Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

The Ten Ugliest Mugs in MMA

10. Trainer John Hackleman

Hack kind of looks like something Jim Henson might have sewn together while drunk and depressed.

9. Matt Lindland

A five-head that could cut glass…

8. Ben Rothwell

Don’t worry, Susie…those things will develop in a few years.

7. Josh Burkman

“Hey, at least I don’t have shitty facial-hair like the other bald schmucks on this list.”

6. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett

You’re telling us that Charles hasn’t — even once — offered fellatio for crack?

5. Keith Jardine

Jesus. This guy gives Freddy Krueger nightmares.

4. Kazushi Sakuraba

Sak is often confused for his twin sister, Sandra Oh.

3. Antonio Silva

Is it too soon to drop the “mongoloid” comment?

2. Eric “Butterbean” Esch

“Yeah, I like to eat basketballs, so fuckin’ what?”

1. Hong-Man Choi

“Circus Freak is something I’m embracing.”


  1. Err? Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 07:13

    I agree with most of the list but #7 isn't horrendously ugly in comparison to the other fellas.
  2. Cory Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 07:21

    How the hell is the Maine-iac not on the list?
  3. Olie Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 07:38

    There are FAR uglier MMA stars. Wanderlei Silva for one.
  4. Bill C. Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 08:22

    Wanderlei should definitely be on there. And what about Giant Silva?! By far, the ugliest ever.
  5. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 08:36

    Ditto to Cory and Olie. Silva and Silva were the first to pop into my head. Silva and Silva popping into my head? ....that sounds gay.......
  6. Than Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 08:43

    Err said "I agree with most of the list but #7 isn’t horrendously ugly in comparison to the other fellas." Have you ever seen Josh Burkman up close, he's an ugly mother fucker.
  7. holy taco Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 09:57

    Ben Rothwell looks like a fatter philip rivers. Which means even though i have no idea who ben rothwell is, i hate him.
  8. Robert Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 10:36

    Yoshihiro Takayama.( the guy who fought don frye like they were in a hockey match in pride 21)He has 2 b the ugliest mma fighter . he's even missing an ear
  9. Robert Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 11:23

    Why's Saku on the list? He probably gets tons of ass.
  10. ugh mug Says:

    Thu, 02/14/08 - 11:29

    yes sir, Yoshihiro Takayama, the hawt one!
  11. The Greg Says:

    Fri, 02/15/08 - 03:36

    Wonderful list. Bitch-tit comment was funny, but it meant that someone had to actually be looking at Ben's tits to make a comment about it. Funny and scary at the same time.
  12. Rich Says:

    Fri, 02/15/08 - 04:44

    idk.. not the best top ten list.. burkman?? dude's not ugly at all.. and i mean that in the non-gayest way.. it's a wonder Tank Abbot and Tim Sylvia didn't make the list.. every time they're in there i come close to spewing.. hahaha..
  13. Bill C. Says:

    Fri, 02/15/08 - 04:07

    Robert, Takayama's missing an ear?? How did that happen?
  14. Leo Says:

    Fri, 02/15/08 - 04:59

    Where is Kimbo Slice?
  15. mmacoach Says:

    Fri, 02/15/08 - 06:28

    Where are the Diaz brothers? Those two look like Chaka from "land of the lost" screwed the dude from Nightmare before Christmas and they were shit out as a result. And Leo, haven't you noticed that this site LOVES Kimbo to death? The would never diss because they don't want to get Kimbowned!!!
  16. janke Says:

    Fri, 02/15/08 - 09:59

    giant silva is by far the ugliest human alive
  17. SikSik6 Says:

    Sun, 02/17/08 - 02:20

    I've always said Burkman is the reincarnation of Spuds McKenzie.
  18. Turdburglar Says:

    Sun, 02/17/08 - 07:30

    Where the fuck is Caveman Tony De Suaza?
  19. Turdburglar Says:

    Sun, 02/17/08 - 07:32

    Where is Caveman Tony De Suaza?
  20. Nora Says:

    Wed, 02/20/08 - 01:35

    Very good file! Look at this!
  21. Cozy Says:

    Wed, 02/20/08 - 05:46

    nice! the Silva's do have some sort of "facially challenged" dynasty going on here, loved the sakuraba sandra Oh comparison!
  22. JK Says:

    Wed, 02/20/08 - 10:36

    Hackleman looks like a 'roided out David Cross aka Tobias Funke
  23. Turdburglar Says:

    Thu, 02/21/08 - 11:41

    JK, your right. he does look like a mongie version of David Cross.
  24. makeutapout Says:

    Sun, 02/24/08 - 03:43

    there's a lot of people that need to be on this list.. but then again it would have to be a top 25 list or something. It wouldn't be easy cutting the list down to 10 in the MMA world. Even so, pretty good list guys.
  25. unknown Says:

    Fri, 07/04/08 - 02:02

    and yet the guy who made this list probably looks worse then all of these guys
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