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TJ Dillashaw Leaves Team Alpha Male, All But Confirming Conor McGregor’s Psychic Abilities

(“And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-EEEEE-IIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuu….” via Getty)

Not too long ago, we passed along a video of Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber’s dual interview on FS1, which was easily the greatest interview the channel had ever seen ever. Though the two TUF 22 coaches maintained the kind of playful repartee that has injected a much-needed sense of levity into this season’s show, McGregor held nothing back when the subject of Faber’s Team Alpha Male teammate, TJ Dillashaw.

“You shouldn’t be letting him in your sh*t, cause he’s a snake in the grass,” said McGregor. “You brought him into [The Ultimate Fighter] thinking he was there to help you. He was there to help him. He’s not your boy. I sense disloyalty.”

Not a week later, Faber lobbed a slew of accusations at former Alpha Male coach and the man behind Dillashaw’s success, Duane Ludwig, accusing him of everything from racism to attempting to extort TAM in an effort to solve his own financial woes. And now, it appears the bottom has finally dropped out.

Yesterday, a bombshell was dropped when Dillashaw told MMAFighting that he would be leaving Team Alpha Male behind and moving his next training camp to Colorado to prepare for his fight with former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.

In regards to my upcoming fight camp, I will be doing my training in Colorado. The last six years at Team Alpha Male have been irreplaceable and my brothers there will forever be family to me. I thank each and every one of them for helping me along the way and being a part of this journey we’ve shared. This is not the end of being a part of the Team Alpha Male family, but a new chapter in my career.

I will be spending my next full training camp with Team Elevation as they’ve offered me an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, with an incredible coaching staff and state of the art facilities.

I want to thank everyone for the continued support as this has not been a decision I’ve taken lightly.

As it just so happens, that Godfather-esque opportunity Dillashaw mentioned happens to include a boatload of cash. The bantamweight champion talked to Stud Show Radio (audio below).

“I was going to go out there and train no matter what for this fight camp. I was going to go back and forth like I did last time. Except last time I paid a lot of money to do that. I had to rent a house while I was out there, I had to pay coaches while I was out there, I had to pay out a lot of money out there to do my fight camp, half at Alpha Male and half at Elevation Fight Team,” said TJ.

“Well now Elevation Fight Team came to me and they want to pay me good money to train with them.” he continued. “They’re offering to pay me to train instead of me paying to train. This sport is growing so much I feel that is the way it should be. Really if anyone else was in my situation they’d take the exact same deal.”

So once again, it appears that Conor McGregor has predicted deez tings. His reaction to yesterday’s news was about as subtle as you’d expect from the “Notorious” interim champ.

Well one thing’s for sure: *Every* night is red panty night at the McGregor household. The guy can’t stop talking about them — it’s as if he doesn’t even understand that black panties are objectively sexier according to every top scientist across the globe. COME ON, CONOR.

Anyways, this seems like an unnecessary (not to mention, slightly disloyal) move for Dillashaw, if you ask me, considering the fact that Cruz is going to shatter his tibia or some sh*t before this fight ever actually happens. But with Team Alpha Male currently without a coach, what other options does TJ Dilly have left?

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