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TUF Brazil 3 Finale Results: Stipe Miocic TKOs Fabio Maldonado in 35 Seconds

(The winner will face Chael Sonnen for the UFC’s inaugural gangsterweight title. / Photo via MMAFighting)

The second leg of today’s international UFC double-header — the TUF Brazil 3 Finale in Sao Paulo, Brazil — features top heavyweight contender Stipe Miocic fighting iron-jawed Brazilian light-heavyweight Fabio Maldonado, in a matchup that might best be described as a weird, funky, freaky kind of cirque du soleil-esque type of fight. Plus: The heavyweight and middleweight finals of TUF Brazil 3, Demian Maia fighting an obscure Russian dude, and TUF Brazil 1 winner Rony Jason facing off against Robbie Peralta.

Our buddy Matt Kaplan will be sticking round-by-round results from the FOX Sports 1 main card after the jump beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest updates, and follow us on twitter for additional deep thoughts.

TUF Brazil 3 Finale preliminary card
- Rashid Magomedov def. Rodrigo Damm via UD (30-27 x 3)
- Elias Silverio def. Ernest Chavez via Rd. 3 (4:21) RNC
- Gasan Umalatov def. Paulo Thiago via UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
- Kevin Souza def. Mark Eddiva via Rd. 2 (4:51) TKO
- Ricardo Abreu def. Wagner Silva via Rd. 2 (1:06) RNC
- Marcos Rogerio de Lima def. Richardson Moreira via Rd. 1 (:20) KO
- Pedro Munhoz def. Matt Hobar via Rd. 1 (2:47) TKO

Hey now. Mk here, and tonight should be interesting. Not only am I coming to you from my iPad mini because the monitor on my trusty ol’ lap top won’t come on, but my wife and mother-in-law are staying parked in the living room here. Apparently, I just interrupted their Sex Sent Me to the ER viewing, so I hope these fights are more compelling than the gigolo who got poison ivy on his junk or the interracial couple who lost the key to their handcuffs in the woman’s loins. God help me…

Rony Jason vs. Robbie Peralta

Rd. 1 - Peralta opens with a leg kick and two winging punches that Jason blocks. And Jason lands a jumping knee that excites the crowd for a moment. Peralta works Jason against the cage and lets the knees go. Jason trips Peralta, takes the back, but the Californian escapes. Jason lands a spinning elbow, but Peralta backs up and charges back with a wide right. You can tell that both guys are being a bit cautious while loading up for the home run. Jason trips Peralta, who gets up right away and eats a short right. Peralta lands a hard leg kick in the center of the cage. Both men fire spinning strikes, and the round ends with Peralta attacking the downed Brazilian.

Rd. 2 –  Peralta opens with some inside leg kicks. Spinning back kick from Jason grazes Peralta, but Peralta charges in with looping hooks from both hands. Jason hits the takedown and lands in half guard. Peralta escapes as Jason moved to mount and is now in Jason’s guard. Jason wants the triangle, but Peralta explodes out. Jason is still on his back as Peralta kicks away. Mario Yamasaki stands Jason up. Peralta kicks to the body. Big punches from Peralta, and Jason eggs him on. Head kick from Jason just misses the mark. The overhand right from Jason just misses, and both guys fire away and land hard punches as the round ends.

Rd. 3 – A friendly high five, and we’re off. Jason kicks hard to the body, real nasty-like. Peralta side kicks to the body, and Jason answers with a spinning head kick that just misses. Uh-oh, Peralta catches a finger to the left eye. Peralta says he doesn’t want the doctor, so here we go. Peralta is kicking away at Jason’s mid-section. Jason is firing bombs: flying knees, heavy right hooks. Peralta presses Jason against the cage, but Jason reverses position. Peralta regains position, but Jason trips him. Peralta is up and kicks to keep Jason off. 1-2 from Jason backs up Peralta. Peralta lands a left. Jason shoots in, completes the double, and after a brief scramble, there’s the horn. Good action.

Robbie Peralta beats Rony Jason and his hockey mask in a split decision, 29-28, 30-27, 30-27.

Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakolev

Rd. 1 – Big Herb Dean is the man in the middle as Maia takes the center of the cage. Yakolev looks smooth though. Maia is chasing Yakolev around the perimeter of the cage and lets the fists fly a little. Yakolev jabs to the body and moves back out. Maia seems to be changing levels nicely in his striking, and there’s a big left from Maia that drops Yakolev. Maia is in the mount and starts putting elbows on Yakolev. Yakolev wants to tie up Maia, but Maia is tenderizing the Russian with patient ‘bows. Oh wow. Yakolev is hanging in there, trying to keep Maia close. Yakolev wants to kick off the cage, it seems, but Maia keeps the pressure on. 

Rd. 2 – Maia jabs, and Yakolev kicks. Again Maia pursues Yakolev, who still looks fresh. Yakolev ducks a hook, avoids a takedown, but can’t escape the next one and again finds himself mounted. Here comes the assault from Maia, patient but steady as he has Yakolev on the floor and against the cage. Yakolev escapes, stands, and fights his way into Maia’s guard. Nicely done, Mr. Yakolev.

