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‘TUF 10′ Episode 7 Recap: A Bad Night for Cardboard Doors

Mitrione vs. Junk, TUF 10 – Watch more Funny Videos

The hate train continued on last night’s ep of The Ultimate Fighter, which opened up with the coaches mocking each other’s losses. Rashad imitates Rampage getting wrecked by Wanderlei Silva in their first fight, and Rampage imitates Rashad’s "stanky leg" routine against Machida. Rampage calls Rashad "Gayshad." Rashad calls Rampage a whiny bitch. God, I could watch this all day.

So, back to business. Rashad picks Matt "Meathead" Mitrione to fight Scott Junk, who is frighteningly amped up in the staredown. Dana White likes Scott in the fight, because of all his experience. By default, Mike Wessel vs. Marcus Jones will be the final fight in the round-of-16.

Directly after the picks, Rampage and Rashad get into it again. You can watch the scene here, but basically, Rashad says he’s going to make Rampage quit just like he quit in the competition (!), and Rampage says that it’s his fighters who have quit, not him. (Cut to a very hurt-looking Kimbo Slice.) Rampage repeats that he’s not a coach, but he brought some dudes who can coach, and they’re doing a great job, ain’t that right? (Cut to a very confused looking Wes Shivers and Zak Jensen.) The coaches nearly come to blows. Rashad has one shoe off, totally ready for it. Rampage: "Take both shoes off. I’m in your face now. Touch me. Please."

Back at the house, Mitrione passes Junk a note that says Wessel was too scared to fight Junk, so that’s why he’s fighting Matt. It’s a complete fabrication, and when Wessel finds out, he’s irate. He hopes Matt’s whole family is watching so everybody knows what a cocksucker he is. Rashad thinks Matt is projecting his own insecurities. But hey, it’ll all make sense in the end, right Matt? "I know what I’m doing in my brain," he says.

Mitrione fights so he can stop the voices in his head. When he’s doing something violent or aggressive, he doesn’t hear them anymore, so fighting is actually peaceful for him. Junk thought Mitrione was cool at first, but "after I got to know him, I realized he was more of a scumbag, playing games."

Rashad feels Scott Junk is the most well-rounded member of Team Rampage.
Junk plans on throwing nothing but power against Matt, and fighting with heart. Marcus hopes that Junk rips Matt a new asshole. Junk seees himself banging Matt, then banging him again in the house just for being a bitch, no homo.

Matt and Jon Madsen get into it over Jon’s orange juice, which Mitrione drinks without asking. Matt thinks Jon’s a condescending douchebag. As Matt’s leaving the kitchen, Jon says he’ll slap him in the face. Later, they spar against each other in practice. They’re told to go 60%, but Mitrione goes 100% right away. Madsen walks off after taking a particularly hard leg kick, and Mitrione explodes. Rashad chews him out: "Why don’t you save some of this bullshit aggression for the moment that you gotta fight in a couple days! You sit out because of a shoulder injury, but you want to cowboy up when you’re sparring against a teammate? You gotta get your first fight in!" Mitrione momentarily flexes on Rashad. Rashad is less than intimidated.

Wes Sims starts a new pool on when Matt the Rat will snap, and starts actively screwing with him. He puts on a black gi and creeps up on Matt in the basketball court, ninja-style. He follows Matt inside to play pool. "Don’t touch me again," Matt says.

Before the fight, Matt says he’s feeling good, but he looks absolutely insane. He tells Rashad he went back home and talked to his wife. You know, in his head.

Mitrione has an eight-inch reach advantage and two inches in height. But then again, he’s been nursing a shoulder owie, and Junk has so much more experience. Surely Team Rampage will break Rashad’s streak, right?

Round 1: Mitrione jabs. Junk throws a body kick; Mitrione catches it and throws him down. Junk gets up and Mitrione knocks him down with a punch, but lets him back up again. Mitrione stalking forward. Junk gets another kick caught and goes down again, but gets up. Mitrione starts opening up with his shots and Junk goes down for a pathetically slow takedown attempt, is easily stuffed, and gets abused with punches and a sharp knee to the ribs. This is looking like a 10-8 round so far. Mitrione lets Junk up. Junk slips and falls while throwing a punch, but gets up again. Leg kick Mitrione. Mitrione swarms with punches and a body kick. Junk tries for single leg, and Mitrione drags off. Junk just covers up as Mitrione tees off with a barrage of punches. They both start to look gassed. After trading some punches, they clinch against the cage. Mitrione’s punches are very sloppy now, and his hands are down. Junk capitalizes, landing a big shot, and then a long series of them until the horn sounds. For some reason, Dana is thrilled: "That’s a fuckin’ fight right there!"

