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Tito: Man About Town

It’s a nice little Saturday and you find yourself wondering what Tito is doing at that exact moment. Probably watching himself on YouTube, would be my guess. ‘Jennito’ was out and about again and it’s yet another example of Jenna Jameson restraining herself from jabbing a chopstick through the Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s circus-sized melon. In the video – on the red carpet of the Never Back Down premiere – the HBBB also talks about his upcoming projects, including “Any Town Throwdown” with G4. The pilot started shooting this week – not sure if it is taking the place of “Settle Your Grudge” with some of the Gracie clan or not. Tito also made sure to plug his upcoming book, This Is Gonna’ Hurt, where he says we’ll get “the real Tito Ortiz“. Yeah, I’ll rush out to buy that one. He also recently signed with powerhouse agency William-Morris and they’re grooming him to be the next action star. Oh and Jenna has “a lot” of projects coming up, but doesn’t seem to recall any of them at the moment. Guess she’s too embarrassed to mention Zombie Strippers.

‘Jennito’ makes their appearance at the :45 second mark.

And after getting his ogre cranium fired from The Celebrity Apprentice Tito seems a little more focused on MMA again. The fighter also recently did an interview with where he discussed his UFC status and left just a slight glimmer of hope that the May 24th Machida fight will not be his last for the UFC – even though he seems pretty adamant about it being the last fight every time he speaks about it…like every time he’s on camera. He chatted briefly about some of the organizations he might want to fight for – EliteXC and HDNet Fights included among the ones he respects – and whichever one it is he insists they have to put him front and center and utilize his mike skills. Tito, those aren’t skills. It’s you liking the sound of your voice.

Other topics covered: “The Third Most Dangerous Shamrock” and his sad, sad performance against Robert “Buzz” Berry this past weekend, and why Tito won’t wrestle full time. Check out the full interview here.

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J.J.- March 11, 2008 at 2:31 am
Jenna says she has something big "upcoming". Heh heh.
All the Tito bashing aside, can you imagine how nervous the next long dong porn guy will be as looks over his shoulder while pounding Jenna, waiting for a jealous HBBB to swoop into the scene?
TitoG- March 10, 2008 at 10:25 pm
I could care less if Ortiz leaves UFC. I've never been a fan of him. The guy has become the biggest whiner in MMA. That alone has made me dislike him more and more.
rheindog- March 10, 2008 at 8:32 pm
you guys got anyone in vegas? do an article on baroni if you can..get an interview, he lives and dies by the words 'tappin is for bitches'... he didn't tap and he had his groin torn from the bone. Sponsor baroni! He's got the right attitude for cp.
rheindog- March 10, 2008 at 8:31 pm
God this guy just loves himself a little too much. He thinks he's all smart and shit... hes a b-level fighter who hasn't convincingly won a fight against a true contender in ages. We'll see against lyoto. Hes a greedy bastard, his girlfriend is so busted its not even funny. I am waiting for him to get his ass kicked, cry after the fight and retire. Who the hell likes this guy? No one. Who wants to see him fight? A couple people, mainly they'd like to see his ass get kicked after he spent so much time trying to market himself outside the mma world. Will he beat machida? It's pretty doubtful but we'll see. He always gives up when he gets hit.. in the liddell fights he never legitimately got ko'd, he just got rocked and gave up fell to his knees.