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Tim Sylvia: Big Words From a Soft Gut

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Perhaps trying to make himself look tough after being portrayed as a total feeb in Matt Hughes‘ book, Tim Sylvia has been on a trash-talk streak lately. In Gary Herman’s post-UFC 79 column on, the Maine-iac addressed Fedor Emelianenko‘s decision to fight in M-1 Global rather than the UFC:

“I think he’s being a (expletive). I think Fedor is very good, but you have to fight the top level competitors all the time to keep that status, and he is just not doing that.”

(Plugging the column on Five Ounces of Pain, Herman revealed that the expletive in question was “pussy.”)

Calling Fedor a pussy is basically like spitting in the face of a member of the vory v zakone. I’d imagine an exchange like this went down before Tim dared to open his mouth…

Tim Sylvia: [knocking on Dana White's office door] Hey boss, gotta minute?
Dana White: [to self] Fuck. [to Tim] Yeah, what.
TS: Hey, yeah, you know that Fedor guy? The crazy Russian, Enemanenko or whatever?
DW: Yeah, what about him.
TS: He’ll never fight in the UFC, right?
DW: No fuckin’ way, him and his manager are dead to me.
TS: So you’re saying there’s no chance he’ll ever fight me?
DW: Fuck no, not on my watch.
TS: That’s aaaall I needed to know. Thanks boss! [leaves]
DW: [to self] Christ, what an asshole.

A more credible example of Sylvia’s trash-talk went down a few days ago, when he told ESPN radio what he really thinks of WWE-star-turned-MMArtist Brock Lesnar:

“I don’t think he’s gonna have a future in MMA…I’ve trained with Brock. I think Frank Mir’s gonna submit him. He’s a baby. Don’t kick him because he’ll get hurt. He’s a hell of a wrestler man, the guy can wrestle and he’s strong, but he can’t punch and he can’t get kicked. And he don’t know how to kick. He can only go straight forward. I think Mir will submit him.”

If Hughes’s take on him is accurate, pretty much nobody likes Tim Sylvia (at least at first), and I’m sure that some sort of personal friction led to Sylvia riding on Lesnar on a radio show — you don’t publicly talk shit about another fighter just because you think they’re going to lose. Most likely, Sylvia asked Lesnar to hang out with him after practice one day, and Brock politely declined. But this could be a reality check for the Lesnar nut-worshippers who think he’s going to steamroll Mir at UFC 81 — and whose collective hype have made Lesnar an unlikely -175 favorite on the betting lines. Nobody questions the man’s wrestling credentials, but if he goes all Sapp-y when he’s kicked in the leg, Mir’s fans are going to be taking Bodog to the cleaners that night.

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crysis- May 19, 2008 at 2:45 pm
Block Lesbo has no place in the UFC, this guy is fucking clown-shoes.
BIG CHRIS- January 1, 2008 at 10:54 pm
Mir is going to Choke this fool out in round 1....