Round 2: Mitrione starts the round pawing at Junk with his jab. He throws a weak leg kick. Junk returns a nice right straight. Mitrione lands punches while moving backwards, but Junk doesn’t take the hint; he relentlessly moves forward, eating leather. Mitrione runs away to create space. Junk shoots and gets the takedown. He tries to work some GnP, but does nothing to pass guard. Soon, they’re just brawling on the ground. The ref finally stands ‘em up after some inactivity. Mitrione with a push kick, and Junk lands a right. More punches and a leg kick from Mitrione, and another right from Junk. They’re totally dead out there. Matt lands some shots, and walks away, and Junk is too tired to chase him. They trade leg kicks to the last bell.

Matt Mitrione def. Scott Junk via majority decision (19-19, 20-18 x 2)

And it’s 7-0 Rashad. No coach has ever done this before; we’re moving into uncharted waters. Junk had everything going for him (except cardio, apparently), and Mitrione had everything going against him. The curse of Rampage was just too strong. Enraged, Rampage destroys the door. It’s all on you, Big Baby…


  1. Iron Fist Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:38

    They were hyping this fight as the best of the season so far? Damn, this season sucks! How can these guys come on this show in such bad shape? Sure they're heavyweights but both guys were completely gassed at the end of round one. Pathetic! I know that the contestants don't have training camps before they get to the show but you'd think they'd be working on their cardio if they've any hope of winning that contract.
  2. asdf Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:40

    i don't know which fight dana was watching, but that one kinda sucked
  3. rM Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:43

    I totally agree that this sucked. They were punched out by the end of the first. Junk talked big talk going into this and was awful. He took so many big shots early on and then those pathetic attempts at takedowns... Then you get Matt with his mouth wide open Tim Sylvia style just begging to be KTFO and Junk can't deliver. Terrible
  4. TellaTruth Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:43

    Worst season of TUF. Quinton is a worse coach than Shamrock. ...sad...
  5. TellaTruth Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:45

    They were gassed b4 round 1 even ended.
  6. Catalyst8487 Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:46

    If I were a future contestant for TUF, I'd say to hell with my skills, I'd just work on my cardio like crazy. If these guys had cardio enough to go 10 minutes, they could tickle the other guy into submission.
  7. Houstons db Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:46

    man i hope the semis are better these fights are getting pretty lame. dont ya think you should be working on your cardio a bit jezus. i have to stamp it with roy now :(
  8. Angled Dangle Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:47

    Mitrione looks pathetic in every aspect. His stand-up, ground game, and lack of cardio are pretty weak. The only thing he has going for him is his sweet bitch slap jabs and his rocking trailer 'stache.
  9. NomadRip Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:52

    On the next episode of "The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights: Cardio is for Those Little Fuckers"
  10. Lateral Drop Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:53

    That fight was an embarrassment. Are you kidding, TUF? THATS the best fight of the season? I can't figure out how these guys even made the show after that. Marcus is gonna run the train anyhow, so rashad wins 7-1
  11. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 06:55

    Kimbo sure did look hurt when Rampage said that his fighters had quit, didn't he? Aww poor Kimbo....
  12. MyFightWiffaCheeto Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:01

    No one is a worse coach then Ken Shamrock. Rampage hasn't stopped a workout yet to put on a video of himself fighting yet to stroke his ego. When that happens THEN you can say he's the worst ever.
  13. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:02

    At Catalyst8487: Werd, this is the WORST season of TUF ever. These heavyweights gas out just walking into the octagon. This is why I find that fights in lighter weight classes are more entertaining in general. I've noticed that the WEC regularly produces more interesting, fast-paced fights with way more action. Plus, fuck you Zuffa and Spike, for trying to hype this as the best fight of the season. Though all of the fights have been so bad, it's hard to pick a standout. Maybe the Wren/Sims or Schoonover/Jensen fights because at least they didn't gas immediately. Seriously, don't they drill/work on cardio with these guys?
  14. MKO Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:03

    The best part of the episode was how confused he was when the last fight was revealed, you could honestly see him get pissed that Rashad got to to make two choices and he couldn't figure out why.
  15. MKO Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:16

    Also, I'm not saying he would win it all, but cardboard door would definitely squeak out a three rounder and make it to the semis.
  16. omunto Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:24

