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The War on Drugs Wages On: ‘Comprido’ says “Eddie Bravo is an Idiot”

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A few short days ago Dave Herman was yanked from his upcoming bout against Mike Russow following a failed drug test, and before the smoke had cleared a lively debate had sparked between our readers about marijuana’s place in the sport. We thought we’d hashed it all out and come to an understanding, but now Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros has weighed in on the matter with a very special PSA. According to the heavily decorated BJJ champion, those of you who lobbied in favor of mixing grass and grappling are stupid and suffer from low self-esteem. To be fair, Comprido, pretty much everyone here at the Potato Nation is stupid and suffers from low self-esteem; it’s kind of our “thing”.

“[I] just want to make this very clear: Eddie Bravo is an idiot. Ok? Using drugs don’t improve the performance of a fighter. If you want to build your self-confidence, you’re going to do sports, do martial arts, but never use drugs.”

“If you choke when you talk with a girl, you should go to the gym, and train, and build your self-confidence. Not use a fake medicine, or use a fake drug, to feel better than you should.” (Seriously, it’s like he knows us. What’s his screen name?)

“It’s a shame that a guy who teach in martial arts, who been involved with competitions—even if he’s not competing—talk using marijuana is good for jiu jitsu. That’s bullshit. That’s probably why he’s thinking, he’s ten years ago come [up] with something [taught] by his teacher Jean Jacques Machado and he call himself an innovator. That was ten years ago. If you are a coward, you will be a coward using marijuana or not.”

Rodrigo Medeiros: not a fan of drugs, and clearly not a fan of Eddie Bravo. We could start talking now about a grudge match at ADCC, but we’ve been there before and it’s exhausting. Until someone sets up a “Stoner vs. Straight Edge” tournament, we’ll just have to settle for bickering amongst ourselves.

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malcolmkyle- October 3, 2011 at 1:22 pm
Here's an incomplete list of the planet's most famous "potheads":

