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Tito Ortiz Brushes Off a Potential Fight With Kimbo Slice, And For Once, He’s In the Right

(Does this man strike you as someone who would trade in his dignity for a quick buck? Didn’t think so.)

By CP Reader Marcos Rego

With plenty of dark clouds hanging overhead this week, I thought it would be best to bring some cheer to the wonderful boys and girls of CP in the only way I know how: A series of jokes about Tito Ortiz disguised as an article. (Think of me as that uncle who gave you your first beer at age 15…but less creepy and allowed to go near public schools).

Repressed childhood memories aside, did you hear?! Tito Ortiz thinks fighting Kimbo Slice makes about as much sense as putting Fritos on a pizza. And for once, he’s right!

You may remember Kimbo Slice from his infamous Internet days — no, not his street fights, I’m talking about the Internet you’re more familiar with. And you may remember Fritos on a pizza from the people who are absolutely insane. You may as well put shards of glass on my sandwich while you’re at it, you assholes!

Anyways, with Kimbo recently/inexplicably being signed by Bellator last week, hundreds of thousands of tens of dozens of fans have been calling for a fight between Slice and Bellator’s *other* biggest star, “The Huntington Beach People’s Champ.” During an interview with AG Fight (via MMAFighting), however, Tito put the kibosh on a potential fight with Slice, stating “I’m a world champion. Fighting someone like Kimbo is a step down. I don’t wanna fight a street fighter.”

Yes, Tito Ortiz just said that he would rather not jeopardize his credibility to fight someone. As in the same Tito Ortiz who fought Stephen Bonnar in what I wish was the oh, so distant past. (I don’t even have the stomach to get into that horse and jackass show). As in the same Tito Ortiz who dated, married, and put babies in this chick.

I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal, Marcos?” Well, as my girlfriend likes to instruct me after foreplay: This is the part where I take something small and insignificant and try to make something happen inside you.

As of late, the MMA industry has been going through a bit of an identity crisis. It’s at a crossroads, really. Down one road we see a sport that’s legitimized itself with disciplined, harden morals and standards. A sport that earns more than an “Oh, you’re into that UFC stuff?” A sport where its fighters and fans are valued as much as the money it brings in.

Down the other road we see a sport that has bastardized itself into a live-action circus that has what resembles fighting and where entertainment and viewership is achieved with clowns and the occasional this guy.

Sure, Tito Ortiz may be completely bullshitting when he says he plans on taking the rest of his four fights under the Bellator banner seriously. Although he did an extraordinary amount to pioneer our fine sport, God knows he’s no one to champion and martyr himself for its future. Kimbo is going to eventually fight someone anyways — I hear that Seth Petruzelli may be coming out…of retirement — despite it being 2015, which in itself eliminates the possibility that a freak show fight won’t happen.

As long as big time promotions like Bellator and the UFC want to raise awareness the cheap, lazy, easy way, these kinds of fights, and these kinds of “fighters” like Kimbo are going to keep popping up. But every time a Tito Ortiz says no to a Kimbo Slice, it’s a tiny victory for all of us who want this sport to be taken seriously.

It’s a small victory, yes, but still a victory. And how fitting that it comes from the same man who once gave us this pre-fight press conference. My sincerest thanks, you big, broken headed hero.

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