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Tommy Avenges Upper-Deck Humiliation on TUF

On last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Tommy proved once again that it’ll take a lot more than geyser-like cuts and fully executed submission holds to make him tap. After a dominating win over Ben Saunders last night, Tommy’s persona went from “strong farm boy” to “invincible cyborg,” and all of a sudden he’s a dark-horse candidate to win it all.

So first of all, the upper-deck thing, which resulted from Troy, War Machine, and Richie sitting around drinking instead of going to practice. After some time spent destroying the house, Troy and War get the idea to poop in the tank of Team Hughes’s shitter. (For the record, it was War’s poop, and Troy handed him the toilet paper.) Billy Miles discovers the prank and tells his teammates; Jared freaks out, kicks down a door and confronts War with the repeated question of “Who shit in our toilet, dog?” When he doesn’t get a satisfying answer, he knocks off War’s hat. War responds by tackling Jared, and a brawl ensues. Luckily, nobody is injured, and those responsible for the upper-decker are ordered to clean the toilet. It is the first — and possibly last — time a toilet is ever cleaned in the TUF house.

Of course, the real excitement comes from the fight between Tommy and Ben, who enter the Octagon somewhat less than 100%. Tommy’s still-wrecked face looks like it could split open at any moment, and Ben wakes up sick on the day of the fight (maybe from the fecal particles floating in the air from the upper-decker?). Round one starts with Ben securing a thai clinch on Tommy and working him over with knees to the body. Tommy takes Ben to the mat, but finds himself being assaulted from the bottom. Ben takes Tommy’s arm and rolls over into an arm-bar that would make Richie Hightower yelp for mercy:

As Tommy later explained, “I didn’t hear anything cracking or popping, so I didn’t tap.” Pure balls, people! Tommy slips out, but gets caught in a triangle choke that nearly puts him to sleep. Tommy manages to slip out of that, and spends the rest of the round working his ground and pound. Ben’s nose, busted from his fight with Dan Barrera, decides that now would be a good time to re-explode, and blood starts to pour from his nose into his mouth — not good for a fighter who was congested to begin with.

Round two begins with a lazy kick from Ben that proves how gassed he is. Tommy takes Ben down twice and easily controls him from the top. The fighters are stood up with about 90 seconds to go in the round and Ben throws a desperate flying knee that just misses taking Tommy’s head off. Ben is taken down again, and spends the rest of the round on his back. The judges call it before the third round — Tommy advances to the semis.

So, on the next (and final) episode, Mac and Matt are scheduled to fight in the first semi-final match, followed by George against Tommy (whose face could really use a six-week hiatus). Based on those match-ups, I’d predict that Mac beats Matt and Tommy beats George — yes, Tommy is far less skilled than George, but it looks like the only way to beat Tommy is to knock him out, and George just isn’t that guy. BUT…the word is that one of the four will have to leave the house before fighting, due to a non-health-related issue, so one of those predictions will be moot anyway. I’m not saying that this is definitely going to happen, but if the police came to the TUF house and arrested Mac Danzig on suspicion of setting homeless people on fire, would you really be all that surprised?

Quote of the episode: “I keep hearing something that sounds like fuckin’ Fran Drescher, but I guess that’s Richie Hightower.” (Mac Danzig)

Final note: Five Ounces is reporting that Ben Saunders and Dan Barrera will have a re-match at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale next Saturday. Barrera should start applying the ice-packs now…

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