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The Technique Thief: Chris Weidman Should Steal Even More From Stephen Thompson

So the bitter taste of UFC 210 is surely out of our mouths by now right? Right? Ahem, well, yeah the event wasn’t the best ever, but it did offer a number of interesting story lines to be sure. And you all know me, I’m always looking out for talent who are utilizing traditional martial arts techniques to improve their game. Karate may not be the end all be all in terms of the striking arts, but there are certainly a ton of great tools that it offers. Apparently, Chris Weidman has grown to understand this as well.

From what I’ve seen, many of the top fighters in the sport have been implementing more and more karate practices into their games, whether that be footwork or an unpredictable kicking game, karate does have its fair share to offer. For Chris Weidman it has become apparent that utilizing footwork and kicks is certainly improving his game. Say what you will about other facets of his game, ever since training with Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, Weidman’s entries have improved. One second he’s in your face, the next he’s out, the next he’s dumping you on the floor with a single leg.

Clearly the footwork is working its magic. He was able to floor Gegard Mousasi a number of times before the match was unfortunately stopped in the second frame. One can only wonder what would have happened if the fight continued, but we’ll never really know the truth. What I do know however is that Chris Weidman needs to embrace his striking even more than he already has.

Hear me out. As far as wrestlers in the middleweight division, not many people can contend with Weidman takedown for takedown. For that reason a lone, I believe Weidman should adopt a kicking focused game while on the feet. Nothing fancy. Stealing his brother-in-laws patented side kick would do him a great deal of good. That and the low line side kick. Imagine it. If Weidman can manage to learn to fight in both stances, that side kick from open stance (opposite stances) would work wonders. An aggressive counter puncher like Gegard Mousasi would be kept at bay rather than rush in. A side kick to the stomach, side kick to the quad or shin and you can’t just bull rush forward. It’s a safe kick that will allow Weidman to get back out of range or control the range of need be. If an opponent does try to get in on his legs, he would have regained his stance and be able to go back to his bread and better.

The conditioning required for kicking can take a lot out of your gas tank, but train it long enough and it can become second nature. Now, this isn’t to suggest that Weidman is going to become some kind of kicking god. But any extra ammunition can never hurt a fighters game.

What tools do you think Chris Weidman could use?

Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. Check out his Twitter and Facebook to keep up with his antics.

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