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The Weekend’s Best Knockouts, In GIFs: Sapo Front-Kicks Morales, Burkman Torches Stinson, And a Ridiculous Spinning Backwrist

(Props: XFC MMA via the UG. Check out an alternate angle of the KO here.)

Last weekend was a veritable potpourri of violence for the rabid anti-UFC MMA fan (a.k.a the CagePotato reader), with the WSOF, Bellator, and several local Brazilian promotions all churning out entertaining cards packed with memorable finishes. Perhaps the greatest KO of the bunch, however, was the Anderson Silva-esque front-kick scored by Bellator veteran Luis “Sapo” Santos over Alfredo Morales at XFCI 3. The way the sweat flies off Morales’ face, coupled with the picture-perfect way he folds like a lawn chair on his way down…it’s what puts the “arts” in “mixed martial arts.” It’s visual poetry, really…(*sniffs wine glass of own farts*)

But the “Sapo” KO — which marked his *sixtieth* win as a professional — was just one of many brilliant knockouts to transpire over the weekend, so join us after the jump for a look at the most recent entry in Josh Burkman’s WSOF highlight reel, as well as a sick spinning backwrist from the worst-named card of the year.

(Props: ZombieProphet)

Although he may have come up short in his WSOF welterweight title fight with Steve Carl last October, it would be hard to argue that any UFC veteran (“Rumble” aside) has enjoyed a more impressive WSOF run than Josh Burkman. With vicious finishes of Jon Fitch and Aaron Simpson and a decision win over TUF 7‘s Gerald Harris already under his belt, Burkman looked to get back on the path to a title shot against savvy striker Tyler Stinson last Sturday, and my God did he ever.

Despite being the supposedly inferior striker and holding a noticeable reach disadvantage, Burkman managed to clip Stinson just over two minutes into the first round of their WSOF 9 main card scrap, sending the Strikeforce and Bellator veteran crashing to the canvas. The punch was righteous, ye, but it was Burkman’s follow-up uppercut that truly sealed the deal. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about the calm, collected manner in which Burkman strolls away from his victims — whether because of a referee’s intervention or simply his own discretion — that is just so…baller.

Speaking of baller, check out this ridiculous spinning backwrist that also happened over the weekend.

According to a commenter on this gifs reddit page, the backwrister’s name is Daniel Gustavo (who was apparently making his professional debut) and the event was…Fatality Arena 6. Seriously, Brazil? Fatality Arena? You do realize that there are areas of the world trying to separate this sport from its barbaric past and constant comparisons to gladiators and “human cockfighting,” right? Besides the fact that, well, what *isn’t* a potentially fatal arena in the destitute hellscape you call a country? I was going to say “gas station” until you went and fucked that one up. And lord knows your soccer games are just a step above a prison riot. Rabble! RABBLE!!

I’m sorry, Brazil. I had a rough weekend and I’m taking it out on you. Because while you may not be without your faults, your people still know how to show the proper respect where it counts, and that’s all that matters, really.

-J. Jones

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