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There’s a Bellator Event Tomorrow, So Rampage Jackson Is Talking Nonsense Again [VIDEO]

As someone who recently told Dana White to “keep my name out of your mouth,” Rampage Jackson sure seems to have a problem granting the UFC the same courtesy. In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Jackson previewed his Season 10 LHW tournament semifinal fight with Christian M’Pumbu headlining tomorrow night’s Bellator 110, citing a few changes in his training camp as the keys to beating the former Bellator champ.

It was going, so well. Jackson was calm, reasonable, and had managed to go almost four minutes in a row without dry-humping something. But us MMA reporters being the shit-stirring type, the conversation inevitably shifted toward towards “Bellator vs. UFC,” prompting Jackson to go completely off the reservation.

At the end of the day it’s all about what you’re looking for. If you want longevity, I would go with a company like Bellator that you can grow with. And here’s a secret that the UFC won’t tell you, and will never tell you, but right now Bellator is getting more ratings than the UFC. And sponsors understand stuff like that. So a lot of sponsors are going to come over and jump to Bellator and UFC sponsorships are going to go down because if you don’t have the ratings you don’t have the commercial money and the people to watch the commercials and you don’t have the endorsement dollars. 

(*puts on Madea costume*) Oh Rampage, you so crazy! You mean to tell me that Bellator — the measly little promotion putting snoozer trilogies like Alvarez vs. Chandler on cable — is somehow outperforming the promotion who is putting marquee matchups like Hathaway vs. Kim on fringe sports channels and subscription-only digital networks? HAHA COOL STORY BRO.

All kidding aside, it’s getting increasingly difficult to dismiss claims like the ones made by Jackson in regards to the UFC’s ratings. Say what you want about TUF Nations not appealing to Americans, but 78,000 viewers for last week’s episode? Take it away, Al…

Of course, it’s relatively unfair to compare the ratings of a card/program broadcasted on Spike to one broadcasted on FS1, right?  Well, the numbers for Fight Night 36 have something to say about that:

Ok, so maybe Jackson *is* just blowing smoke up our collective asses.

-J. Jones

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