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Tito Ortiz’s Deal With Affliction Downgraded to ‘Possibility’

Tito Ortiz went on HDNet’s Inside MMA on Friday night to make vague statements in the hope that MMA fans will start caring about him again. Speaking about his current negotiations to find a home, Ortiz said:

“EliteXC — possibility. Affliction — possibility. UFC — a small chance of that happening…The things between me and Dana White, I’m shoving it off and moving on with my life.”

Wow…he’s come a long way since that “ground-breaking record contract” with Affliction. But that’s what happens when you ask for the moon and stars from a company that doesn’t have a pot to piss in, if you’ll forgive the metaphor mixing. And the UFC — where a small cut of the PPV take can mean big money — is still the only organization that can offer Ortiz even close to what he thinks he’s worth.

It seems hard to believe that Dana White, who considers Ortiz to be an intolerable scumbag, would even consider dealing with him again, but perhaps cooler heads are prevailing. With Couture vs. Emelianenko a possibility in the Octagon and Tito considering a return, the UFC is poised to deliver a sharp, painful kick directly to Affliction’s balls. Honestly, the UFC’s only apparent motivation for re-signing Ortiz would be to screw over their latest rival. It’s not like he’ll have much impact in the light-heavyweight division at this point, and his rivalries with Chuck Liddell and Ken Shamrock have long since been consummated. So maybe they’ll keep him around as a celebrity gate-keeper, as long as it’ll prevent Affliction from having a credible pay-per-view draw. As Alonzo Harris put it, the shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers.


  1. Failed Urine Test Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 12:53

    Ortiz coming back to the UFC? Not on your life, due to contract details, Dana White has the chance to counter any offer that Ortiz receives from rival organizations, and White can simply drive the price up for them and laugh. Afflication surely is hopely that they would have had Ortiz for their October show in Vegas in order to drive up the PPV buys now that Fedor is not there. It'll almost hurt Afflication more to have a highly overpaid Ortiz that gets a cut of PPV and will help drive the T-shirt company further into the grave. Another thing during for Afflication is that now there are doiing a show in Vegas, they are legally required to publish their PPV buys, so the public can crunch the numbers at home, and we can find out just how much money Afflication is losing.... I can't wait.
  2. Tito Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 04:44

    is a dumb son of a bitch
  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 05:11

    why are mma "fans" worried about how much money an org loses? who cares, its about the fights, as long as they put together good fights.. i really dont understand why should we care how good an orgs business is doing.. its not about "affliction" or the "ufc" its about the sport and any real mma fan would be down with that.. unless u work for the ufc or elite or sum other org than maybe ur job would be on the line but other than that why would u care how much money ur " Afflication" is losing
  4. Perennial Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 05:13

    Without good 'orgs', no good fights.
  5. josh Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 07:04

  6. fightfan Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 08:27

    Perennial has a really good point..... Without good organization, like the UFC, there will be no good fights. Or we could have bad organizations like EliteXC with their scripted circus freakshow matches. What so you want??? great fights between competitve fighters or some backyard brawler beating on old, fat , and out of shape guys???? I, particularly like when the underdog wins, just not the EliteXC underdog who is so old and out of their element, they shouldnt even be fighting
  7. Perennial Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 10:30

    You can think whatever you want about the UFC, but the fact is, that often they have very good fights. Good people against good people. Not always, but often. See, Affliction. Good fights, good fighters, good org (So far. They have much to learn, but still).
  8. fightfan Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 11:01

    Tito just needs to hear Tito talk. Tito just has to be the center of attention. He realizes that he is not a top fighter anymore, so his chances in the are about very close to ZERO. With nearly EVERY top 10 LH fighter in the world fighitng in the UFC, Tito does not want any of that. He needs the Kimbo treatment. He will go to an organization where he can feel like he is a top dog. This will be where the promotion is hurting and will use him solely for that purpose. Tito will fight much weaker opponents, in order for him to win and look somewhat good again. Then he will be able talk and talk and talk about how good he is, without ANY repurcussion,,,, since he will be out of the reach of any top competition
  9. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 08/30/08 - 11:06

    and so far affliction is a good org with one of the best fight cards this year...
  10. Tito Lay Says:

    Sun, 08/31/08 - 01:03

    Tito's business savvy doesn't match his perceived public demand and he doesn't realize it. He hasn't had any significant wins in the past 5 years, and looked bad against Liddell and Machida. As popular as he's been in his career and as much as I have been a fan of his, I have to admit that he's past his prime and doesn't have a great fight left in him. Affliction would be a good organization for him because he can be matched up with other name fighters on the decline, but his demands need to be more realistic and I don't see that happening. It's more likely he'll sign with EliteXC because of their network and Showtime deal. They can make him a headliner, he can market himself on a big stage, and he won't be tied to Affliction's clothing. Plus, they don't have anybody the caliber of Liddell, Machida, or Wanderlei Silva. Tito can be a pitbull among Jack Russells. I hope Tito goes to Affliction because I'd love to see him fight Babalu. But I think the more realistic outcome is EliteXC where he'll fight a couple of jobbers before matching up with Kimbo for a boring lay and pray waste of 15 minutes. All headline fights, of course.
  11. Perennial Says:

    Sun, 08/31/08 - 08:23

    I really hopes he goes to Affliction so Babalu can send him back to hell.
  12. tallsforeverybody Says:

    Sun, 08/31/08 - 01:18

    MMA fans should care about the health of an organization because they hold the keys to the future of the sport. Unfortunately, the CEO's of these so called promotions care only about a quick money grab which is doing nothing to help the sport grow. As for Tito...I still can't believe anyone cares whether or not he fights again.
  13. axhed Says:

    Sun, 08/31/08 - 04:17

    "Dana White has the chance to counter any offer that Ortiz receives from rival organizations, and White can simply drive the price up for them and laugh." eh, at some point wouldn't tito get the last laugh by accepting one of those driven up contracts?
  14. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 08/31/08 - 05:49

    i think the orgs play a part but they dont hold keys to the furture of the sport, the fighters hold the keys im a fan of the fighters not the brand if anderson said he was going to fight for elitexc id be watchin him fighting for them.. all im sayin it should'nt really matter what org a fighters fighting for if ur a fan ur gonna go where ever they go.. right? also agree with axhed tito would be the one having the last laugh..
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