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‘TUF 17′ Media Call Quote-a-Thon: Show Moving Off Fridays (!), Jones Tears Into Sonnen, Matchup ‘Makes Sense’ + More

(Full audio from the call, via MMAFightingonSBN)

TUF 17 coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen, along with UFC president Dana White and FX exec Chuck Saftler, hosted a media conference call yesterday in which they promoted the upcoming season and fielded questions from baffled reporters. It was a lively affair, marked by an unusually aggressive Jon Jones — Chael tends to bring that out of people — and some interesting revelations about the future of The Ultimate Fighter. Here are some highlights…

FX is moving TUF off Friday nights, and preparing for a war with Spike: “The show is going to move off of Friday nights,” Saftler said. “I can’t confirm the day right now, but it’s definitely moving off of Friday, it’s definitely moving to a weekday. There will be an announcement on that somewhere in the next 30 to 45 days. But I will say that Spike should watch their ass. Spike clearly has been dogging us for most of this year…by trying to create viewer confusion and scheduling old episodes against ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and trying to pass them off as new content. They’ll be off of the UFC game effective in January. They’re going to try to launch a new product, there’s going to try to launch their own reality show that competes with ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ or does a very similar thing with their Bellator product. We watched how they behaved, and we’re well aware of their behavior and how they’ve acted competitively…I’m not ready to commit to (scheduling TUF directly against the Bellator show on Spike), but we’re certainly going to be watching how they schedule, what they schedule and where they schedule.”

Jones vs. Sonnen “made sense,” according to Dana White: “Basically, we got the word when Jon went out and got his elbow checked, that he was out and couldn’t come back until April,” White explained. “So it made sense* for him to do The Ultimate Fighter. Why block up [the division]? Machida can fight. Dan Henderson can fight. Gustafsson and Shogun are going to fight in December. Everything will keep right on moving…These guys will both coach The Ultimate Fighter. They’ll fight when the season’s over, and then whoever’s next in line at 205 pounds can fight Jon Jones** next for the title.”

Jonny Bones twists the knife: “Chael’s an interesting guy,” said Jones. “I respect some things about him, like the way he goes out there and gets what he wants, everything except for a world championship or any championships. So he’s a good talker, he’s definitely good for the sport in some ways, and he’s extremely disrespectful and not much of a championship level athlete at all, but he has his qualities, and most of his qualities are gonna come to light when he retires and when he’s able to do his TV shows and commentating and things like that. But right now I feel as if I’m doing a lot of people in the sport a favor and I’m doing Chael a favor by showing him what his true calling is, and that’s using that gift of gab, not athletic talent.”

“[Agreeing to fight Sonnen] really just had to do with getting over this chapter in my career. I’m trying to move forward and do a lot of amazing things, and the UFC 151 cancellation was a tough moment in my career, and I think beating Chael Sonnen and after that beating Dan Henderson will help me have closure to that whole situation.

Just two months ago I had the whole world calling me a sissy and a wuss and saying that I’m afraid of Chael Sonnen, and even my own fans in my hometown questioned why I wouldn’t fight him. And it seems like a lot of people have jumped on this train of Chael not deserving a title shot, but they jumped on that train a little too late. I think I’m over the fact of whether he deserves it or not, and I’m getting more realistic with the fact that the fans really want it. And without the fans, who are any of us?”

“I absolutely know I can beat Chael, and I’m really confident going into this fight based on my skill set, my youth, my versatility, and that I’m a championship fighter,” Jones said. “I don’t think Chael’s really a guy who knows how to win championships. And with that being said, I believe in every way, shape, and form that I’ll beat Chael.”

