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The Science of Kicking Ass

Need a little science to explain why guys like Rampage and Chuck seem a little educationally-challenged at times? Well, now you can get your geek on when National Geographic crunches the numbers on Sunday, January 27th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Here’s what the NG site says about the new “Fight Science”, the series that examines…well, fighting stuff:

At the pinnacle of mixed martial arts (MMA) is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has sought to legitimize MMA in a league that has become a pop culture phenomenon. Now, scientists analyze the unique fighting styles and capabilities of legendary fighters like Randy Couture, former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz and two-time world submission grappling champion Dean Lister. Among the results, scientists determine that Rutten’s kick generates a force equivalent to a 35 mph (56 kph) car crash, and Couture’s endurance is nearly 10 times better than that of the average person and his blows generate double the force of a heavyweight boxer’s best punch.

As usual, things like the brain bouncing around in fluid after you get punched and your nerves sending signals to your jock that you’re in pain, are sure to be a big part of the show. The computer fighters – aka, creepy digital skeletons – will also factor into every test to help us simpletons understand just why guys go to sleep after being pummeled in the head a few times.

In the preview, Tito Ortiz’s elbow strikes are measured after he brutalizes a test dummy. He registers a 299 on the computer, surpassing the 250 needed for a concussion. Who figures this shit out? Why it’s no surprise that Randy’s punch is double the force of a heavyweight boxer’s, we know the blows in MMA in general are double what boxers go through. I’m not a scientist, nor have I seen this installment of “Fight Science” yet, but I think it’s pretty damn obvious. Boxers don’t have to take elbows to the head or kicks to the ear. And that’s after almost getting an arm ripped off while grappling. Whoa, how did I get on this soap box? Let me step down before I start sweating.

One thing that’s glaringly obvious in the preview and write-ups for the show is that the focus is on the UFC as if the organization is MMA. Even with Bas Rutten’s resume – both past and current – they only mention the UFC in his “fighter profile”. Such is the world in which we exist.

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lolwut- January 14, 2008 at 6:26 pm
ive seen one of these before i think but it was with rampage and sumos