    Even my girlfriend who doesn't care for UFC because she thinks it's too violent was watching it with me and said it was boring. I was instantly ashamed of wasting that hour of my life. From now on I'm just watching the 15 min interviews after the episodes air and if it sounds like a good show, THEN i'll go back and watch it. Aside from Wes Sims shinanigans... fuck this season.
  17. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:25

    These guys make BJ Penn look like Lance Armstrong, cardio-wise!
  18. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:26

    BTW Spike, don't know if u heard, but UFC 106 ain't Lesnar VS. Carwin no more. Just sayin....AWKWARD!!
  19. Crap Factory Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:40

    I said it last week too. This season sucks. Rampage isn't a coach, he admitted it himself last night. I feel bad for the guys on his team. Rashad should coach both teams, then at least the other guys would get some real training, not just mayo chin.
  20. Frank Dux Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:40

    I scoffed my ass off when he first said it, but I'm starting to think maybe Herschel Walker actually *could* beat a majority of these guys after all.
  21. Mike Milbury Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:42

    Seriously, can the UFC take a break from TUF for at least one season? It's been said before, each season is getting progressively worse, not to mention the "talent" coming is in dropping at an even larger rate.
  22. agentsmith Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:48

    I'm fairly certain that was the shittiest, sloppiest gas-fest of a fight there's ever been on this show. Yet Dana's all like, "That's a fuckin FIGHT! Those guys are throwin BOMBS!" Are you kidding me? Meathead was throwing bombs for about the first 2-3 minutes... after that it looked like their arms were numb from the shoulder down. Dana's wants so hard for MMA to be viewed with legitimacy by the mainstream, yet he claims a fight like this was actually good. I've seen better and more technical fights in parking lots. Pathetic.
  23. Old_Bald_and_Irish Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:50

    "Take both shoes off. I'm in your face now. Touch me. Please." I the only one who feels reeeeealy uncomfortable with that statement?
  24. Old_Bald_and_Irish Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:51

    By the way: When Cro Cop makes love, does he call it "CroCopulation"?
  25. FreddyFangers Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:56

    By the way: Someone needs to tell the UFC, Spike, and Versus that: 1. The carwin/lesnar fight is off 2. There is a 105 between 104 and 106 Has everyone at Zuffa realized how shitty 105 ill be and scrapped promoting it.? Rampage is the worst coach ever, and is truly setting African Americans back every wednesday at 10/9 central.
  26. Angled Dangle Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 07:58

    NO, no he doesn't
  27. Seoul Brother Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:02

    @ OBI: Oh Holy No, Batman! Goddamn that was funny. Almost as funny as seeing Rampage Aries Spears as B.A. Baracus.
  28. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:13

    I couldn't believe Dana's reaction to that fight. Sure, the first 2 minutes were fun to watch them swing for the fences but neither one of them could even lift their arms in the second round, that shit was pathetic and Dana was acting like it was an awesome fight.
  29. One Two Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:13

    they really out bummed themselves this year.
  30. portland mma Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:15

    I agree with freddyfangers, I couldn't believe how many of the Brock Lesnar Carwin commercials there were, some guy who never follows the sport is gonna order that and be pretty fucking pissed off.
  31. Endocat Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:15

    The Demico Rogers vs Brendan Schaub was the best fight of the season in my opinion Demico looks like a good prospect, he just needs some refinement
  32. fACE7biter Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:15

    Why wuold White call this the best fight of the season? I would give that honor to Demico Vs. Brendan. Atleast that was between two guys who didn't gas, and kept it highly competitive. For the most part, the fights this season have been straight amateur. I don't know what I'm sicker of: Kimbo circling like a self important vulture everytime somebody might be injured, or Wes Sims. Just in general, Wes Sims. He's been in the UFC, and yet his performance was pathetic, and he's just not funny, but he can't stop hamming it up for five fucking seconds, enough of this guy. Junk was just that, I was expecting way more from the way that guy boasts. Mitrione sucked too, but i have to give him some credit. His confidence when he was standing up was somewhat impressive, and probably threw Junk off his game. Outside of that, how do any of these guys think they would be ready for a guy like Lesnar when they gas in the 1st round?
  33. superflat Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:23

    @FreddyFangers: I noticed that too. Given how premium those advertising slots are, you'd think the UFC would have pulled it together. For a moment there I was thinking the fight was back on. However, UFC 105 is a freebie, so I can understand why they're not advertising it so much.
  34. Badguy Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:27

