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Trainers Speak Out on St. Pierre Greasing Controversy

(Props: CagePotato reader Chris R.)

BJ Penn‘s trainer Rudy Valentino to InsideFighting (via Fightlinker):

“To cheat to win is not honorable…Why need another edge? Our gameplan was on the ground, not striking because we knew Georges had good kicks. We planned to work off the back…[St. Pierre] was the better man but don’t cheat to win…
We just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again to someone else. It is not good for the sport. For their camp to be busted doing something bad like that, and then to keep doing it after the referee had warned them…I respect Greg Jackson but to do something like that, his integrity has been compromised.
[Greg Jackson] came to me and apologized for it, but to do it and then apologize after is a bit half hearted…[Penn's] legs slid right off because of the grease on his head and back. I’m not trying to make excuses for BJ’s loss…he took a lot of hits and St. Pierre was the better man that night but the extra cheating is bad for the sport.”

St. Pierre‘s trainer Greg Jackson claims the back-greasing was completely unintentional, and was actually the result of another bizarre Jackson camp ritual. As he told MMA Weekly:

"In between rounds, [team St. Pierre "witch doctor" Steven Friend] had this little drill that you do — and Phil Nurse is the one who knows how to do it —he showed Phil, and this is what Georges wanted, so we did that…He rubbed your back and tapped your chest; I don’t know exactly how it works. But anyways, what that’s supposed to do is get your energy in line, or motivated or whatever. So in between rounds, we had Phil Nurse do that.
The controversy came because Phil Nurse also was putting Vasoline on Georges’ eyebrows. In between rounds, you always want to put on Vasoline on (a fighter’s face). So Phil Nurse put all the Vasoline on his face, so his hands might have had a miniscule amount left over from that, when he went around the side and rubbed a little point on his back, and tapped on his chest.
At that point, somebody in the audience thought we were greasing George down, and ran over and told the commission that we were greasing his body down. The commission came in and said ‘you can’t grease him down’…and Phil’s like, ‘oh, there might be a little on my fingers,’ but it wasn’t intentional at all, and of course they wiped it right off and it was gone, so it wasn’t a factor in the fight at all…
If we were trying to grease the back we’d be greasing up and down, we would make it count. We wouldn’t do a little tiny spot in the back. The whole thing doesn’t make any sense, so they were fine with it once we gave our explanation. It wasn’t like we were taking gobs of Vasoline and slathering on his back…
The whole greasing thing is pretty ridiculous. You can’t grease somebody up. You just couldn’t do it. They check your body before you get into the cage, there’s an inspector right there. In order for us to grease him up, it would be insane. There are cameras everywhere. We don’t cheat. We don’t need to cheat to win.”

Previously: BJ Penn’s Camp Files Formal Complaint Over Vaseline on St. Pierre’s Back Between Rounds


  1. Andrew Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:21

    I am not seeing how this could provide BJ Penn any advantage at all.
  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:21

    If you notice at the first of the fight. GSP did that to himself. I saw it because I thought he was going to do the nipple twisting thing but he rubbed his chest and back instead.
  3. LoneWolf Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:26

    It doesn't it provides GSP with an advantage.
  4. Andrew is a douche Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:27

    Erm, cos everytime BJ tried to get a high guard or a triangle on GSP his legs slipped straight back down his back
  5. TUF Guy Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:27

    Andrew you just need to leave. You have no idea what the hell the situation is about. So just shut up and leave.
  6. LoneWolf Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:27

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:28

    I think Jackson's explanation is legit.
  8. Brown Badger Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:29

    Wow, that is so fucking obvious. Good gifs.
  9. mayhem420 Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:30

    Andrew: Its not giving BJ an advantage. It would have given GSP an advantage. Penn's camp is saying that they were looking to work off his back so GSP being all greasy would prevent allot of subs like triangles and such. Do I think that it effected the fight? No... GSP would have still won the fight. He was just dominating Penn.
  10. agentsmith Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:31

    You can see right there in the pictures that the guy wasn't rubbing him anywhere near enough to be "greasing him up," whether intentional or not. Even if his hands had been covered in it, it would have only gotten on his collarbones/shoulders and a small patch in the centre of his back.
  11. Kadumel Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:35

    Look we all know how it goes - Fighter A dominates Fighter B, Fighter B and his team come up with some excuses, everyone that supports Fighter B latches on to this and uses it as the reason for the loss - Arlovski - "He was dominating the fight up until Fedor turned his lights out..." Uh, ok... Penn - "GSP was greasing himself up!" Riiight...
  12. ruckus Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:35

    "We don’t need to cheat to win.” Can't really argue with that statement.
  13. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:35

    But wait, in this little clip the show those guys in the red suits wiping his back down. Doesnt that just void the entire dispute? B.J didnt look like he wanted to be in there from the start. His striking was slow, oddly slow for B.J. George earned that win, dont take that away from the guy.
  14. The Doug Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:41

    I miss the days where every loss was chalked up to the losing fighter being sick and having a "104-degree fever" the day of the fight. Those were simpler times.
  15. agentsmith Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:44

    The Doug Says: I miss the days where every loss was chalked up to the losing fighter being sick and having a "104-degree fever" the day of the fight. Those were simpler times. ========== I'd actually take that as a valid excuse. Right from the start, BJ looked like he mentally didn't show up. Just say you're sick or your grandma died or some shit.
  16. Hebrew Hammerfist Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:47

    As anyone who follows Muay Thai knows, Phil Nurse is very big on being traditional to the art. He believes in the method of massaging the muscles before and during the fight (just like traditional Thai fighters do) to increase blood flow. I highly doubt it was done to "grease up" GSP to prevent any ground submissions from BJ's guard. It was likely what Nurse is used to as a top Muay Thai trainer, following the traditional customs.
  17. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:50

    This is hillarious. Applying vaseline to a fighter's face and then massaging his shoulders has become "greasing him down"? I can't stop laughing. I've lost even more respect for BJ and his camp after this. As if quitting after round 4 (after all of the shit that was talked) isn't bad enough. Now they file an official complaint with the NSAC? Pathetic!
  18. Greased Pig Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:51

    I would think that, compared to sweat on GSP's hairless back, vaseline might offer slightly MORE friction, thus benefiting Penn. Either way, Penn needs to stop bitching and appreciate the fact that he's still the dominant champ in his division--exactly where he belongs.
  19. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:54

    Yeah BJ looked terrible, he gassed faster than he did the first time around. He was exhuasted a minute into round 2. I thought he might have been sick or hurt or something but guess not, he really is just that lazy and unprepared. I thought bj was going to pull the upset, boy did he make me look dumb.
  20. Aj's gay lover Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:56

    CHEATER!!! Just all people from Canada! You have to cheat to win! Stay north of the border you fucking chode!
  21. Kadumel Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:58

    For someone with grease on his back, St. Pierre sure did punch BJ in the face alot.
  22. Deathb4tapout Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:58

    I think the problem is unintentional or not did it affect the fight? If it did then they should be fined bottom line. I thought George had a solid game plan from the start and it proved Penn should not be in that wieght class. Now GSP vs The Spider would be a great fight imo.
  23. Goog Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:58

    Anonymous said it... even if they put half a jar on him, the commission came in and personally wiped it off to their satisfaction. Not an issue after that. But the whole thing is ridiculous. BJ got beat. And what about the Vas they put on their faces? These guys push their faces onto the opponent's upper body all the time. Shouldn't that make them too "greased" to get a choke or triangle? Or how about they get it all over their gloves from hitting each other in the head? Now we have "greasy" gloves. One grabs the others wrist for control. "Greasy" wrists. This whole sport is suspect if you ask me. [end sarcasm]
  24. JPFighter Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:58

    This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. When I first heard about it, I immediately thought GSP's trainer must have done something terribly wrong. Then I watched the videos. They call THAT greasing? Give me a break. Perhaps then the Commission should penalize guys that sweat more than other fighters? Maybe wipe the fighters down every 60 seconds in the fight to make it fair? The Commission did the right thing by wiping him down as a precautionary measure (given that someone voiced a concern in between rounds). The situation was handled properly, the explanation by Greg Jackson is totally legit, let's move on. If I was BJ, I wouldn't want to make a big deal of this. BJ was beat fair and square. If BJ wanted a better shot at the fight, he should have trained harder. His cardio is NEVER where it should be, and this fight was no exception. If BJ does not intend to improve his cardio, he should either (a) fight like a madman (go for broke) in round 1 to go for a knockout, or (b) spend more time on training cardio. Simple. Sour grapes after a great fight like that is a shame.
  25. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:59

