've seen the sambo expert fight for real and not just in the movies) And the whole tournament concept coming back. If we see enough money thrown at the purses you could see some big names in the future ... like RIcco Rodgriguez fresh off of celebrity rehab!Of course you can always watch it on but it is definitely worth viewing on the big screen.
sean baker- February 1, 2008 at 9:45 pm
Jenna Jamesons fat pussy will be beneath the trap door waiting to engulf the hapless fall of the loser.
Than- January 29, 2008 at 5:29 am
He announced today he is gonna put trap doors with spikes or alligators at the bottom, he hasn't decided which yet.
Bod- January 29, 2008 at 3:48 am
Hywel Teague- January 28, 2008 at 7:55 pm
hmm. I'm going for a raised platform ala real pro wrestling, or maybe a sunken cereal bowl shaped open mat like Frank Shamrock tried to develop a few years back. something with no sides anyway