Chael Sonnen on that tricky concept of “deserving” a title shot: “Welcome to life,” Sonnen said. “We don’t deserve things, we get what we get. And let’s understand, not one of those fighters said ‘Hey Dana, I’ll fight Chael. Let me prove that I’m the number one contender, let me fight that guy.’ Not one of them. They all sat there and said their little things, so I’ve called every one of those bastards out and I’ll call them out right now. And I’ve got no problem getting a tune up fight and slapping any one of these guys around, including the Karate Kid [Machida]. So not only do they not want to carry the heavy water and fight me, they don’t want to fight Jon Jones. Not one of them called out Jon. The only fighter to call Jones out is me. Nobody called me out.

I don’t turn down fights and I never get hurt. I will fight anybody at anytime. So these guys can say all these things they want, but not one of them has stepped up. I gotta deal with this all the time, where guys always get jealous or envious of an opportunity, but they never want to walk out to the mound and point to the crowd and tell them where they’re gonna hit the ball. I will. I’ll call my shots. And as far as talking my way into it, what do I care about that? So what I talked my way into it? I wanted it and I got it. I talked a cat out of a tree earlier today. Good for me, and chalk one more up for the bad guy.”

“Look, [Jones] needs me, he hasn’t beat anybody until he beats me. He beat (Ryan) Bader, he beat Shogun, he beat — who’s that glorified Hollywood extra — Rampage (Jackson), he beat Vitor. What’s next, he’s gonna fight Scott Ferrozzo? [Ed. note: LOL!] Listen, he needs me, and I am the man, and I’m the man because I say I’m the man, and if anybody else wants the spot, come say it and come take it from me.”

And finally, a friendly disagreement over hormone therapy: “First off, I’ve been on both sides of an ass-whooping, and that’s something that Jon hasn’t,” Sonnen said. “Jon’s been very dominant, but he’s also fought a lot of guys who’re timid and they’re afraid to get into a fight. I’m going to walk out there and I’m going to get into a fist fight. And above everything, I’m in a lot better shape than Jon or anybody else he’s fought. As much as I’ll admit, Jon is better — skill for skill he’s fantastic — Jon will admit, I’m in better shape than anybody he’s fought.”

“In good shape on TRT, or off TRT?” Jones replied.

“On TRT, Jon. You tell everybody, you let the media know…Eh, let’s move on.”

“I think it’s terrible,” Jones said later, shifting focus back to the TRT discussion. “I think it’s professionally terrible if your going to consider yourself an athlete. I mean, TRT would be perfect for Chael Sonnen if he wasn’t competing in one of the toughest sports in the world. I think Chael Sonnen made tons of money when he was a young guy, and now he’s an older guy. Now just to be able to take a drug and super-enhance yourself back to where you were in your twenties is bull. Right now I’m 25. I’m sure I’m not as giddy and happy-go-lucky as I was when I was 20, so if I take a drug at my 25-year-old age and have the energy of a 20-year-old, it just wouldn’t be fair. Everyone would hate me if I did it. But Chael Sonnen gets to do it? I think it’s bullcrap.”

“I don’t have any comment on the topic,” Sonnen said.


* Speaking of fights that make sense, here’s Dana White in August, talking about Nick Diaz wanting to go up in weight and fight Anderson Silva: “Nick Diaz makes no sense. I know that it sounds fun ‘YEAH! Throw Nick Diaz in there!’ But if you really look at the thing, Nick Diaz just lost to Condit. You know what I mean? … at 170 so that gives him the opportunity to move up to 185 and fight the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world? In what f*cking universe does that make sense?” A few weeks later, Dana adamantly stated that Sonnen wouldn’t be able to just talk his way into a 205-pound title shot. But hey, can’t a guy change his mind?

** Or Chael Sonnen, right? Jesus, even the fight’s promoter can’t be bothered to give him a chance in this one.

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Casa de los pantelones- October 18, 2012 at 3:09 pm
Chael backs up his shit talking, by doing what he says he will do. This excludes any chump talk of winning and obtaining belts...this is strictly "I'm gunna put Anderson on his prissy little ass and punch him in the face" talk. From the opening bell it took him all of 5 seconds to rush Anderson and put foot to ass.