    "By the way, did anyone else think that the Penn/GSP fight looked strangely familiar to the GSP/Serra match? GSP's tactics, IMO, were very similar in both fights." He faught his last 5 fights exactly the same way... that's just how he fights.
  26. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:00

    I'll be honest: I really don't know if the "greasing" made a difference. If a good sized gob was placed on GSP's back, then yeah, after B.J.'s arms and legs got around GSP, it would have spread around his back. But then B.J. would have been all slippery too. But looking at the GIFs, and there may have been other times that this happened - not just these two, I don't think that the "grease" would have changed the outcome. Was it careless? Yeah, I think so. Was there cheating? I don't think so, but here's the rub: This fight will always have a lil' "asterix" next to it in the mind of a lot of MMA fans. Some folks will argue that this was not a legitimate win for GSP. I don't subscribe to that thinking, but careless stuff like this takes away from GSP's excellent performance. By the way, did anyone else think that the Penn/GSP fight looked strangely familiar to the GSP/Serra match? GSP's tactics, IMO, were very similar in both fights. GSP may be the anti-jiujitsu!
  27. Nimroo Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:08

    I get it. So if we grease up Richard Simmons' back and stick him in the cage with BJ, Simmons will destroy BJ like GSP did.
  28. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:08

    BJ Penn Nuthuggers need to get off this site, he lost. Like Jackson said, they werent lathering him up wit vaseline, there was some on the guys fingers...and it was wiped off anyways. So fuck y'all. You're all sore losers....just like BJ. - Luke The Duke
  29. bobcat Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:10

    im a bj fan before a gsp fan, but if you think gsp needed to cheat to win this fight you better take your head out of your ass and stop embarrassing yourself any further with ignorant comments. gsp dominated bj big time, he out-wresteled him, out-powered him and out-technique him. whether he got some vasoline on his back or not, had nothing to do with the outcome of this fight. bj is still thow the greatest lightweight fighter ever, and he should stay there and defend his title for a long time. there is a reason there r weight classes.
  30. bad batz Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:10

    i accept jackson's explanation too. the jackson camp is in it to win it - but only honourably. if you read their remarks in any interview, that camp is about training hard, and not taking shit too seriously...i.e., enjoying the moment when in the octagon. bj penn and his ilk need to STFU and make GSP a sandwich.
  31. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:12

    @ armfarmer Let me be more specific: I was really focusing on GSP's ground work and his ability to nuetralize his opponent. Let's face it, his match against Fitch was a lot different; same outcome!
  32. Jimbroni Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:13

    I looks like the guy in the red blazer wiped off GSP's back with a white towel. This is just a sad excuse if you ask me.
  33. Creamy CA Roll Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:14

    @ Hebrew Hammerfist Vaseline is not a traditional Thai ointment. Tiger balm is applied before and after training to increase blood flow but not an anal lube. Vaseline is applied liberally on the face before fights with the excess wiped off. Plus the real question is BJ's ineffective rubber guard in round 2, before NSAC officials toweled GSP off. Go watch earlier GSP fights and then this one and compare how much shinier his back is in this fight compared to those fights. I'm not making excuses for BJ losing since GSP was clearly the better fighter on Saturday night, but this win is tainted IMO
  34. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:15

    you must be in Brock's camp.
  35. Renn Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:19

    No matter how the UFC Primetime show was edited, it showed BJ Penn not preparing for the fight. BJ has unbelievable natural talent. It can only carry him so far. BJ should have prepared better for this fight. Not only was he fighting one of the pound for pound best fighters in the world, but he was fighting someone who is naturally heavier and someone who beat him before. BJ Penn should have showed up better prepared. This greasing stuff is all bull anyways. GSP is a hairless freak from what I can tell. Any fighter is covered in sweat by the time they finish their warm up before the fight. Put those two things together and you have no need to grease yourself down. You are already super slippery. It just looks like the silver spoon fell out of BJ Penns mouth and he is crying.
  36. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:21

    And don't give me no "his back is shiny" shit. Taste Defeat. Get off BJ's nuts. -LTD P.S. Fuck Y'all.
  37. ithertz Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:21

    how many douchetards in here have tried to get a greased up guy in their guard? oh wait, none. eat a bag of dicks.
  38. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:21

    BJ should go to Colorado and train in altitude to help his horrible cardio.
  39. Sickos Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:23

    Hahaha, this is pathetic... The "greasing" on GSP's back did not prevent BJ from failing at any submissions. I believe it was the "windshield wiper" elbows on BJ's face and repeated hammer fists to his ears everytime he'd think about using some Jits on GSP that actually prevented them.. GSP is the shit....
  40. ithertz Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:24

    I have a pre-fight ritual that involves shooting steroids in my arm... it doesn't give me an advantage though ... its just a ritual
  41. @ithertz Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:24

    I have, it sucks, but its sweat that plays a major role in that...not vaseline. GSP was not greasing, you are the dickbag eater.
  42. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:25

    Ren said: "No matter how the UFC Primetime show was edited, it showed BJ Penn not preparing for the fight. BJ has unbelievable natural talent. It can only carry him so far. BJ should have prepared better for this fight. Not only was he fighting one of the pound for pound best fighters in the world, but he was fighting someone who is naturally heavier and someone who beat him before. BJ Penn should have showed up better prepared." I think you have a valid point, Renn. I think Penn needs to re-think himself and get outta Hawaii and go to a new training camp where different people will push him. I think he may be living in a "safety zone". He needs to bust outta that. GSP seems to be willing to go aywhere and do anything to excel. it's paying off and there is no denying his explosive growth as a fighter. BJ can, and should, do the same thing. BJ can go to the next level. He CAN be even more awesome.
  43. Kevbo Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:25

    Typical for a fighter like BJ and his camp to do this bullshit. Wonder if they could say anything about the other dozen awesome fighters that GJ trains. Greg is the best trainer out there and he certainly does not need to "cheat".
  44. Jimbroni Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:28

    BJ can still become a legend. He just needs to stay in his own weight class. He's dominate forever...or until he decides to leave...again.
  45. F'n Clownshoes Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:31

    Clay Guida spent half of the fight w/ his greasy head on Diaz's back. Is that why Diaz couldn't get a Triangle or Omaplata? Every time a fighter hits a dude in the head and then clinches or try's a takedown they are putting grease on each other. I thought BJ was going to win this fight. (i know fucking smart right?) He was outperformed in every facet of the game. All the haters need to deal or get a hobby or douche yourselves. IMO
  46. don frye's moustache Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:32

    "But anyways, what that’s supposed to do is get your energy in line, or motivated or whatever." oh ok, thanks greg for the scientific breakdown of how gsp likes to be felt up between rounds. we truly appreciate it.
  47. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:35

    BJ Penn lost that fight, is going to lose that fight, and always loses that fight. THAT's what makes this so irritating. GSP's corner still did some illegal tactics. If you can't see that there is still no way Penn wins that fight... you're a BJ hugger. If you can't see that there is no excuse for GSP's corner to do that and it was in fact illegal.... you're a GSP hugger. I'm in the middle... Penn loses that fight no matter what 100 out of 100 times... and GSP cheated. That's why this is so frustrating for the unbiased observer.
  48. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:37

    The vaseline probably didn't help especially with the highgaurd/rubbergaurd bj was trying to use, but I doubt it was a major factor. I put money on BJ and I was calling the upset and people may even accuse me of being a BJ fanboy or whatever, but he lost that fight because he has piss poor cardio. He couldn't finish the 2nd round without being exhausted. I made the mistake of assuming he fixed that issue or at least improved it but it looks like it just got worse. He did fine the first round and if he'd kept up that way he may have won, but 6 minutes into the fight he was done for. No one to blame but you BJ, you made an ass out of all of us saturday night.
  49. imrandy Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:37

    Now if they were to grease up Matt Hamill we'd have a Family Guy episode. "Nyah nyah you can't catch me!" Anyone remember back when fighters use to glob Vaseline behind their ears?
  50. betterthanyou Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:43