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Louisa May Alcott
Robert Altman
Jennifer Aniston
Louis Armstrong
Hal Ashby
Mary Aubert
Dan Aykroyd
Tallulah Bankhead
Candy Barr
Mischa Barton
Orson Bean
Glenn Beck
Gertrude Bell
John Belushi
Walter Benjamin
Jack Black
Lewis Black
Susan Blackmore
H.P. Blavatsky
Michael Bloomberg
Usain Bolt
Paul Bowles
Pattie Boyd
Peter Boyle
Bill Bradley
Richard Branson
Jeff Bridges
Pierce Brosnan
Christopher Buckley
Lord Buckley
William F. Buckley
Richard Burton
Kim Bu-seon
Bush Family
George Carlin
Jeanne Carmen
James Cameron
Hoagy Carmichael
David Carradine
Jack Carter
Fidel Castro
Neal Cassady
James Cayne
Orlando Cepeda
Mario Chalmers
Jill Ciment
Kelly Clarkson
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Stephen Colbert
Norm Coleman
Francis Crick
Bing Crosby
David Crosby
Sheryl Crow
Macaulay Culkin
Tony Curtis
Matt Damon
Rodney Dangerfield
Bob Denver
John Denver
Cameron Diaz
Nick Diaz
Georgine DiMaria
Isak Dinesen
Sam Donaldson
Alexandre Dumas
Rick Dutrow
Kirsten Dunst
Bob Dylan
Cass Elliot
Melissa Etheridge
Lindsey Evans
Walker Evans
Freddy Fender
Richard Feynman
Ford Family
Carrie Fisher
Eddie Fisher
Harrison Ford
Megan Fox
Errol Flynn
Morgan Freeman
Art Garfunkel
Ringo Garza
Bill Gates
Will Geer
Gilberto Gil
Julia Gillard
Newt Gingrich
Alan Ginsberg
Jackie Gleason
Whoopi Goldberg
Benny Goodman
Al Gore
Larry Hagman
Gary Hall
Daryl Hannah
Ben Harper
Woody Harrelson
Danneel Harris
Ed Harris
John Hay
Jack Herer
Jim Hightower
Paris Hilton
Don Ho
David Hockney
Santonio Holmes
Bob Hope
Josh Howard
D.L. Hughley
Victor Hugo
Chrissie Hynde
Phil Jackson
Jefferson Airplane
Augustus John
Norah Jones
Shawn Kemp
Caroline Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Jack Kerouac
John Kerry
Rudyard Kipling
Justin Kirk
Gene Krupa
Lash Larue
Queen Latifah
Heath Ledger
Phil Lesh
John Lennon
Rush Limbaugh
Tim Lincecum
Jack London
Courtney Love
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Lance Mackey
Bill Maher
Norman Mailer
Ray Manzarek
Bob Marley
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Groucho Marx
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Matthew McConaughey
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Mezz Mezzrow
George Michael
Bette Midler
John Stuart Mill
Robert Mitchum
Armedo Modigliani
Thelonius Monk
Marilyn Monroe
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Fulla Nayak
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Jack Nicholson
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Laura Nyro
Barack Obama
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George Orwell
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Steven Page
Sarah Palin
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M. Scott Peck
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
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Ryan Phillippe
Pablo Picasso
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Michael Pollan
Natalie Portman
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Arthur Rimbaud
Diego Rivera
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Jennifer Rovero
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Geovany Soto
Annie Sprinkle
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Joss Stone
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Malcolm X
William Butler Yeats
Lester Young
Spartacus81- October 3, 2011 at 8:14 am
Marijuana is not a drug,Comprido sucks dick for coke. Eddy's seen um!
linaadd- October 2, 2011 at 9:25 am top sex film that every body will love them.......
RwilsonR- October 2, 2011 at 12:07 am
I like TheCanadian, because at least he is honest - "obviously smoking anything isnt gunna be great for you, especially long term."
Look, I think people should be as free as possible to make as many choices as they can for themselves, and so I'm more inclined towards legalization of most things. But some of the pro-pot activists who spout the shit they read in High Times like it is incontestable science, and talk about marijuana like it is some panacea wonder drug, and then stroke each other off about how they are so "intellectual", just piss me off.
Maybe it is a natural revulsion I have towards overzealous activists, and the absolute hyperbole they feel they need to use to try to win an argument, but it does them no favors and just sounds stupid. Not saying Comprido makes a better argument, but why endeavor to sound just as stupid?
As far as I'm concerned, you want to smoke and get high... have fun. More power to you. You want to abstain from putting any substance in your body... great, go for it. Freedom is the argument.
SonOfSerbia- October 1, 2011 at 8:10 pm
Comprido is the idiot....the rest of the world isnt a favela-infested 3rd world shit-hole like Brazil; here in the civilized world we make conscious decisions to use or not use substances of all kinds; illegal or not. More people die of prescription pill O.D.s than car crashes!! And of course, we're still waiting for the 1st weed O.D.
This fool should stick to rolling and leave the drug reform conversation to the intellectuals. Seriously, this fool is a victim of the propaganda machine and has done no serious research on the subject therefor his argument holds no weight. Dumbass 3rd world Neanderthal
blaphtome- October 1, 2011 at 5:26 pm
Comprido is a third worlder. One can't expect him to know that there is actually more evidence that marijuana is beneficial than there is proving any harmful effects. Furthermore, he can't be expected to understand the personal liberty some of us in this country pursue. The argument regarding legality of any drug for personal use should not begin with effects(harmful or otherwise), but with an American's right to be secure in his PERSON, property, and papers. 4th AMENDMENT M#T%RF#CKER. Lay your rights down and you may as well just say "F@CK YOU" to the people who fight and die to defend them. I don't expect Comprido to get it, but if you're an American who shares such ignorant views you should be ashamed. Forgive my ranting, but this bull$hit is outta control already. Can you imagine a founder of this country handing over a sample of his bodily fluid to some official for approval; you'd get glove slapped and challenged to a dual or some $hit.
sdgsasd- October 1, 2011 at 5:00 pm
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TheCanadian- October 1, 2011 at 4:25 pm
Lol @ butthurt baghdadbob

Seriously though, I know this may shock you all what with my screen name being "TheCanadian" but I have been known to dable in the tree of life as I shall call it myself. That being said, obviously smoking anything isnt gunna be great for you, especially long term, but I have seen the effects of long term alchohalism and long term marijuanna use. The two arent even comparable. There are plenty of legal things which will fuck your shit right up. Its always amusing to see people who probably havent even smoked before freak out over someone saying they enjoy it. And guess what, Bravo teaches a successful bjj system while we all sit around talking on CP. Do all the haters seriously think THEY get the last laugh?
RwilsonR- October 1, 2011 at 2:20 pm
nahin123 Says: "Only because a few talk about it doesn’t mean they are the only one doing it..
BJ Penn does it. And i’ve never seen him de-motivated."
Hahahahahahahahahahaha.................. wait, you were being serious?
SquidInk- October 1, 2011 at 1:09 pm
BaghdadBob, the only typical forum loser response I've read in here is yours. So you can tell us all about the people replying in here simply because they're posting educated responses about cannabis? You come across as bitter and whiny. And as far as assuming that everyone in here is "girlfriendless," I can guarantee you that isn't the case. And what, like you're out banging dimes? Bitch, please.
BaghdadBob- October 1, 2011 at 12:19 pm
Typical forum responses from a bunch of middle-aged girlfriendless pot smokers: "How dare Comprido criticize the Man-God Eddie Bravo! Pot is actually really good for you. That's why I use it. Not because I am a boring loser, goddamit! That's just drug war propaganda!"