(My mother-in-law wants to know why they’re not wearing boots. I don’t even know what to do with that one…)

Rd. 3 - Yakolev kicks at Maia’s legs with some power. Yakolev lands a good left hook. Yakolev with the takedown, but Maia is back up in no time. Yakolev hits a four-punch combo that stings Maia. More kicks from Yakolev. And there’s the takedown from Maia who closed the distance and hit the trip. Crafty. Maia is in the mount and once more lets the fists and elbows loose — but no submission attempt. Maia pounds away at the right ear and checks with his corner. Yakolev shrimps into half guard, but Maia immediately regains mount. Maia wants an armbar now, but Yakolev slides out, and the fight ends with Yakolev landing a last-second kick to Maia’s ribs.  

(So the wife has retired to bed, leaving me and my mother-in-law, who cannot believe this is on tv.)

Damian Maia wins it 30-27 across the board. No surprise there.

 Warlley Alves vs. Marcio Alexandre (TUF Brazil 3 Middleweight Finals)

Rd. 1 – No tattoos in the cage; is this even MMA, bro? Big karate-style head kick early from Alexandre, but Alves blocks it and drops him with a right hand. Alves is in half guard. Alexandre gets back to his feet, but is pressed against the cage by the shorter Alves. Alexandre separates, but Alves kicks his way back inside and has Alexandre against the fence. Alves dumps Alexandre down with a double and is in side control working elbow pressure. Alexandre pops up, but Alves is all over him, negating the  karate attack for the time being. Alves knees Alexandre up against the fence. Yamasaki separates the two, but Alves presses forward with body punches. Alexandre has space now and lets his feet go. Alves nails a takedown after a flurry. Again Alexandre is up with Alves right up in his business. 

Rd. 2 - Alexandre has room, but Alves charges in, kicks high, and bullies Alexandre to the mat. Alves has side control, moves to Alexandre’s guard, gets to his feet and fires punches. Alves regains top position and pounds away. They’re up with Alves muscling Alexandre against the fence again. Alexandre is cut under his left eye and is breathing heavy. They’re separated once more. Alves catches a body kick from Alexandre and holds him on the cage. Alexandre goes for a trip, but to no avail. The clinch from Alves is too much. They separate, Alexandre lands a left, and Alves moves in to control the body as the round ends.

Rd. 3 – Alves blasts Alexandre with a hard counter right, sinks in a guillotine, and takes it to the floor. Wow. And that’s it. Alexandre is out! Nice win.

Warrley Alves wins the contract via Rd. 3 submission. Total domination.

(My mother-in-law just learned there’s women’s MMA. I think she might need oxygen. Why won’t she just go to bed?)

Vitor Miranda vs. Antonio Carlos Junior (TUF Brazil 3 Heavyweight Finals)

Rd. 1 - Miranda jabs early and Carlos answers with a big right hand that misses. Carlos Junior moves in with a flurry of fisticuffs and has Miranda against the cage. Woops. Miranda takes a big knee below the belt, so he needs a breather. Herb Dean issues the requisite warning. Carlos Junior presses with kicks. He fires punches, drops Miranda with a double, and has Miranda on the fence. Carlos Junior dumps Miranda down, but he’s back up to his feet. Nice elbow from Junior. Miranda kicks the inside lead leg. Carlos Junior fires a right and a left before kicking high. Miranda jabs to the body. Miranda is bleeding below his left eye. Miranda misses the head kick, and the round ends with Junior firing away.

Rd. 2 – Junior wanted a touch of gloves, so Miranda kicked his thigh. Junior lands a takedown and gets half guard. The crowd is into this fight. Junior gets mount. Miranda tries to buck him off. Nope. Junior goes to full side mount and then back into half guard. Junior goes for a heel hook, but Miranda defends and is back up. Junior wants him back down, but Miranda stays up and kicks at the downed Junior. Miranda moves into guard. Junior is stuffed against the fence, escapes a triangle, and works for back position, it seems. They’re up. Junior has Miranda on the fence. They separate, and Junior ends the round by punching in the center of the cage.

Rd. 3 – Miranda kicks low, and Junior punches high. Junior jabs and finishes the double leg to counter a Miranda leg kick. Junior has an overhook to Miranda’s left post arm. Miranda frees his arms, but Junior scoops and dumps Miranda. Half guard now for Junior. Miranda punches the body on top of him. Junior moves inside full guard and lands a hard right hand. Miranda tries to sit up, but is dumped back down, and Junior takes back control. Body lock for Junior, figure four style. Miranda spins out for a second, but Junior mounts him and moves to side control. Half guard for Junior, and that’s the round, kids.

Antonio Carlos Junior wins it, 30-27, 30-27, 29-28.

Did the crowd just boo the mention of Wanderlei Silva? They did.

Stipe Miocic vs. Fabio Maldonado

Rd. 1 - Maldonado charges ahead with punches, but is rocked by a left. Big right from Miocic drops Maldonado. Miocic lands eight or so hammer fists, and that’s a wrap. Shit.

Stipe Miocic wins via Rd. 1 (:35 ) TKO. Smoked him.

Later. Mk.


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