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This Chick With the Huge Cans Will Teach You How to Pass Guard [VIDEO]

(Props: MMACandy via Reddit/MMA)

Damn…this is even sexier than when Chael did it to Anderson at UFC 148. Three more MMA Candy videos featuring the lovely Brittney are after the jump.


  1. SocraticMethod Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 07:14

    Now I know how to pass guard!
  2. NinJay Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 07:44

    Maybe these ladies can teach me how to get out of this strangle hold my pants now have on my crotch.
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 08:11

    I never try to pass a guard that looks like that! But I am guilty of putting my hands on her boobs when she mounts me...
  4. SocraticMethod Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 08:14

    That was beautiful boob triangle in the second vid. I mean arm boobangle. I mean boobs.
  5. Undercard Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 08:23

  6. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 09:00

    What is with that ugly ass "brass knuckles" necklace? Yeah, nice tits and all too but the jewelry is ridiculous.
  7. uzithrasha Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 10:31

    what if your opponent is actually trying to defend?
  8. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 11:27

    @uzithrasha - If I'm the opponent, I'm not defending. I'd just tell her the triangle or whatever needs more boob.
  9. As Good As Anyone Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 12:15

    Well... That's one way of getting people interested in BJ, I mean BJJ. Obligatory: Brittney is delicious
  10. BuckWild Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 02:53

    I would use the Rampage motorboat maneuver to escape!
  11. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 04:12

    Baby wants to fuck! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet! Where's my nitrous tank?
  12. CrushCo Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 05:46

    I'm just going to come right out and say it: I like the way her titts look.
  13. JudgeHolden Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 06:16

    Nice titties. Shitty technique. They should call this video series "Shitty Titties."
  14. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 06:57

    @ amsterdamheavy - necklace? Sorry, must not have noticed.
  15. Grandmas Nutmeg Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 08:26

    Yea that was great and all but maybe they should teach each other how to escape something more practical like a rape choke or something.
  16. mitchone1 Says:

    Mon, 07/16/12 - 08:52

    Is boob suffocation legal?
  17. mikemoriendi Says:

    Tue, 07/17/12 - 06:05

    They need to teach us how to get into that guard.
  18. Romanhelmut Says:

    Tue, 07/17/12 - 06:59

    These holds would not be effective later in the fight since we would both be covered in cum....I mean...sweat
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    Thu, 07/19/12 - 08:39

    [...] what you see? Head over to Cage Potato for the rest of the videos. Check Out These Great Posts!Candace Swanepoel Bikini PicsMore Kate Upton!Sexiest Women In [...]
  20. Cestus84 Says:

    Wed, 11/07/12 - 04:51

    If these chicks are posting vids like they know their shit, at least execute the techniques properly for fuck sake. This shit is horrible. I mean seriously, who is this vid for¿ Dudes or chicks¿ Judging by what they're wearing, it's meant for dudes. Dudes who actually watch the sport. Do they think guys won't notice the garbage ass techniques¿
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