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Trash Talk Tuesday: Liddell vs. Kimbo, Wandy vs. Rampage

(Rampage: Stokin’ the Silva-Jackson III fire?)

Lotta’ trash talk floating around the past few days and here are some select dishes from today’s war of words.

The Sun — which is apparently owned and operated by Chuck Liddell what with all the love they give him — has a piece today detailing The Iceman’s thoughts on Kimbo Slice. In a nutshell, Chuck doesn’t think Kimbo is worthy of the praise. The UFC light heavyweight fighter talks about how Kimbo has yet to be tested in MMA and mentions his first fight against Bo Cantrell — a guy who had already been KO’d twice before in under 30 seconds.

“So is that a real fight? I mean come on! The guy tapped before he hit the matt – he was tapping on the way down!”

“Gannon beat him didn’t he? And how long did Gannon last in the UFC?!!

“Kimbo’s one of those guys who doesn’t have any ground game. He’s training and he’s learning but he’s been built up as such a big star and that’s the thing that bothers me.

“People talk about him like he’s the next great thing when he really hasn’t done anything.

“He’s been built up because of the Internet and him beating a bunch of guys on the street.”

Using Kimbo’s loss to Sean Gannon in a ‘street fight’ as a prime example is something that a lot of people resort to. It’s also the same people that say Kimbo has no ground game. But mat work has nothing to do with Kimbo’s loss to Sean Gannon — that fight was a fist fight with an occasional lock-up. The only time it went to the ground was when both fighters were so gassed they collapsed on one another. And who fucking knows if Kimbo has a ground game or not. We’ve never seen him have to use one.

Chuck then talks about how he could make his own set of KO vids — although his plan would be to just go around punching people.

“I could make some impressive knockout videos too if you let me walk outside and just punch people and knock them out – “hey you, come fight!”

“F*** we can make a highlight reel tomorrow and go round beating people up and talking about it – we could just go up to people and start dropping them – wow!”

Um, Chuck, have you actually watched Kimbo’s fight videos?

— Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva has responded to Rampage Jackson’s “Chump Murderer” comments. From his official blog (via FightLine):

“i’m always watching out for the comments here (in the blog) and in PVT ( for my surprise i saw that someone changed my nickname from Axe Murderer to Chump Murderer, but what i have to say is that the nickname is only aplied to one person because the only chump i fought was Quinton (Jackson). That’s old history: “who beat forgets and but who get his ass kicked wants revenge”. what i have to say is that this fight is gonna happen again soon, but IS GONNA BE HARD TO HANG HIM ON THE FENCES. i think it’s strange for him to talk like this on the internet because he had a lot of oportunities to talk this to my face when we met in vegas. He said that i dont look to him eye-to-eye, off course I don’t! I don’t like him, i really dont! I think he’s a chump and a idiot. We cant forget to say that he is a tough fighter but i think that fight can happen sooner than everybody imagine, cuz i dont know if he can win his fight against Forrest.”

I’m sure we’ll hear a response from Rampage soon — oh, look at that. He’s already responded via FightHype:

“Ask Wanderlei what he’s going to do when the referee doesn’t stand us up, when I’m whoopin’ his as on the ground, like they did in Japan? He’s going to have a tough time hanging me over the cage? (Laughing) This dude is stupid. I hope they do stand us up in the Octagon and we’ll see what happens.”

Jackson-Silva III could very well be down the road with the way these two keep cranking out the trash.

— Gary Shaw, who has been making like Dana White lately with his vocal jabs at fighters and rival organizations, was recently interviewed on “The Lights Out Show.” Although Shaw’s trash talk needs some work, he had a couple of things to say about the UFC and the EliteXC’s efforts to sign Fedor.

“They (UFC) got a hole in their dyke right now. It’s leaking…No one organization owns the best fighters.”

“He (Fedor) wants $2 million per fight. We keep going back and forth, but he has to fight soon. It’s been almost 2 years.”

Well, it hasn’t been two years since he fought — maybe two years since a real test, so we’ll give him that one. And the “hole in their dyke” comment made you laugh a little, admit it.


