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This Week in Obesity: Gegard Mousasi, Daniel Cormier Hint at Upcoming Drops to Middleweight & Light Heavyweight, Respectively

(Mousasi, seen here trying to convince Burt Watson that his tummy is simply an optical illusion created by the unflattering pattern of his shirt. Or what we here in America refer to as The Burgundy Defense.) 

Clearly, we are being shamelessly facetious with that title, for neither Daniel Cormier or Gegard Mousasi could be considered “obese” by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, Cormier is a little heavy for his height, I guess, but his layer of protective fat is a necessity. How the hell else is he suppose to ensure that his own bones are not completely shattered by the shockwave of the wrecking balls he regularly throws at his sparring partners and opponents? He tried cutting a lot of weight once before and it damn near killed him, so what do you people want from the poor guy?! LEAVE DC ALONE, DAMMIT.

I’m sorry, I was a fat child. But thanks to the powers of MMA, I can proudly stand before you as the picture of modern health that I am today. Cormier apparently shares my enthusiasm for all things dietary, as he recently spoke with USA Today and MMAJunkie about the likelihood that he will drop to 205 to fight Jon Jones once and for all. Just not immediately:

USA Today: Physically, I’m different now. When I was saying that I couldn’t make light heavyweight, it wasn’t happening. At my heaviest, I was 264 pounds. I was consistently weighing in for fights at 250 pounds, and that was after training camps. I was losing 7, 8 pounds and being 250 pounds at weigh-ins. Now, I wake up in the morning, and I’m 234 pounds. That’s almost a 20-pound difference. Now it seems realistic. I’m lighter now than even when I was wrestling.

MMAJunkie: At first, I was like so emotionally tied to that fight. I was like, ‘I want to fight Jon Jones. I want to be in that division and fight him immediately.’ But I’m not a very impulsive guy. I kind of think things through.

I’ve thought about it, and I wouldn’t be opposed to fighting one time before then just to see how my body reacts to the weight cut. It’d be very difficult to fight him in my very first fight (at light heavyweight), in a five-round fight, and my first time down in the weight and everything. As I’ve thought about it, I kind of feel it’d be in our best interest to maybe take a fight. 

Granted, Cormier has hinted at a potential drop in weight before, but like he has repeatedly stated, let’s wait and see how he looks in his UFC debut against Frank Mir this weekend before we start filling our heads with any lofty aspirations of the next challenger to Yadda Yadda’s throne. That tends to backfire.

Speaking of light-heavyweights, Gegard Mousasi, who is fresh off a three round drubbing of Ilir Latifi at UFC on FUEL 9has also been hinting at a drop in weight. The LHW contender has not fought at middleweight since upkicking his way to a DREAM middleweight championship over Ronaldo Souza at DREAM 6 in September of 2008. Regardless, Mousasi recently reached to his fans via Twitter to poll them on whether or not he should make the drop once again:

I think about good idea, Gegard. I think about very good idea. Anyone else agree?

-J. Jones

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defpqtcw- April 20, 2013 at 1:32 am
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Willa Ford- April 18, 2013 at 2:50 pm
I honestly don't know if it's a great idea for either of these guys to drop down. Gegard isn't all that tiny at 205, he's like Machida sized, and he's done very well at 205, so I don't really see the need, though I guess 185 is a much weaker division filled with 205 rejects, so it might be smart for that reason alone. Cormier is tiny at HW, but he'd be almost as small at 205. At 5'10 with a 71 inch reach, he'd be way smaller than anyone in the top 10, and considering he can't really do water cuts anymore, he'd also be just about the lightest (weighing 205 day of, as opposed to the usual 215-220). So he'd be just as undersized at 205 (or 185 for that matter) as he is at HW, he'd be in a generally more skilled division, and he'd probably lose some of that speed advantage that's been so key to his striking success.

Side note: Not to be a dick or anything, but Cormier is actually obese by the BMI standards. 5'10 234 means he has a BMI of 33.6, and the cut off for obese is 30. Obviously that points to the problem with the BMI system as much as anything else, but still, the imagination doesn't need much stretching to see him as obese.
algiersheadkick504- April 18, 2013 at 2:44 pm
I have always wanted to see gegard fight Anderson even tho Andy probably winning that fight but I bet it would be competitive and worth a ppv
Sopapo- April 18, 2013 at 2:43 pm
Mousasi at MW vs Silva is a fucking dream fight for me. No one is as fucking sharp as mousasi in the striking department at MW except for Anderson of course who appears to be a level above all.
algiersheadkick504- April 18, 2013 at 2:41 pm
Wow I was watching anchorman while I read the caption...crazy