    Yeah he cheated I am sure of it............check him for riods too GSP is a fag we all know it hes not that good really he didnt beat serra and I dont think he can Beat Penn FAIR he cheated He always looks too strong in his fights like hes got an unfair strength advantage and I am sure he does ROIDS for sure Uh and a the UFC ring girls said hes a major fruit
  51. Hebrew Hammerfist Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:43

    @ Creamy CA Roll I wasn't comparing what they use to rub them down, but rather the methods. Clearly, Nurse is used to doing stuff like that from Muay Thai, so I can see why he would do it here. It's his usual routine for fighters he corners. I highly doubt he did to cheat or get an advantage.
  52. agentsmith Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:52

    I guess "running the rock" isn't the best anaerobic workout known to man after all. You know what, if BJ had done a regimen of a pound of stevia per month, he would have kicked GSP's ass, for real.
  53. Jay Smith Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:58

    I'm sorry........I'm still trying to find the controversy. Now..., what are yall talkin about?
  54. JoeSilva's surprised face Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 08:59

    GSP should beat him a 3rd time and end all this bullsh*t
  55. BuckWild Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:01

    Its all about the balz ! GSP obviously has bigger Balz than BJ ! So with more scrotal surface you will sweat more. With more sweat coming from the dillbag area, things tend to get moist all over ! Including the back! End of story!
  56. DANNA Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:02

    BJ: Cry Me A River
  57. Creamy CA Roll Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:07

    I'm sorry but that Greg Jackson excuse is complete horseshit. We're all supposed to believe that witch-doctor line? Why don't all fighters just enter the cage with a fucking Voodoo doll from now on to have that extra edge? Again, I'm not making excuses for BJ since he clearly lost this fight, but why would GSP put himself into this questionable situation by asking for his energy to be motivated? @ Hebrew Hammerfist Regardless of whether or not he was trying to get the advantage, Nurse kept trying to "rub" GSP even after he was warned by NSAC officials. He was being a sneaky fuck about it. Plus, I need to go and watch GSP vs Serra II again. I just got a text from a friend saying that Nurse was in his corner rubbing him down for that fight too. If this is true, he should be banned from future MMA events. Maybe they should make a new rule where only official cutmen are allowed to apply vaseline and as opposed to one of a fighters cornermen.
  58. Bootylam! Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:07

    Excuses, excuses, excuses... If he was so greased, then stand up and knock him out like you said. But he couldn't get up and he was probably too tired to stand. He's a bitch ass quitter.
  59. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:11

    I like them both, but it takes away a 100% GSP win to a 98%, i wonder if bj's legs did slip off and maybe he could if pulled a sumission. BJ didn't look like he should be back at 170 though, oh well.
  60. Ice Pick Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:13

    @ithertz, Regardless of the grease, sweat would have still made it slippery. You BJ nuthuggers would have then made excuses about GSP's back being sweaty. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR BJ - HE'S NOT OUR BOYFRIEND... otherwise I have a smelly bag of shit here with your name all over it.
  61. ample Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:16

    GSP is a stand up guy who would never cheat to win, he beat penns ass up and down that ring by him self with out any help. I dont agree with cheating either and if someone is being shady then yah call them out but GSP?@? C'mon guy, if you think he'd do that then you obviously have no clue what you talking about and your boner for penn is probably poking you in the eye.
  62. ample Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:18

    I didnt even read Ice Picks post but word up homes, i feel the same way. Stop fluffing BJ Penn and accept the fact that he needs to stay at 155, bitches.
  63. The Duke Of New York A #1 Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:19

    man bj got his assed whooped! grease or no grease, GSP beats BJ everytime, unless BJ gets to try a sneak attack
  64. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:26

    WOW. it says in the other article that penns camp does not think it affected the outcome of the fight, they said gsp was the better man that night. they just think that this is unnacceptable, WHICH IT IS! he clearly greased gsps shoulders, that kind of greasing up would make it MUCH easier to avoid a triangle and armbar, and aan omoplata would be near impossible. so they didnt take a big mound of vaseline and rub him all up and down, sowat? they immediatly went from the face strait to gsps shoulders and upper arms. that is called cheating, they wiped him down yea, but it doesnt matter, its the mere fact that they TRIED TO CHEAT, they TRIED TO GET THE UPPER HAND. they knew that a submission from a world class bjj artist like penn is very possible and they wanted to avoid that. that was not cool at all and i hope that cornerman is banned from ufc events in the future and fined.
  65. YourMOMsRoastBeefCURTAINS Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:27

    I was pulling for BJ but I knew that he had to be his best to beat GSP. As soon as I saw BJ, he just looked like he'd rather be carrying rocks back in Hawaii. BJ def lost a fan, this was his biggest fight and he couldn't even get his cardio up to last 2 rounds. Not only did I feel let down but his piss poor training, but he needs to STFU about this greasing. Don't bitch bc you weren't prepared and you're looking for an excuse. Spoiled shit ass.
  66. Ryan Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:34

    Thanks for that comment....that certainly doesn't make you look like an idiot.....
  67. BJ Penn Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:40

    My ritual is to beat off under a palm tree while sipping on a Pina Colada before a fight. I also like to run underwater with rocks when on camera. Maybe thats why I quit like a little bitch
  68. Your Fucking Father Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:55

    @GreasedPig You seriously cannot be that fucking stupid, I train six days a week and I can assure that vaseline does not offer more friction than sweat. Get out of your mom's basement you moron. I have to agree with all the people saying BJ would have lost anyway, he was just too damn small for this fight. The fact remains though that what Georges corner did is illegal for a reason and the Penn camp has every right to be upset. Look at it like this, how many advantages did Georges need? I mean come on the guy already had twenty pounds on BJ. Bad situation all the way around if you ask me.
  69. ArmChairFighter Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:58

    BJ is a slacker! Potential to be the best but if you watched the UFC special the week before the fight, they illustrated perfectly why BJ can't finish 5 rounds with the same energy other fighters can. He was supposed to be training like a professional fighter and he was training like an amateur fighter. The vaseline issue: If you grease yourself up, you risk greasing your opponent up during close wrestling and you would then be at the same disadvantage. BJ has always been a big talker before and after a fight.
  70. Ouch! That hurts Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:02

    Penn's brother should buy him a one way ticket to Cocconut Creek FL and make him train with ATT. A real camp would do wonders for him.
  71. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:07

    Well, even though BJ's camp and everybody else knows that GSP would have won that fight anyways, the vaseline incident still happened and is cheating in a sense. Even if it has little or no effect on the outcome of the fight, you just don't do it. It taints GSP's win.. and I have to say it did look like BJ couldn't keep his legs higher up in GSP's guard, but I'm guessing it was due to sweat.
  72. Old, Hairy and Sweaty...Ballsack Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:11

  73. Massiveamounts Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:14

    If you notice at the first of the fight. GSP did that to himself. I saw it because I thought he was going to do the nipple twisting thing but he rubbed his chest and back instead. reply If you watch the gifs you can also see Nurse make rubbing motions on his chest neck and back, I know the motions you are refering to but as I just said he also made rubbing motions right before he did the "witch doc" energy damn I can't believe I'm saying that. I don't think it was planned out but maybe Nurse did this on his own, no matter he was attempting to spread vasiline on gsp period point blank.
  74. johnnymack Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:15

    I'm a Bj and a Gsp fan so there is no bias here but everyone is under the illusion that some vasaline couldn't change the out come of the fight. If that was the case than the commision woudln't care about it. They made a big deal out of it because it was a big deal, intentional or not. When one of your biggest strengths is using your legs and arms to submit a guy from your back , having that person greased up and slippery can hugely affect the outcome of a fight. Have any of you ever handled vasaline? even a dab can spread arond and grease a large area. That being said It was caught early and taken care of and while it can effect a fights out come..did it effect this one? Probably not. ..I lost a lot of respect for BJ the other night..He talked and talked and then came out and fought like a scrub..He didn't even look like himself..and then to quit? It's getting harder and harder to stay a fan.
  75. FatSac Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:19

    "For someone with grease on his back, St. Pierre sure did punch BJ in the face alot." Best quote ever, period.
  76. Massiveamounts Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:20