  1. rheindog Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 04:12

    I know yall love kimbo prolly, but i mean chuck has valid points. Chuck was kind of helped though by dana in the same way, always getting like grappling opponents, like babalu, and tits mcortiz. But kimbo has not been tested, everyone knows that... and i don't think shaw wants to test him, just wants to build him up to like 6-0 then start giving him the big boys
  2. mmacoach Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 04:14

    I'm not the biggest Kimbo fan because I don't like the way he gained his notoriety. I do think that it is true, we can't discount his ground game, he does train with Bas. An important factor is that Kimbo is a good athlete, athlete's pick up technique very quickly. He could very well be good on the ground in a weight class that celebrates strikers. We can't say anything until someone actually takes him down. I'll say this too, Kimbo is going to have to fight a few tomato cans before he fights a quality opponent. It isn't his fault or even the organizations'. Anyone who doesn't know, this is how it is: The State Commissions aren't going to put a guy with 3 or 4 pro fights in there with a guy who has 15 pro fights against Elite competition unless that second guy is a burnout (like Tank). Things like the Lesnar/Mir thing will happen. The only reason that was approved was Lesnar had Pro Wrestling experience (that is stupid, but true). The Commissions are so far up fighters asses now that it is ridiculous. When you wrap a fighter's hands, they are there watching the entire time, when your fighter goes to the bathroom, a commission person escorts them. That shit is crazy, but it is true also. So, time will have to tell about Kimbo. He's off to a good start.
  3. mmacoach Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 04:17

    One more thougt, the general MMA fan isn't like us. They don't live it, they watch it when it comes up. They want to see a knockout or sick ass submission. Kimbo gives them that k.o.. Promoters want to put asses in the seats... bottom line... so if most people want to see knockouts, and promoters want asses in seats, isn't Kimbo the perfect guy to do that? Lesnar? Fedor? Liddell?
  4. tommy2tymes Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 05:37

    is this the same chuck liddell that lost to keith jardine?
  5. kabukiy Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 05:43

    OK, first - Chuck Liddell talks as if he has not ever lost a fight, people lose, it happens. I would like to see Kimbo and Gannon again, I dont think it would turn out that way again. I've seen probably every Kimbo video out there, and it appears to me that he has a much better chin than Liddell. He's not exactly fighting any college frat boys in those videos Chuck.
  6. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 06:19

    Yes this is the same Chuck Lidell that lost to Keith Jardine....but he is also the same guy who knocked out couture, and kept his belt for years in the UFC....speaking of which I don't think there is one light heavyweight or heavyweight in the UFC Kimbo could last with....take for example Houston Alexander, there is a guy who went to the UFC and started ripping the heads off of top level guys, he didn't go and fight some old and busted fighters in a lesser known organization, he jumped in the big show and backed up his talk....I don't think could do the same..... And I agree with Kabudookie....because those guys that Kimbo fought on the internet are way to cool to go to college, that would cut into there crack induced fits of rage and time behind bars and stuff....good point though dookie.... But as of right now I must admit that Kimbo would definitley hurt Gannon!!
  7. Saxon Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 06:21

    'Liddell talks like he has never lost a fight', ya your right, but Liddell would/has always pushed for elite competition, he always regardless of experience, time to train etc...would want to fight the best, he wants to be "the man" and who doesn't at whatever they do....Not sure if Kimbo is expressing a desire for top talent yet, or talent that is more then a just a human punching bag, or talent that is more of a equal challenge...It basically become the old saying (excuse me for the Ric Flairness here) ' to be the man, you have to beat the man.
  8. Saxon Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 06:23

    Oh yeah, I also think Kimbo would work Gannon. When was Gannon last fight?
  9. The Dude Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 06:41

    If I may interject just to add that Wanderlei will beat Rampage a third time, in an embarrassing fashion, if he is foolish enough to take that fight. And I agree with Silva, it might happen sooner rather than later because Forrest is going to beat Rampage for the title. Rampage is as overhyped as Liddell was back in the day.
  10. Destroyer Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 07:20

