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Twitter Beef of the Day: Ben Askren Picks a Fight With Johny Hendricks, Gets Lectured by Matt Hughes Instead

(I can honestly say that I have a slightly lower body-fat percentage than the UFC welterweight champion right now. It’s the small victories, you know? / Photo via Jamill Kelly)

By Bear Siragusa

Yesterday, to the delight of bored MMA fans worldwide, former UFC welterweight kingpin and Hall of Famer Matt Hughes waged twitter warfare with former Bellator welterweight champ/serial leg-humper Ben Askren.

It all started when Askren fired some eBullets at Johny Hendricks while they were both in attendance at the TUF 19 Finale, clearly trying to bait Hendricks into the kind of rivalry that can only be settled on a UFC pay-per-view. Nothing really came of his efforts, but Askren was still jawing on twitter the next day:

@BenAskren: I dare any media member to ask @JohnyHendricks if I make him nervous and post his stuttering response.

Hendricks remained quiet, and instead, Matt Hughes showed up to teach the young whippersnapper about knowing your role and shutting your hole:

@mattHughes9x: You talk to much ben.

@BenAskren: You talk to much ben.” That’s your opinion :)

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren  very true. I got where I am by doing not talking.

@BenAskren: “@matthughes9x:  very true. I got where I am by doing not talking.” Lots of ways to skin a car. [Ed. note: That has to be a typo, right?]

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren that won’t get you to the big show.

@BenAskren: “@matthughes9x: Did a world of good for Mr. Sonnen. Dana can only deny I am the best for so long.

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren  open your eyes… Anyone can pad a record. Beat a top 15 guy.

@mattHughes9x: @Benaskren I’m not doubting your talent, though I disagree with you. It’s your fighting style.

@BenAskren: @matthughes9x I do appreciate the advice. I also think it is cute how you stuck up for @JohnyHendricks since he can’t do it himself.

@mattHughes9x: No one needs to protect Johny.

While Ben Askren can’t be blamed for attempting to troll his way into the UFC, he’s barking up the wrong tree if he thinks that poking the angry bald bear that is Dana White will get him any closer to a UFC contract. Dana can freeze out people who have pissed him off better than most. Let’s not forget Tito Ortiz, Tim Sylvia, the EPIC feud with Randy Couture, and (until recently) Ken Shamrock, and Pat Miletich.

Plus, as good as Askren admittedly is, it goes almost without saying that the UFC won’t bring him in before he starts doing more than taking guys down and smothering them for 5 rounds. The UFC cut Jon Fitch and Jake Shields for exactly that reason. Whether you agree or not with the UFC choosing not to sign Askren, I’m sure everyone can agree that arguing with UFC HOFer’s is not the way to change bald, pig-headed minds.

Take your own advice Ben and try a different way to skin this particular “car.”

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