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The UFC 177 Danavlog Asserts That Dana White Might Not Be Such a Sleazeball After All

Recently, UFC President Dana White was named the 8th biggest sleazeball in all of professional sports by GQ magazine, placing just behind War Machine and just ahead of Lance Armstrong. While we’ve had our barbs with The Baldfather in the past, even we think it might be a little much to lump him in with the likes of a woman-beating multiple felon and a steroid-abusing sociopath who built his entire empire on a throne of deceit and manipulation.

I mean, sure, DW may fly off the handle and do something detrimental to the sport every now and again, and he may treat any media member who has the balls to call him out for doing so like a hostile witness in a murder trial, but for the most part, he seems relatively harmless for a multi-millionaire in charge of (what was once) the world’s fastest growing sport, right guys? (*narrowly ducks beer bottle*)

Just take a look at the UFC 177 Danavlog — which grants us a behind-the-scenes look at the drama-filled evening of UFC 175 — if you don’t believe me. Whether he’s informing Matt Mitrione that his fight with Stefan Struve had been cancelled at the last minute, bitching out Joe Rogan for his infamous “f-up” during Ronda Rousey‘s post interview, or simply posing for photos with fans, White handles it all with the grace of someone who definitely wouldn’t drive a railroad spike through a dog’s head to intimidate a rival promoter, unlike some of his former peers.

As a matter of fact, maybe we’ve been wrong about ol’ Dana all this time. For Christ’s sake, look how he recently handled being called a bitch on Twitter. HAS SOMEONE HIJACKED YOUR SOUL, BALDFATHER?!!

Is it possible that Dana White’s not actually that bad of a guy, and that we’ve been the assholes this entire time? And by “we” I mean, like, the collective MMA community. Certainly not CagePotato. We are rebels without a cause and can therefore do no wrong. We’re cowboys, on a steel horse we ride. Wanted (Waaaanteeeddd!!) dead or alive.

What was I talking about again? Oh right, the UFC 177 Danavlog, which, true to Dana’s words, is one of the more powerful vlogs that has been released so far. In it, you will also find a heartbroken Matt Mitrione consoling an even more heartbroken Stefan Struve, Uriah Hall (rightfully) screaming like a bitch while having his broken toe put back in place, and a closer look at Ronda Rousey’s nasty gash. (I’m referring to the one she suffered in her fight with Alexis Davis, you perverts.)

Check it out above, then let us know if we should continue our War on Whitey (phrasing) in the comments section.

-J. Jones

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