    OoOoOo...the CP staff seems to be getting pretty defensive of completely valid accusations of Kimbo's legacy of fighting nobodys and thugs. I'm sure they whole What Would Kimbo Do series has NOTHING to do with that, because we all know that Kimbo is TOTALLY legit with his wins over such brawling marvels as "Afro Puff", "guy in parking lot by the dumpsters", and Bo Cantrell. A win over the iron chinned James Thompson would secure Kimbo's title of "Greatest Fighter in the World".
  11. Toner Breath Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 07:31

    to "The Dude" When you say "Wanderlei will beat Rampage a third time", keep this in mind: Rampage is evolving as a fighter and is only 29 years old... meaning I still think we haven't seen the best of him.. I mean he fuckin out-WRESTLED Dan Henderson... (and we know how Wandy did against him) His fights with Wanderlei were 4 years ago... and he is 7-1 since. I'd say he picked up his game a bit, as well as having more octagon experience. Wanderlei is 4-5 since last fighting Rampage and lost his last 3 matches. I'd say he has to do a nice overhaul of his game. My pick is Rampage. Now you mention Rampage and Liddell being overhyped... can you give me the name of a fighter (besides GSP and A Silva) who you feel is living up to the hype better than those guys? Pride is long gone... Wandy, Cro-Cop and Fedor have some catching up to do
  12. CaptainCronic Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 07:43

    Should be noted that the kimbo vs gannon fight was the first time kimbo had ever been choked , nearly out. This is important simply because the fight was fists only and gannon grappled and tried choked him out.
  13. mmmiles Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 07:45

    Kimbo has no experience in MMA, period. There isn't some hidden reels of him fighting professionally somewhere, just some meaningless backyard fights that got popular on youtube. Why are people trying to defend his reputation? If you are a serious MMA fan, you wouldn't even be talking about someone like this. If his training is good, and he's a good fighter, you'll see soon enough. Until then, the absence of evidence that he is a bad fighter is not the same as him being a good fighter. Look at the top fighters in every class and circuit, how many of them started as internet celebrities for doing a few street fights with a bunch of chumps, including nobodies like Sean Gannon? If you talk about MMA and the "Kimbo Gannon fight" in the same sentence, slap yourself in the face or jump off a bridge, and go back to being a WWE fan or whatever it's called these days.
  14. CaptainCronic Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 07:51

    Heres the meat of a article about the gannon fight from yahoo sports Nevertheless, Gannon's face looked bad when it was over. Like fans would do with Abbott's quick one-sided losses, somehow there are people who gravitate toward this fantasy of a street fighter, and rationalized that what they saw didn't happen, or didn't count. Gannon weakened Kimbo with a standing guillotine, and it was supposed to be boxing. Gannon only won because Kimbo gassed first. Gannon's face was a mountain of bruises, so even though he won via knockout, he really lost. I'd post the link but it wont let me.
  15. KimboSays Tappins for bitches Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 08:02

    Kimbo says alot of things. But what Chuck said was the truth. Lets see Kimbo fight anyone under the age of 40 and trained in mma and I'll give him some respect.
  16. Sickofkimbo Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 09:14

    I find it ironic that CP implies that the Sun must be owned by Chuck due to their perceived blind support of him... Meanwhile, CP has a daily Kimbo lovefest on here. One fighter is an MMA icon with a record of destroying elite fighters... the other beat up crack heads in the hood. WTF.
  17. Destroyer Says:

    Mon, 03/31/08 - 10:13

    AWESOME FUCKING POST "Sickofkimbo". CagePotato has to have some reason, possibly financial, to be taking such a defensive stance in favor of Kimbo. Once again, the whole What Would Kimbo Do? thing should be an indicator of their loyalty to him through thick and least until the contract falls through...
  18. Chuckfan Says:

    Tue, 04/01/08 - 12:05

    i agree kimbo has yet to prove that he is one of the top mma fighter, i mean he fought a has been - tank abbott whos not even consistent when he was youngr. i think he has more lost than wins, and his 1st mma fight with mercer that doesnt even count. mercer ped on his pnts walkin up the cage, cmon guys kimbo is sooo overrated!!! and for quinton, i like the guy but wandy is legit he is the chump murderrer cause he nurdered quinton the chump jackson twice in pride.
  19. BK Says:

    Tue, 04/01/08 - 01:46

    Few people know that Dan Henderson re-injured his back (causing numbness in both his arms and legs which reduced his strength) just prior to his fight with Rampage, yet he still went five rounds and almost beat the champ. However, I never heard Hendo use his injury as an excuse for the loss, nor did he try and lay the blame on somebody else. There has been bad blood between Wandy and Rampage for a while, and it's evident by what Rampage has been saying recently that the two decisive losses he suffered to Wandy continue to bother him a lot - and they should because he was beaten badly. Ultimately his excuses for losing seem questionable, and it's kind of lame to blame someone else for your losses.
  20. ajaykumar Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 10:41

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