    Creamy CA, the "witch doctor" does actually exsist and is highly touted by Dana W Matt H, many ufc fighters use this guy. He specializes in eastern medical methods and does all types of hoaky shit to help fighters.....he was in Matt Hughes book and Danas spoken about him and how he fixed his knee once. Crazy, unbelievable but true. Although that doesn't explain why Nurse was rubbing his neck and back just after he coated it with vas. anyone who knows is aware that the least little bit mixed with sweat will cause you to be slick as piss......I know he's a muay thai trainer but he's also corned many many fighters and is aware that hes got vas. on his hands after rubbing it on way it was just a slip by Nurse. GSP would of won either way but you can't cheat period.
  77. BJ Penn Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:21

    Hey guys, I'd like to answer and adress every single one of your concerns... right after I get back from my vacation in Kona. It's also one of my rituals after I get beat to a pulp. *In the background "Hey, Mandoloniz...dont stop massaging, dont ever stop massaging until I say the word...little bitch!"
  78. NeW jErSeY-nEw JeRsEy Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:29

    It doesn't matter. BJ's legs wouldn't keep GSP down if they had glue on them...I'm sorry, but GSP could power out of anything BJ through at him. GSP is the LAST guy who wants to win by was accidental, and unintentional. Seriously, it's crap. Signed, A BJ Fan who thinks GSP won fair and square, and BJ bit off more than he could chew
  79. agentsmith Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:35

    I just collected the latte I won from a coworker by betting on GSP. That's right, I'm a high rolla, bitches. Mmmmm... tastes like crushed pineapple.
  80. Rob K Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:37

    Penn showed up unprepared and paid the price. The UFC primetime segment on BJ not training hard was right on. Dana called him that day to make sure he was training so the fight would not go down like it did. The fight was marketed as a rare once in a lifetime fight and it was really not that. Kind of disappointing really. GSP stomped a mudhole in his ass because BJ was out of shape not because of this mysterious vaseline. I am sure there was some trace amounts of vaseline on hisback but by that point, BJ was already wore out and getting is skull rearranged. If tghe vaseline was on in the first round then there might be an argument but after the first round BJ was spent and should have just saved his face the punishment.
  81. Rob K Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:40

    What's stopping you then? We dont care if you are not a fan anymore, good day mate! Vaseline is a great lubricant and legal to use at home.
  82. Rob K Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:42

    So i suppose we should place an asterisk next to his name and place vaseline in parenthesis, huh? Jackass!
  83. LMFAO Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:43

    OMG, I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS ONE: " BJ Penn Says: Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:21 Hey guys, I'd like to answer and adress every single one of your concerns... right after I get back from my vacation in Kona. It's also one of my rituals after I get beat to a pulp. *In the background "Hey, Mandoloniz...dont stop massaging, dont ever stop massaging until I say the word...little bitch!" * reply " THAT IS FUCKIN' GOLD. GOOOOLLDDD.
  84. CanadianBuddha Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:49

    that is high-larious... :^D
  85. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:49

    Maybe Penn's inner thigh's were greasy, that's why GSP passed that guard so many times.... Sneaking somebody into Penns corner to grease up his inner thighs, clearly cheating. *Note dripping sarcasm.
  86. passoutortapout44 Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:52

    sure, that vasoline helped GSP pummel BJ "1 pump chump" Penn's face to oblivion. Get real! Sore ass loser!
  87. GSP fights like a cunt Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:54

    Thiago Alves is going to slaughter Pierre.
  88. passoutortapout44 Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:56

    GSP beat 1 pump chump's ass hands down because he was the better fighter, period. The dude is an animal. His work ethic and training habits combined with Greg Jackson has made him tops in the game. Great athlete and phenomenal work ethic is going to make him hard to beat for years.
  89. Andrew Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 10:57

    Whoever supports this BJ Penn story are probably the same ones that continually texted in favor of BJ to make BJ's prefight fanbase outcome poll seem realistic.
  90. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:01

    Well personally I'm a big gsp fan I don't think this would have changed the outcome however. If you guys do decide to actually watch the fight again you'll notice what the "greasing up" did was made it so everytime bj slid a hand behind gsps neck when standing it would slip off. Also he couldn't minimize damage on the ground. If you watch, everytime BJ slids his legs up to lock down gsps attack his legs would slip down the back and back around gsps shorts again. (where they could get some grip) I'm not saying that would have changed who won; he just would have been able to defend himself A LOT better.
  91. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:06

    Also Andrew, it's not a story. Very clear video evidence of it happening. Also very clear video evidence of what it caused. I still didn't want BJ to win though really; I'd like to see him stay at 155.
  92. fedor a million ankles Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:08

  93. kung fu lou Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:21

    Vasoline or not BJ was outclassed hands down. He also quit thats a bitch in my book. As BJ Penn would say.
  94. -cw- Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:34

    Not shocked that this is being blown out of proportion. I said right away to my buddies Saturday night that BJ and his bros would be full of excuses on Sunday and obviously they and their supporters were. BJ said he would break GSP's spirit and the exact opposite happened. BJ is a nototious poor sport and it was predictable that he would live up to that reputation after the fight.
  95. BJ Penn aka Fenix Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:42

    LMFAO Says: Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:43 OMG, I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS ONE: " BJ Penn Says: Mon, 02/02/2009 - 10:21 Hey guys, I'd like to answer and adress every single one of your concerns... right after I get back from my vacation in Kona. It's also one of my rituals after I get beat to a pulp. *In the background "Hey, Mandoloniz...dont stop massaging, dont ever stop massaging until I say the word...little bitch!" * reply " THAT IS FUCKIN' GOLD. GOOOOLLDDD. You are welcome :D
  96. agentsmith Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:42

    All this talk about BJ's legs sliding down GSP's back is horseshit. BJ can literally scratch his own deformed ear with his foot without using his hands, you really think he needs friction against his opponent's back in order to keep his legs up? GSP simply powered out of his guard, end of story.
  97. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:46

    injecting steroids into your arm directly before to a fight wouldnt give you any advantage, in fact it would probably do you harm since there would be a sore spot from the injection. the benefits from steroids are not instantaneous but thank you for displaying your ignorance via the internet.
  98. BJ fan Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:47

    I'm a BJ fan also, but am miffed that he was out of shape for this fight. Agreed, he might have been slipping on the guard in the 2nd round, but he was so gassed by that time it didn't matter. BJ should be embarassed by how pudgy he showed up after saying he has changed his conditioning program.
  99. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:50

    I didn't say it would change anything; just stating it is wrong thing to do, which it clearly is. Bitch or not, it did happen. Like I said in my first post, I'm a gsp fan. I just like to see this done like a sport; with class and fairness. GSP didn't do anything wrong, his corner did. He probably would have lost for many other reasons, fitness, training ethic etc etc, but they gave him another reason; one he can actually bitch about.
  100. UR DADDY! Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:53

    BJ penns camp is just pissed that he got man handled and bitch slapped like a $2 ho! thats all...
  101. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 11:58

    penn got his butt whooped and is mad go home and eat some pineapples
  102. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:03

  103. NipGrip Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:03

    You fucking morons. No one is saying GSP had to "cheat to win" we, the officials in the ring, and Dana fucking White is saying that he *did* do something that is raising eyebrows. To the point they tried to rub it off (yeah real thorough job there) and Dana himself is pissed. It's no big deal, you don't stop a UFC championship event for it, you simply setup a rematch, collect the money from the rubes and pay the fighters and such again. You guys keep arguing GSP vs BJ, it's not the fighters that count, it's the fact of the matter that he had fucking vasoline on his shoulders and back. If *any* fighter had this charade going on, it's wrong. Doesn't mean they need to "cheat to win", but they *are* doing it so fuck off.
  104. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:11

    BJ was fighting two fights at once, BJ vs GSP and BJ vs his own shitty cardio. He lost the ladder in the first round, he's lucky to have made it out of the 4th with GSP. Or not so lucky.. depending how you look at it. Judging by the first round IF BJ's cardio had been up for 5 rounds it could have been an epic war that could have gone either way. Not making excuses though, BJ came in unprepared and when you come in unprepared against a guy liks georges.. well.. you're fucked.
  105. Aaron Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:17

    What a spoiled whiney bitch shut up BJ, you lost plain and simple.
  106. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:18