In retrospect...look at all the shit Koscheck talked to GSP while they coached TUF. "I'm gunna put my fist right here on your chin...beat you terribly, etc., etc.

What did Kos do? He stood there like a deer in headlights and got jabbed to death, embarrassing himself.

I only reflect my statement as...when Uncle Chael says he is going to take it to you, he actually tries. Not many other fighters are like that, unfortunately.
VengeVega- October 18, 2012 at 1:51 pm
@Pen Fifteen
Sonnen had an interview a while back where the radio host started by asking him about the fraud changes and he immediately loses his shit and then hangs up. I'm sure you can find it online. Sonnen has talked shit about Bones for getting a DUI(and made a chicken pizza with his name on it. Zing) so why can't Bones give it back? Only criticizing Bones for cheap shots when Sonnen is involved is ridiculous. He shouldn't stoop to Sonnen's level but he has and this is what DW wants so deal with it. Sonnen has proven time and time again that he can dish it but can't take it. He's a phony and his time is coming to an end.
ArmFarmer- October 18, 2012 at 1:31 pm
If i were rich, famous, and the best fighter on the planet, id be the most massive arrogant dickhead son of a bitch on earth. Im not though, so ill just keep talking shit on the internet thank you very much. Oh yeah, Jon Jones is an asshole.
Onan- October 18, 2012 at 1:13 pm
@Pen Fifteen: "Seriously, is there a dominant athlete in history who has been as boring, uncharismatic, and straight up unlikeable as Jon Jones?"

I would answer Matt Hughes. Like-ability is so subjective. Matt Hughes has some of the same characteristics as Jones, from the Christianity to the arrogance/confidence. Yet, I would wager that many of the guys that hate Jones like Matt Hughes.
Onan- October 18, 2012 at 1:07 pm
I agree that Jones' is probably more sincerely pretentious than Chael, but I chalk SOME of it up to him being a young man trying to navigate his newfound fame and attention. Hell, I can just imagine what a tool I would be if I was supremely talented, good looking, wealthy and famous and I'm much older than him.

As for Chael, trying hard to be a pretentious jerk is just as bad, if not worse, than being one naturally. I just don't believe he's trying all that hard. I know as much about him as I do about Jones (nothing) but I'm not so certain that his WWE-esque persona is all that different from who he really is. Or at least, who he wants to be.
Pen Fifteen- October 18, 2012 at 1:02 pm
Where did Sonnen cower like a little bitch or fly off the handle during this call? Sounded to me like he played that subject about as coolly as possible. What did you expect him to say beyond 'no comment'?

If anything, Jones comes out looking worse on that particular topic. As usual, he starts out with his narcissistic high-road bullshit, and then shifts to taking cheap shots at someone over whom who he's already a huge betting favorite. If Jones had any sense at all, he'd act like he could give two shits what Chael is on because he could beat him no matter what (which is probably true). Instead, he gets stuck in his typical Christian moralizing bullshit about what it means to be a 'true athlete.'