    The fights have not been that great, but the season has been entertaining. Way more entertaining then the last season maybe the last few. Also the talent on this show isnt that bad. Hansen Schaub Shoonover are all pretty good. I also believe there will be a surprise fighter. They are probably the three best available up and comers at HW that are not already signed by the UFC. HWs tend to gas, especially if they havent had full camps
  35. NipGrip Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:28

    Since Rampage won't be fighting Rashad, could they please, please, please pull in Tiki Ghosn to fight Rashad instead?
  36. Momoplata Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:31

    think those brock lesnar commercials are to pressure his bitch ass into fighting
  37. Fight Fan Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:36

    This ain't MMA.
  38. Pestilence Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:37

    The first couple of minutes was a good ogre punch fest, but they did gas out. Either way, it was entertaining on to see who had more heart than the other. Too bad their body couldn't keep up with it. I'm rooting for Big Baby on the next one just so they can have one win at least.
  39. PhilDZnutts Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:41

    The best fight of the season was between Rampage and that door. BTW- I had the door edging out the first 3 rounds on my scorecard and Rampage clearly winning the final 2.
  40. R3AP3RMMA Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:42

    LOOK guys this season blows, that fight last night was not exciting at all Scott Junk was the favorite and more experienced yet he had no cardio whatsoever and he got his ass handed to him by an unmotivated ex NFL player who seemed to have spent most of his time there coming up with excuses not to train than to train. His cardio should have been the best seeing as he is on Rashads team and they train with Greg Jackson one of the best MMA Trainers to date, all of his fighters have excellent cardio so tell me is this really a season for "Heavyweights" plural or just ONE in General, This show should have been called The Ultimate Fighter: Kimbos Big Shot. This is ridiculous, I tune in Wednesday to see if one of Rampages guys will pull their heads out of their asses and man up to Rampage and his Coaches and let them know that they aren't doing something right no team on TUF should ever get a clean sweep. To me the UFC is trying so hard to make things interesting they are missing out on the big picture, TALENT if you don't have that then you start loosing fans. Its not just this show that’s doing damage its everything culminating as one big F-up Refs early stoppages, bad calls by the judges and DANA basing this TV show on Rivalries yeah Coaches who hate each other make for good Drama but this isn't a soap opera its The ULTIMATE FIGHTER when you start to focus more on the drama between coaches and the drunk idiots that they provide alcohol to then you loose focus on what the show is really about. Some things in the UFC need to change or I feel that they are going to start loosing fans to other promotions Like "I hate to say it but" Strikeforce. Sorry to make this so long but this is making me angry and I have to voice my opinion, and just maybe someone of importance might here me.
  41. PhilDZnutts Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:44

    He had a flashback to his two drunk uncles brawling it out in the backyard when he was a kid.
  42. VisitingDeadAncestors Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:45

    these guys are athletes?
  43. BeastUnleashed Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 08:58

    Never do heavyweight again please. This season sucks would be unwatchable if it didnt have Evans and Rampage bitching.
  44. Catalyst8487 Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 09:00

    @PhilDzNuts Watch the fight again. Rampage won the first round with that nasty kick to... well I guess it would be the doors' knee, lol.
  45. Titos Head Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 09:11

    @R3AP3RMMA i feel that. However the causal fight fan doesn't see the UFC or MMA the same way you me or 90% of the people on this site do. So maybe it will work for DW. But to us i think your right on
  46. R3AP3RMMA Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 09:28

    And to top it off in my opinion it should be 6-1 Wes Shivers totally should have one his fight it was another one of those BS calls that the judges are making
  47. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 09:34

    While I agree, this season is not great, Rampage has gone from one of my favorites to a broken record of stupid shit flying out of his big mouth. Rampage has made alot of this season unwatchable. Why is it that when Rampage/Rashad argue, they say the same fuckin thing over and aover and over. They repeat themselves constantly and never actually get around to decent insults. Telling someone you have one shoe off to "break it off in someone's ass" isn't something I think would get under my skin, mainly because I'm confused by the one shoe that's on. Does it have to be on, or is it optional. Did he mean to say he left one on to use in so-called ass breaking off of??? I'm just not impressed by either one of these coaches. Rashad is getting the better of Page in the competition, but he's still pretty much the same douchebag he's always been. Lastly, the fight that took place was a surprise to me, in that i did not expect Matt to have any game whatsoever. For the first 90 seconds I thought it was going to be a good fight, then what we know as "Mono" drastically took over both fighters and the fight turned into two walruses trying to out slap/balance eachother. Junk is garbage because of the shit he was talking pre-fight. If Mitrione, aka Diarrhea brain, had any cardio he could have jabbed Junk to death. After all of this bullshit, we don't get to watch Rampage and Rashad fight. I might just boycott the rest of the season and miss Titties win it all.
  48. reddog Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 09:38

    stephen hawking has better cardio than these tools, and he has a cool voicebox too. after such high hopes for this season, its full of disappointment.
  49. Fred Reeva Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 09:39