    Even if they weren't greasing they will still cheating. Jackson even said they were trying to get his energy motivated.. wtf is that.. if motivating someones energy isn't performance enhancing I don't know what is. Fuckin cheaters...
  107. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:19

    were* damn.. how bout a post editing feature guys??
  108. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:23

    Vaseline on the back, shoulders, and neck most certainly would be a disadvantage to bj. If bj had taken his back it wouldn't have mattered.. it would probably just make it easier for him to sink the choke. It mattered because of bj's gaurd style and the way he works from his back... that post seems kind of ignorant. Regardless it's not like it was even close so it's not really relevant.
  109. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:28

    BJ Penn is just being a sore loser. First of all, the position he is applying vaseline to would not give Penn any kind of disadvantage and second HAD HE BEEN ABLE TO ACTUALLY TAKE GSP'S BACK there might have been caused for arguement, but Penn blatantly got his ass kicked. St. Pierre didnt need the vaseline to school Penn in stand up and takedowns because St. Pierre is the number one pound-4-pound and Penn simply is not. The Hawaiians can bitch all they want but the bottom line is over a million people watched Penn quit at the end of that 4th round.
  110. Creamy CA Roll Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:32

    armfarmer Says: "Not making excuses though, BJ came in unprepared and when you come in unprepared against a guy liks georges.. well.. you're fucked." Good thing GSP has plenty of vaseline to go around - ZING!
  111. armfarmer Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:45

    "Good thing GSP has plenty of vaseline to go around - ZING!" lol that was pretty good..
  112. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 12:51

    y is this an issue even the athletic commission saw it and wiped him down and watched closely for the whole fight. the vaseline didnt make gsp bigger stronger faster and bj slower, fatter, and have horrible cardio and those were the keys to the fight gsp is a better fighter who was bigger and stronger and wore bj out with his wrestling. gsp was also winning in the standup and could have kept it there and dominated to did anyone else see that sweet superman punch and almost all of his jabs were connecting. also his leg kicks almost brought bj down as well i think this should be a dead/ non issue as it would not have affected the outcome even if it wasnt caught which it was and it was taken care of.greg jacksons explanation sounds legit. bj is a sore loser and must be ashamed of himself cause he talked so much shit before the fight and could not back it up now he needs an excuse to as why. gsp wins 99 out of 100 times.
  113. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 01:02

    what a dirt bag turns out he greased against mayhem miller too, Miller wrote about it before this instance. and sera also complained he was greased, cheating fucking dirtbag. he should be stripped of his title.
  114. massgrappler Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 01:04

    This whole thing stems from the fact that B,J.'s a bitch. All he's done up to the fight is talk shit and bitch. I also must've missed gsp tapping like B.J. claimed he would. A dab of vasaline would be absorbed rather quickly anyway its just another thing for team hawaii to complain about and Jacksons lame excuse is actually believable.
  115. Piss in my own fruit tray Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 01:07

    As a huge BJ fan let me just say that he got beat, this time, grease or no grease it seemed at this point GSP was a better fighter, and trust me that is the last thing I want to admit....BJ got outworked the entire fight.
  116. Jimmy the Fish Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 01:18

    ^ Anon, what the fuck are you talking about?
  117. Georges St. Pierre Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 01:28

    Look people, I ad to do what I ad to do. I trained arder den BJ and it showed in dees fight. I ammerfisted im very well, and I am the ardest working champion out dere. I love Vaseline, especially all over my rock ard delts.
  118. Rematch Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 01:56

    fuck it. My guess is BJ's crew is such a whiny bunch of pricks that they won't rest until they see BJ get his ass handed to him for a THIRD time. BJ's a great fighter (in his own weight class) but he's not gonna beat GSP in his lifetime. BJ, stop listening to your stupid brothers/family. Don't go chasing waterfalls, stick to the dicks and balls that you're used to.
  119. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 02:00

    yah he needs friction you inbred jackass. how else would he be able to hold on. i swear you guys trip me out. not only is there video evidence of cheating. bj camp clearly said that he was out classed that night. but cheating is cheating. matt serra knocing gsp the fuck out luck. hughes beating him via armbar luck..get the fuck outta here and realize your boy cheated in a fight against someone from a lower weight class, with suspect cardio. you cant believe the video but you can believe it was a spiritual energy boost bj still champion gsp still champion but one of them didnt cheat..
  120. NECROPHYTE Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 02:03

    Oh shit! It just hit me! The reason for all that grease was because GSP wanted Baby J to have enough Vaseline for party time later! "after the fight I want you to go to your bedroom take your shoes off lye down on your bed…take about 20 to 30 minutes and go fuck yourself."
  121. Creepy J Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 02:13

    Is anyone surprised that GSP won? If taking imaginary steroids wasn't bad enough, now he's using ancient thai magic (in which 3ml of vasaline is the active ingrediant) to boost his energy, how many more advantages does he need? BTW Nimaroo, after learning of GSP's fighting tactics Richard Simmons immediately started training "mma". WAR Richard Simmons
  122. bubbafat Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 02:24

    You know, this is getting annoying. If you want to complain about grease just ask BJ if he wants a rematch.
  123. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 02:25

    I wonder what BJ Penn's trainer knows about "honor"? Honoring your craft by training properly before a big fight? Not making lame excuses when you get beaten down (the Hughes beatdown) like, "I didn't train properly"? Licking your gloves after bloodying someone? Choking out a cop in front of a bar? Talking about how someone is a "bitch" and a "quitter" and how you'll fight to the death- and then quitting? (Or having bro quit for you?) Honor. It seems like it's a fucking priority at the Penn camp. I like watching the fights, but honestly, a lot of this crap has nothing to do with martial arts. It's the techniques being applied in a highly controlled environment without the mental aspect and the discipline and respect that go along with it. Anderson Silva represents. Once upon a time I thought GSP did as well. I honestly am beginning to think that this is the WWE with slightly less predictable storylines and outcomes. Mixed Martial Arts, my ass. Honor. Give me a fucking break.
  124. Dmonicideals Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 02:35

    Bj doesn't want any more GSP bubba. He didn't want to be in the cage after the 1st 5 minutes, no way he signs to fight him for anothe r25 minutes.
  125. Terjay Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:00

    BJ has a chance if the rematch is fought in XARM! Or the Shit Talking Championships. Take your pick.
  126. IllegalUpKick Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:03

    1. Video Evidence: Inbetween rd. 1-2 we see vaseline applied to Georges' face, then cornerman then proceeds to massage GSP's tri's, chest and upper back, we also see the commission step in with a towel and extended camera shot of of BJ Penn while GSP is being wiped, you also see a commission member with a towel inbetween rd. 2-3 to presumably wipe GSP again. I would find it hard to believe that much of that vaseline made it onto Georges' back, there were no globs to be seen, residue most likely on fingers, the commission did however come in personally to deal with the situation (presumably twice). 2. The leg slipping: In the video with see BJ attempting subs from his back, his legs eventually go back to guard. First of all, I don't see any evidence of immediate slipping, through my eyes it appears that BJ gives up on the subs after he can't get his legs over GSP's shoulders. At one point BJ also has his leg (right leg I believe) in his hand and attempted to pull his leg over GSP which he could not do. Is it too hard to believe that GSP just defended well? This isnt to say that there wasen't vaseline on GSP or that it wasen't intentional. but after watching the fight again I find it likely that it was an accident, and had the commission thought GSP had an unfair advantage they would've done more than wiping him down, which seemed to be adequate enough for them.
  127. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:06

    BJ's legs slipped off St. pierre because of his posture on top and how tired penn got from taking strikes to his head. GSP's strength,posture,strikes,maybe some sweat all played into why he didn't keep rubber guard. So don't even argu his legs slipped off because of a very very tiny bit of grease on his back. That's ludacris to even think that and it shows how uneducated you actually are. All these morons trying to bash GSP and his corner about this should really realize BJ sucks in mma. Quit making excuses for bj's loss, and quit agreeing with the excuses his corner has been making. GSP won fair and square, dominated him. BJ= bed shitter.
  128. Surprise Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:37

