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Tony Ferguson Turning Into Ip Man For Fight Against Rafael dos Anjos

When most individuals think about mixed martial arts as a sport no doubt they sum the style up as a mixture of muay thai, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Now that isn’t entirely too far off as most people who enter the sport come from one of those particular backgrounds. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t merit in other combat arts. To think that there’s only one formula to getting things done in MMA would be pretty foolhardy. No one thought that karate had a place in serious combat, but it’s a notion that doesn’t hold much water. It’s a lesson that many people have learned at the hands of traditional martial artists Lyoto Machida and Stephen Thompson. Now it seems that ahead of his battle against former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, Tony Ferguson is utilizing a traditional martial art to help bolster his game.

If you’re a martial arts movie enthusiast then there’s no way that you haven’t at least heard about Ip Man. The movie stars Donnie Yen portraying the real life figure who trained Bruce Lee in the art Wing Chun. The movie highlighted just how graceful and dangerous the martial art could be. Donnie Yen’s portrayal help to shine a light on martial art once more and has sparked renewed interest in Wing Chun.

Now it seems that Tony Ferguson is utilizing this same martial art in preparation for his November 5 showdown. Take a look at the training video as the UFC lightweight does his thing on the traditional training tool for the Wing Chun specialist, the wooden dummy.


What do you think of Tony Ferguson and his new approach to training?

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