    If anyone hasn't noticed, Wes Sims is completely shit faced the whole show.
  50. Vargas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 10:27

    Wes Simms was actually pretty funny during the whole "don't touch me again thing". All in all, this whole season have been about hyping a fight, followed by a pair of sloths trying to make babies.
  51. Zyz Zyx Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 10:59

    I really feel for Rampage. Just like 'Page, everytime I beg someone to touch me, nothing happens. Then I get all depressed, punch a door, quit my job, and go film an 80's retro/rehash movie.
  52. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 11:04

    All I can say is that these guys make the worst UFC fighter (Karo Parisyan, I'm looking @ you) look like consummate professionals
  53. kickboxer Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 11:27

    This season is the worst. It really pisses me off that Dana and the UFC try to hype this sh*t. Every commercial it's some guy in a movie trailer voice pumping up the next epic show. They should just concentrate on training (technique and cardio/strength) and fast forward through the fights. I'd rather watch Phil hold the thai mitts for someone than two fat asses gasp for air in a ring. I saw better fights in the hallway of my high school in 1998, and I grew up in a boring, white suburb.
  54. mthomas Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 11:29

    Ya know, at least Kimbo and Roy Nelson didn't gas out immediately. As much shit as Dana gives Roy Nelson for his appearance, he still looks like he's got more in the tank than some of these morons...
  55. caffn8d Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 11:54

    I, personally, find Wes Sims to be entertaining in a kind of "WTF?" type way. Plus I laughed pretty hard during that exchange between him and Mitrione when they were out in the chairs by the pool. At this point, I find myself rooting for Big Baby because A) he seems like a genuinely great guy and B) so many other dudes look so bad. Judging by his cardio early on, he could be in trouble against any of the guys who have looked good... but if he does manage to keep his wind? Look out.
  56. 831 Son Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 01:10

    Once again, there was an extremely pathetic fight with extremely pathetic fighters. This season hasnt had one good fight. These guys dont have any talent or cardio. I swear to god Dana needs to do a way better job at recruiting fighters for TUF. There needs to be a pre-requisite of having good cardio before anyone can be on the show as well as talent. These fighters are fucking pathetic and they do nothing but hurt the sport. Do you guys recall Dana saying that this is going to be the most exciting season yet? Oh man I laughed at that. I mean, I understand that he hypes everything, but at some point you cant just plain out lie. This has been nothing but out of shape fucking worthless fighters walking around the octagon. If Dana hired me to do the recruiting, I would gladly do it- FOR FREE! I can guaranteed find better people to fight. These fags have nothing to offer. I can go 3 rounds with out having my hands down and acting like a sloth, these fat bitches cant go 2 minutes. PATHETIC! Im signing up for the next TUF. Expect to see me in the MW or LHW fuckers.
  57. 831 Son Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 01:14

    I do agree though that Wes Sims is fucking hilarious. I laughed my ass off last night, and it was the only joy I got of watching the show. Hopefully Dana only gives like 3 or 4 of the guys in the house contracts. Any more than that, and the HW division will look even worse.
  58. EzMoNeY Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 01:46

    i didnt realize professional fighters could be this bad or sloppy, its starting to get embarrassing out there, step it up everyone involved
  59. raton Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 03:13

    Terrible fight. Nothing like being a big out of shape load to entertain the masses.
  60. knee_strike Says:

    Thu, 10/29/09 - 04:55

    @Fight Fan "This ain't MMA." Best post in the entire thread. Less is more. Cheers.
  61. Thulsa Doom Says:

    Fri, 10/30/09 - 06:38

    I actually think Cecil Peeples gave the door the round because it absorbed the leg kicks without taking damage.
  62. Lecter Says:

    Sat, 10/31/09 - 09:38

    It was a terrible fight. How do these fighters expect to get a contract when they can't even make it through what was a pretty slow first round without gassing out? I can't stand Wes Sims. He's supposed to be a veteran of the sport, yet he got schooled by a 22 year old, and continues to run his mouth like he's earned the right to. Justin Wren and Darrill Schoonover deserve to win the contract, simply because contracts should be handed out to young up-and-comers, not washed out 'vets' looking to secure themselves a new job.
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