    As someone who's used Vaseline as a moisturizer (honestly....jokes about lubricating aside...Vaseline would make a piss poor lubricant, it gets absorbed into the skin fairly quickly and it more stick than anything after it dries), there is no way that guy had enough left on his hands to make a huge difference. As he was rubbing it on GSP's face, it would have also been getting absorbed into his hands. By the time he got to Georges' shoulder the amount left would have been minuscule at the most. Also, as I've said before letting them even have it on their face is stupid if they are that concerned with greasing. The minute they start sweating, the Vaseline will start moving as well. Plus, with the massive amounts they gob on, the minute a face comes in contact with an arm, leg, chest, etc it's going to rub off.
  129. BJ penn fan Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:40

    GSP sells his body for money. If Anderson Silva were to fight him he would pick GSP apart until he knocked his gay french canadian ass out. He shouldnt be best pound for pound he should be best homosexual competeing in mma because he is good for a gay guy ill give him that
  130. Giant Douche Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:44

    Damn the rock let me down.That anerobic conditioning was posed make me able to take many many blows to da skull.Maybe Beej ya need to make a little more sacrifice.The gods did not seem pleezed.Maybee a new camp?
  131. Subneural Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 03:49

    This is the biggest load of BS I ever heard of.... George could have glued sand paper to his back and it still wouldnt have changed the fight. BJ got owned and now he's tryin to make excuses. What a joke....
  132. crzybts Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 05:42

    I think greasing can be a significant disadvantage for a fighter, especially when his grappling is crucial to his game plan. When mixed with sweat, it only takes a little grease to create a really slippery surface. However, this being said, I think if fighters believe someone is greased up during a fight, they should immediately bring it up at the end of the round. That way the ref can examine the amount of grease, and also so that they can wipe it off before the next round. If a fighter believes their opponent is greased down but doesn't say anything until long after the fight is over...long after they got their ass kicked...long after the 'smoking gun' has vanished...then it's either an excuse or their own fault. Either way, I don't want to hear it!
  133. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 06:02

    Are you serious? Honestly, objectively, are you suggesting greasing a fighter cannot impact an MMA fight? Then why is it illegal?
  134. SuzieQ Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 06:28

    This is so lame. I have watched and re-watched, and I will admit I'm a GSP fan, but I don't condone cheating even in my favourites. You either win on your own merit or let the better man/woman step up. In this scenario Phil would have had such a small amount of vasoline on his hands that it would not amount to anything, and what was there had gotten wiped off before the next round started. We clearly see it being wiped off. If there was a concern the commission wouldn't have let the fight continue, so what is the problem? BJ lost because he came to the fight looking like he was going to take on a few boy scouts or a couple of class bullies in the schoolyard. Not so...and GSP gave him a rude awakening.
  135. Anal Intercourse Fan Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:19

    Dear BJ Penn Fan, You are a dumb fucking bitch. I will track you down, face rape your mother, and bring Georges to your home so he can personally beat the living shit out of you and BJ Penn (for the 3rd time), your personal butt buddy. Maybe if you take his cock out of your mouth for a few seconds he will deliver another superman right into your semen drizzled face. Don't worry though, he won't beat BJ's ass too bad, so you guys can still cuddle and make out afterwards. Fuck you and your gay ass comments. Have a nice life, FUCKER.
  136. CS Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 07:50

    couldve sworn BJ said he was going to fight georges to the death... i was really looking forward to seeing BJ die, literally die, in that 5th round. Guess BJ didn't want to die afterall. BJ is a bitch. Boom, roasted.
  137. Kimbo's a bitch Says:

    Mon, 02/02/09 - 09:03

    Look, I agree GSP would probably have won. But look at the grease on GSP's Brow three articles down. Damn thats a lot of grease. And to say he wasn't greasing him, all he had to do was leave enough behind GSP's hair line and BJ would spread it all over GSP for the cheating ass trainer. BJ might have still gotten his head kicked in, and he quit like a bitch, but he could not grip GSP long enough to hold guard. That is unlike BJ Penn. And all it takes is a little vaseline mixed with sweat. Then you are oiled up baby. I just think GSP is stupid for letting this happen and it does create a controversy when GSP probably would have killed him anyway. It was a freaking advantage and went agains what BJ is good at. There were times when BJ wasn't even trying to defend him in the Ground and pound. Nobody would just sit there while someone was punching them in the face unless you tried to get him off and you couldn't. GSP's strength had some to do with it, but if there was any vaseline on his chest and back, that would help a fucking lot.
  138. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 01:43

    After watching the clip of the vaseline controversy and having been there, i'm inclined to believe that the amount of vaseline didnt make much, if any difference at all. If you watch closely, the amount of vaseline phil nurse applied to his finger would have all been rubbed off after applying and rubbing GSPs brow line and temple, and the intensity, duration and area at which he rubs GSPs back would have done nothing to nullify BJs Guard/rubber Guard especially with such a scant amount of vaseling. Also If youre familiar with the rubber guard, GSPs arms were not positioned appropriately to apply a deep and tight rubber guard, as opposed to their first meeting where he had a low posture and elbows/hands to the floor. GSP postured well on BJs torso this time around. In addition, if they were truly greasing GSP down, woulndt you think that they would apply more to the entire length of his arms, neck and entire area of his back thus preventing BJ from latching on to them? All in all, I don't think this was a significant loss for BJ anyways, he was the smaller fighter, fighting the larger fighter at the heavier weight. Props to BJ. Keep your head up bro!!! You're already a legend!!
  139. ed Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 01:47

    GSP.vs.Matt.Serra.2.UFC-83.St-Pierre.vs.Serra.2 Phil Nurse is doing the same thing between the rounds in that match.. Not a problem back then, a problem now?
  140. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 02:02

    Blah blah blah, whatever. It's a situation of plausible deniability and as such etiquette dictates that you give GSP the benefit of the doubt unless/until it is proven that the slight was intentional. If you found yourself in such a situation you'd hope to be afforded this courtesy. I don't think it was intentional, or significant, which is a big part of the reason I don't think it was intentional. If it was? Those are some ballsy mother fuckers to try that shit with a dozen cameras pointed at them!
  141. Kickboxer Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 05:30

    Agreed. Phil Nurse is a great and honorable teacher. He always massages the shoulders of his fighters. Whatever they did with the chest and back hardly looks like an intentional attempt to spread vasoline. Also, whatever residual vasoline left on his back was subsequently wiped off (i.e. moot point). As said, it's highly unlikely they were intentionally greasing up his shoulders/tiny spot on his back. I am a BJ fan and ashamed of how some fans have believed this crap. Its delusional. Don't make excuses for a poorly trained/prepared fighter. BJ wasn't there from the start, and it wasn't because he couldn't hold guard.
  142. BJ Penn Fan Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 06:52

    Dear Anal Intercourse Fan, BJ Penn would kill you ANal intercouse fan, and then you will know for sure that you cant punch harder than a UFC fighter. You will know one thing though is that your asshole can stretch farther than you thought because BJ fit his entire coconut head up there when he was done beating the shit out of your unconcious body. Also your mother is no longer with us because I forgot to feed her for two weeks in a row and I put a grenade in her pussy and she blew up
  143. aly Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 07:02

    For Kimo's a bitch: From a interview with NSAC commisioner Kizer himself" "We wiped [St. Pierre] down very, very hard," Kizer said. "And even after the end of the third round, even though there was no touching of his back with Vaseline, we still wiped him down again after that round, too, just to be safe. You do the best you can to make it back to an even playing field and go from there. "And I did tell the cornermen that if we ever see this again, that's it for them. I don't know the outcome of this specific incident, but we definitely gave them a warning that if we ever see that happen again that's probably the last time they'd be cornering in Nevada. As far as cornering in the UFC elsewhere, I'll leave that to the owners of the UFC." End of discussion, stop making excuses for BJ's sorry performance.
  144. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 09:24

    the fact is that one little advantage for gsp could have cost bj a win.Its called UPSET. GSP was winning but bj could have pulled off a sub
  145. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 09:50