"PS Smoking cigarettes though, now that is really, really bad. Jocelyn Elders, Hillary Clinton and Michele Obama told me so."
Savageleto- October 1, 2011 at 11:52 am

How will it hurt your performance?

I hope you bring back something solid.. and not something distilled from 40 years of drug war propaganda.
Maine Blazer- October 1, 2011 at 11:33 am
I don't use drugs; I smoke marijuana. Stoners vs. Straight Edge tourney? 209 ftw
EJayy- October 1, 2011 at 10:56 am
Woaah too much ignorance for me to handle.
It's funny cause later he'll probably be chugging creatine and protein..
mmaandrew34- October 1, 2011 at 10:49 am
let me set this straight. smoking before you do some light rolling does make you flow a little better. but in an actual fight or competition it will do nothing but hurt your performance.
Nippletwist- October 1, 2011 at 10:40 am
this guys a fat ignorant doof. dooof!

eddie bravos the man
Savageleto- October 1, 2011 at 10:23 am
I love peoples interpretation of the word... Drug-

Scientifically... Just about every item you place into your body- is a drug-

Sugar... Fats... Protein...Potassium

I have had plenty of discussions with dimwits like Comprido- When I tell them that they always say...

"SUGAR???-- Sugar is not a drug idiota"

To which I reply... "Oh really... you have kids Vato?"

"Jess mang, 6 of them Jesus blesses us"

"Ok ok... so here are 6 snicker candy bars... you give these to your kids right before bed... Then the next day you tell me sugar is not a drug"


Cannabis is a plant, that is about as dangerous for you as TEA, if you want to call it a drug, fine... It is safe, relaxing, fun, joy is a damn good one- It is misunderstood, and ruthlessly attacked by DEA morons and their supporters wasting over a Trillion dollars on this 'war on drugs'
Which has failed.

Hey Comprido...

No one wants KIDS to have access to drugs.. If you are so worried there.. then you better Legalize it so we can regulate it and enable stores to check ID... Beer and Ciggs are harder for kids to get their hands on then Cannabis.

Although the hypocrisy we have in a world where pharmaceutical companies have convinced so many that they have a condition, and the cure for the condition is this little pill- which happens to be cousins with methamphetamine... or this other one which turns you into a zombie person who cannot cope with the tinest of lifes stresses once you remove these SSRI's and Benzo's from your daily intake.

Well it is almost too much to stomach.
Deadpanda- October 1, 2011 at 10:16 am
Yeah FXDFP, blame the people you leave your kids around and not parents for not giving a damn. Seriously, why would parents give their children values when they can leave the kid in font of a TV and hope it all goes well.

It is up to parents to raise their kids & teach them what a role model is. Maybe you could be aware of the media they watch, maybe find out who they look up to & then talk to them about how the people they look up to can influence them & their careers.

Eddie is an adult, works with & trains adults, pays his taxes, and seems like a good husband. To attack him personally shows gross incompetence & a level of mental immaturity/insecurity that I haven't seen since Middle School. He's free to talk about any legal activity he wants. You don't want to hear it, you're worried about your kids? Be an ADULT, take some responsibility, and spend time with your own spawn instead of attacking someone who has accomplished more than you.
nahin123- October 1, 2011 at 10:04 am
Wait, don't all or most of MMA fighters smoke marijuana?? Only because a few talk about it doesn't mean they are the only one doing it..
BJ Penn does it. And i've never seen him de-motivated LOL. Rodrigo Medeiros is nothing but talking out of his ass!
Peter Hardwood- October 1, 2011 at 10:03 am
When I attended one of Eddie Bravo's seminars, I don't remember him telling me to go smoke a bowl before he starts! He DOES NOT push any marijuana use on anyone!!!!
Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, you are the Idiot! You are an idiot for wasting your time bashing Eddie!
fxdfp- October 1, 2011 at 9:51 am
I agree with Eddie - pro athletes and martial art masters whom young people look up to should all promote drug use.
Deadpanda- October 1, 2011 at 9:45 am
A) Start a charity if you're so worried about people's health & self confidence. This dude should stop the Batman act & talk at troubled Youth Centers.

B) He doesn't like drugs because in his culture of the drug their cultural stigma in Brazil. He's uneducated on the topic so we might as well look at him like a 5 year old girl telling us about the male reproductive system.
Denny Slim607- October 1, 2011 at 9:43 am
If someone feels more comfortable rolling when they're stoned, let them.