Seriously, is there a dominant athlete in history who has been as boring, uncharismatic, and straight up unlikeable as Jon Jones?
VengeVega- October 18, 2012 at 11:52 am
I give Sonnen a little credit for admitting that Bones is better. But if you are going to make a living running your mouth, you shouldn't cower like a little bitch(or instantly fly off the handle) when someone brings up your past transgressions. Bones should bring up the TRT/fraud every fuckin' time. Play Sonnen's game and see how he likes it. I bet we get a lot more no comments from the master of comments.
Sho Nuff- October 18, 2012 at 11:45 am
@Antfarmer: nicely stated, I agree completely. And Chael has a point, no one else would stand up and call out Jones, given the chance, the top 5 ducked him. Say what you want about Chael, but he was willing to fight a champion as dominant as Jones on short notice. Other guys were in camps and still wouldn't take the fight. They had to go out of the division to find someone to face him in Belfort. Even Silva has already pre-ducked Jones. I'm looking forward to the season and the fight.
ArmFarmer- October 18, 2012 at 11:35 am
@onan The difference is that Chael goes out of his way to act pretentious and full of himself. He's trying his hardest to come off that way, it's an act. Jones is trying his hardest NOT to come off that way, which is also an act, and he still gives chael a run for his money in that department. That's why some of us despise Jones for the same traits we love in Chael. At least Chael embraces his fake-assery and is hilarious in the process.
BaghdadBob- October 18, 2012 at 11:03 am
@onan. Indeed, onan. Chael is a level of used car salesman that only the WWE usually produces. His packaged-for-gullible-fans schtick is so ridiculous that I choose to ignore it. Hence, why I've never brought it up in the comments section before and chose to criticize Jones below because Jones isn't doing schtick when he compares himself to Jesus: he's just being his usual pee-brained narcissistic self.
Pen Fifteen- October 18, 2012 at 10:40 am
The fact that Jones used the euphemism "bullcrap," as if it were anything but a pussified version of the word he actually means, bullshit, should be reason enough to continue hating him.
joshuan29- October 18, 2012 at 10:23 am
Jones is such an ass. Hope Sonnen makes him his bitch.
joshuan29- October 18, 2012 at 10:22 am
Jones is such an ass. I love the real heat thats here. Hope Sonnen pounds him out.
rampageisgod- October 18, 2012 at 10:15 am
Yeah, since when does Chael back up his talk?
seaners111- October 18, 2012 at 9:54 am
Chael is getting his analogies mixed up. You don't "walk out to the mound and point to the crowd and tell them where they’re gonna hit the ball." The mound is for pitching. You point over the wall from the batter's box.
Onan- October 18, 2012 at 9:22 am
"Oh, and it wouldn't hurt either if you actually backed up the shit you talk, like uncle Chael does."
Casa de los pantelones- October 18, 2012 at 8:38 am
I love me some Hendo, but he would get ruined by Jones. Hendos gas tank lasts about a round and a half. The only chance he would have against Jones is the H bomb, but from a reach standpoint...his t-rex arms versus a guy who can scratch his ankles standing up, without bending over...just dumb. Hendo will do what he always does, try to stand and strike and hope his right lands.

And maybe some of these fuckers should ask Chael how he trains, has great cardio and never gets injured, ruining countless match ups like every one. The way I see it, Chael is game to fight and always ready to go. Basically, put me in coach. Stop getting hurt you other crybaby fighters and maybe you wouldn't get pushed to the side. Oh, and it wouldn't hurt either if you actually backed up the shit you talk, like uncle Chael does.
Onan- October 18, 2012 at 7:48 am
@BaghdadBob: Yeah I know. It was especially galling and pretentious when Jones wrote that book sub-titled "A VIP Pass to Enlightenment"...oh wait....
samclark- October 18, 2012 at 7:48 am
Chael is a mix between a comedian/politician/entertainer/fighter. The only troll I've ever liked.
BaghdadBob- October 18, 2012 at 7:45 am
Dana White is such a fraud.
BaghdadBob- October 18, 2012 at 7:30 am
One gets the impression from Jones that he considers ever beat of his heart to be a "favor" to greater mankind.
ArmFarmer- October 18, 2012 at 7:11 am
I still think Dan's getting screwed simply because of the fact that he's old as hell and at any given moment he could lose a step like we've seen happen to so many guys. Dan's earned one last shot at gold, he should get his chance sooner than later.
rytek- October 18, 2012 at 7:11 am
Sonnen is the funniest motherf***er on the face of the planet. Period.
Onan- October 18, 2012 at 7:03 am
I heard part of the reasoning for holding this match off until April was to also give Jerry "The King" Lawler time to fully recover so that he and Mean Gene can call the match.