    I am not a GSP or Penn Homer. I watched the video of the fight and saw things I found fishy. Also other fighters have complained that GSP was greased, and there is same video available showing shoulder, back and chest being rubbed with bare hands after applying vaseline. Seems to be allot of Penn haters in here, dismissing the situation. I look at what GSP trainer says happened, what penn and others said about GSP being slippery and have the following issues: GSPs trainer says, it was Holistic massage hitting pressure points involving back rubs and tapping on the chest. Saw no video of tapping, and allot of shoulder rubbing. Trainer says it would be crazy to grease GSP cause they inspect before the fight. Kinda smart to do it between rounds then, eh? I dont think a wipe with a towel will completely remove vaseline or any other greasing agent. (Try it yourself) It is illegal to apply ANY greasing agent to the body. Dana White and Nev State Commision agree on that, but say it was cornerman, and that he should be punished, and possibly have license revoked. Hmmm I have had rubdowns with and without oil. I was WELL aware of the difference. Finally, everyone assumes the only greasing agent was the vaselin dabbed from back of trainers hand, suppose hands were soaked in baby oil or there was a large amount cupped in the palm of either hand. I am just saying that there is indisputable evidence to support Penns allegations. UFC and NSAC say its illegal. I call BS that if it happend GSP was unware oil was applied to body. If Penn wants he should be granted a rematch, and GSP needs to be oil free. I am angry that I spent 45 bucks to watch that fight, if it was unfair I want my freakin money back Dana White... p.s. Is there really somebody out there runnin around with a bag of dicks???? I think we need to call that fat bald guy from the travel channel, he will eat em....
  146. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 10:12

    to all the bj penn bitchers.... he lost fair and square. they wiped the vasoline off georges back on both occasions. and don't tell kenflo that vasoline is bj penns kryptonite.
  147. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 10:23

    all fighters are checked for roids fuckass. "hes not that good really he didnt beat serra". so the 20+ knees he threw into sera's ribs are all photoshopped in right? and i guess he didn't really beat bj penn either or any one else he fought right? I've met fucking idiots on the internet before but you take the fucking idiot cake.
  148. bj owes georges a bj Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 10:43

    well, bj's gaurd was just as impressive this fight as it was last fight and got the same results. but this time he had vasoline wiped off is back so bj penn quit? if you're a one dimensional fighter going up against someone as multideimensional as gsp then ur fucked BJ.
  149. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 11:30

    wow lotta folks in here wanna anoit gsp as superman. bottom line as stated before, greasin body illegal, did he do it yes. that makes him a bitch. are his corner men talkin outta their asses? yes. that makes them bitches. is dana white a corrput bitch. yes. is bj penn a bitch, yes, but a bitch with a legitimate grip. lets have the cheat free rematch, then probounce the 2nd biggest bitch behing dana white...
  150. Crunk Says:

    Tue, 02/03/09 - 08:26

    If you watch Phil Nurse when he is in the corner of other fighters, he does that to them too, or at least anyone who is part of Team Jackson, so then he would be "in trouble" for doing that to other fighters. It would just bring out a whole shit load of drama. What's it all for? Because B.J. had something happen to him that has never happened before. You may be asking what that might be? That would be him getting an ass kicking. He really needs to stay in his own weight class, and this fight proves it.
  151. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 02/04/09 - 11:53

    Just watched the fight over again, and I noticed that after the fight was over. GSP came over and talked to BJ, when GSP was crotched down to talk to BJ, Rudy Valentino had his hand on the back shoulder of GSP. If Rudy believes GSP cheated, why hasn't he come out and said that I could feel the greese on GSP's back at the end of the fight. A lot of people are saying that wiping off vaseline with a towel doesn't get it off completely, well then Rudy should have felt it and I'm sure he would have mentioned this too. But he never did and it makes me suspicious that this is just an excuse coming from his camp, just so that they won't get blamed for not preparing BJ for this fight. BJ didn't look like he had any conditioning what so ever, because he looked very tired after the first round. As for the rubbing of vaseline on GSP, the trainer had a small bit on the top of his left hand, dabbed at it and rubbed GSP's face, then he went and brushed GSP's shoulder and then continued to the middle of the back. At that time, the NSAC people that were around the ring should have sprung into action, but they didn't and let round 2 go on. Now if you watched round 2 closely, you will see that when BJ had 1 leg on GSP's neck and 1 hand on that leg, GSP postured up and BJ let go of it. The rest of the attempts BJ had his legs on GSP's back but his legs weren't touching his shoulders or the middle of the back. They were touching side of his back and his legs slid down every time. I'm a fan of both fighters, and I really thought BJ was going to take GSP down to a split decision where GSP would squek out a win. I didn't expect BJ to be dominated like that. The cornerman that applied the vaseline should be fired because that was a big time mistake that has tarnished GSP's victory and he should probably never be allowed to corner someone ever again, because it was a big time mistake. But to call GSP a cheat, that is wrong and to use the vaseline as an excuses on why BJ lost is wrong as well. All these posts from fans of both fighters are so biased and pointless. WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING IS CONTACTING NSAC AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE RULE THAT THEY HAVE IN PLACE TO HANDLE THIS TYPE OF SITUATION. THE REAL ANSWER IS THAT THE CUTMAN SHOULD BE THE ONLY PEOPLE ALLOWED TO APPLY VASELINE TO THE FACE OF A FIGHTER AND IT SHOULD REALLY ONLY BE USED ON AN OPEN CUT. Now if NSAC received this much feedback from everyone that has posted a comment, I'm pretty sure someone at NSAC will have a AH HAH moment and realize that the rule needs to be changed. Just my 2 cents and I can't wait for BJ to wipe the floor with KenFlo and GSP to destroy Alves so that everyone can see that BJ is the best LW of all time and GSP is the best WW of all time.
  152. TC2 Says:

    Wed, 02/04/09 - 05:30

    I am a big fan of both fighters... I could not root for either one in this fight. I called the fight as soon as Penn walked into the ring though. He had a look on his face like he was going to throw up or that his dog just died. I really believe that BJ was not ready for this fight. I don't think he believed that he could win this fight. Kudos to GSP for properly training and demonstrating who wanted it more. Like I said, I am a fan of both fighters, but if BJ wants to use the excuse that GSP was getting greased up for his lack of (desire, preparedness, discipline or whatever) then I will lose all respect for him. Suck it up BJ and admit that YOU just lost this fight because of YOU. Go back to your proper weight class and dominate like you should! (and train like you should!)
  153. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 02/04/09 - 06:16

    The training of BJ Penn wasn't good, BJ eats his own words during the fight, GSP overwhelmed BJ with his techniques and game plan. Now BJ is trying to justified using as excuse the vaseline. That is not a good Champ! he needs to learn from his losses, and come back well prepare for the next fight.
  154. @ aj's gay lover Says:

    Fri, 02/06/09 - 01:58

    you are a loser of epic proportions.. all you can do is call homo and say hes on roids and the fact that hes a canadian obviously means he cheated right? maybe you should change your handle to bj's wannabe gay lover.. lol
  155. AnyEdge2win Says:

    Sat, 02/07/09 - 08:50

    any body who ever boxed knows vaseline helps you in two ways. One from getting cut, and two for punches to slide off your face. You don't need a lot of vaseline, just a little sweat and vaseline will take you a long way. I'm just dissapointed first Ben Johnson from canada and now this, damn canucks ,
  156. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 02/08/09 - 08:52

    its like the vietnam of mma america lost and wont admit it bunch o pussies
  157. Kintama Chikara Says:

    Sun, 02/08/09 - 09:41

    Just watched the fight, noticed that while BJP is working the rubber guard with his leg high on GSP's back, can see the skin on GSP's back wrinkling from the friction imparted. From this I'll posit that while they're may have been vaseline applied to GSP's back illegally, it had little or no impact as to BJP ability to keep his rubber guard/high guard. GSP consistently broke the rubber guard by proper positioning and posturing up. GSP defeated/nullified BJ's attempts at working the high guard thru the same techniques. What to do about this farqing mess: - Fine/bar/imprison the corner man for being an idiot - Public flogging of the NSAC officials for being inattentive buffoons. (Rhetorical question: What the hell are all those red-jacketed lard asses doing standing around between rounds if they're not catching shit like this? Audience member had to call attention to it...) - Fix the rule (UFC's already done this) - Move on with life and drink a beer.... or in BJ's case, have 6 beers, 3 double cheeseburgers, half a pack of cigarettes and then go for an ice cream.
  158. wda Says:

    Tue, 02/10/09 - 11:26

    Well, that is hard to believe since steriods don't get shot in your arm, moron. It's not heroin. As for them being an advantage; comparing a dime-size slather of vasoline to a chemical that can increase your lean body mass and strength (and therefore advantage) almost 100% is just ignorant. Get off the page until you both read some books and live a little.
  159. wda Says:

    Tue, 02/10/09 - 11:31

    Look. Here's the deal. Vasoline, if slathered on the body as BJ claims it was, would be a major disadvantage over the course of the fight. I wrestled in college. I know a number of guys who tried to slick up with vasoline before matches. Yeah, they were slippery. But, that much vasoline clogs the pores. Sealed. Their bodies could not dissapate body heat. The heat got trapped. Their pulses went skyward. Their body temps went through the roof quickly and they gassed right out in exhaustion. Last time they tried that. Point is, it wouldn't be effective IF they did try it. Definitely not over 4 rounds. GSP would have passed out from heat exhaustion long before. BJ needs to stay quiet before he makes the fool of himself.
  160. findog23 Says:

    Wed, 02/11/09 - 09:20

    No matter who you like or dislike, the bottom line is that is was an illegal action and the entire team should face penalty. you can't not blame gsp. it was his guys and he is responsible for them. however, since his is the ufc's love child, they will do all they can to keep him from being held responsible. gsp probably still wins the fight but it still was cheating and they should face some stiff penalty. if not, what's to stop it again?
  161. findog23 Says:

    Wed, 02/11/09 - 09:24

    what kind of cardio condition do you expect Penn to be in? he had to gain 20lbs. let's see gsp drop 20 and fight bj in the lightweight division. if he is so much better prove it in bj's class. i bet gsp would gas within first 5 min.
  162. rampaging Says:

    Wed, 02/11/09 - 11:38

    What a joke BJ and his corner is. Take your loss like a man you sissy. Next time I see BJ or his trainer, I'll slap them both on their fat head. Retire now . . . CRY BABY!!
  163. EsquireJay Says:

    Thu, 02/12/09 - 12:09

    Rematch. That simple.
  164. B.J. sucks Says:

    Thu, 02/12/09 - 09:47

    This is an attempt by BJ and his team to get more money in another rematch. The dude quit on his stool. He had 1 good round in the first fight. Then he got dominated in round 2 and 3, then 4, 5, 6, and 7 continuing into the second fight. What makes him think a third fight going 5 rounds will be any different? I don't want to watch St. Pierre dominate Penn again, just so Penn can find something else to whine about. St. Pierre is in his prime and can't waste it with St. Pierre-Penn 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...
  165. Yoda Says:

    Sat, 02/14/09 - 12:34

    BJ Fans need no lies from which you tell. Beat down because laziness you have. Failed you your camp did. Talking lots of shit did you.. "look take a moment and take your shoes off, go sit on your bed, think things over, and then go [profane] yourself." Owned where you by GSP. A shadow of a man you once where are you. Do or Do not there is not try
  166. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 02/17/09 - 01:20

    Ditto....the dudes lazy and spoiled. he may be king on the rock but outside he just cant match up. it sucks to see someone that had so much promise have to resort to this to try and keep his job.
  167. savvy Says:

    Tue, 02/17/09 - 05:31

    this is insane. bj is a badass but st. pierre is way badder, bj needs to lose with dignity. look at st. pierre"s previous fights no one can do a triangle on him or keep a high guard, it is easily defended by him. look at their first fight.(i suppose he was greased up then) maybe every fight since serra, oh yeah where is that one hit wonder. i believe st. pierre is not a cheater, never has been and never will be.
  168. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 02/19/09 - 11:26

    first of bj got his ass worked and if you look at this video bjs brother put up it stops as the doctor is wiping gsps back off so for anyone to say gsp cheated is bullshit bj was on vacation fighting on hawii time not vegas time and for you dumb asses thats three hours diffrent so bj is fighting at 1 in the morning gsp at 10 at night he was gased and didnt train properly 4 the fight he never held a dominate position and gsp is a phenom Bjs camp get over your self GSP is in a diffrent world bj get your dumb ass back to the gym and take the fact you got worked
  169. Dubs Says:

    Thu, 02/19/09 - 01:05

    I am a big G.S.P fan and my first thoughts were it was hogwash and B.J was being a sore loser, but being a man of evidence and facts I decided to watch the fight over a few times and I am very disappointed, I will tell you exactly why and encourage everybody to watch it again. Firstly, the wipe down with the towel was going from round 3 to 4. Watch After the "greasing" or "rubbing ritual" going from round 1 to 2, One minute into round two B.J. is on his back attempting to use his legs on GSP's upper body, they clearly slide off over and over and open B.J. up to some serious ground and pound that he never recovered from. That said I believe B.J. would of lost, his cardio was pathetic, he was clearly unprepared. However that doesn't excuse what happened and it should be investigated so it NEVER happens again. Between B.J.s unpreparedness and G.S.P's slippery body, I feel very ripped off having purchased the pay-per-view event.
  170. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 02/21/09 - 05:42

    yeah. gay tards
  171. Nukeblast Says:

    Wed, 02/25/09 - 06:36

    Best comment ever is the BJ coach that said the gameblan was to work from the back. Yeah right !!! Pull guard against the best ground and pound, wrestling cardio freak of the UFC who've never been even close to being submit from rubber guard..... looks like a good strategy to me. Real fight plan for BJ was to stand and catch him with a good hard punch ( doing a matt serra)....he just didnt had the chance to do it since he was gazed out after the 1st round. GSP gameplan was perfect..... with equal cardio GSP wouldve been tired before BJ because he was the one pushing the pace against the cage and trying to take him down. Fact is BJ got tired before and couldnt do anything after that.
  172. nb420 Says:

    Sat, 02/28/09 - 10:53

    I had alot of respect for bj penn before he started talking all this shit, its pretty pathetic that he cant admit he got his down syndrome lookin ass handed to him! I love how he said "im gonna just go in there and beat his ass" in his annoying hawain accent. This was total domination and bj is used to always gettin what he wants cuz hes a spoiled little rich looser.He should gsp a "bj" before gsp shoves a pineapple in his gapping spoiled rich boy ass! He should stop talkin shit and accept a rematch so he can get beatdown again. he didnt respond after the 4th round, WHOS THE QUITTER?!? HMMMM...
  173. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 02/28/09 - 10:58

  174. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 03/03/09 - 03:48

    unitl any of you pussys get into the ring, you can fucken guess all you want. A fight can be won or loss in a matter of seconds. Any slight advantage, regardless if it is intentional or not, is a huge fucken difference. Take two ounces out of a boxers glove and see what a difference that feels like, faggots.
  175. my name is .......i forgot Says:

    Tue, 03/03/09 - 12:21

    Why are we still arguing about this fight? g.s.p came in prepared and in top physical shape and b.j just wasted his time eating twinkies and talking shit about g.s.p.! and when it was time to get into the octagon b.j realized that talking shit wasnt going to win him the fight. The whole greasing shit is just a way b.j tried to convince people why he lost instead of just saying: my fault guys i should of fucken hit the gym harder instead of acting like a little bitch and insulting a better fighter then myself. Not that b.j isnt good but natural talent is nothing without determination and hard work and g.s.p has it all. P.s: the debate is over!!! if b.j isnt happy he could ask dana white to get his ass handed to him again by g.s.p btw nice comment i`m randy lol
  176. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 03/08/09 - 12:25

    just for all of this stuff happening, I would like to see GSP beats up on Alves, Penn beat up on Florian (i think he's next in line?), then i say we see a GSP / Penn rematch, only this time GSP drops down to 155 to take the belt from Penn,
  177. Rafael Says:

    Sat, 04/11/09 - 11:28

    It's obvious St. Pierre greased his back and shoulders. No one can pass Penn's guard that easy. Not even St. Pierre (just see their first fight). Also watch the fight again and listen to the commentators. Joe Rogan was in awe of how easily St. Pierre was passing BJ Penn's guard. (Now we know why). Whether or not it would of had a change in the outcome of the fight is not the issue. Everyone deserves a fair fight-that's the issue. By the way the guy with the towel bearly cleane anything. Regardless Thiago Alves will beat St. Pierre.
  178. The Can Says:

    Sat, 04/11/09 - 11:39

    Cause he greased his legs? Penn was in halfguard most of the time
  179. freeufcdotinfo Says:

    Mon, 07/06/09 - 03:17

    This will go on and on until a rematch is called.
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