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UFC 112 Liveblog: The Desert Is An Ocean In Which No Oar Is Dipped

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 112 weigh-in set.)

UFC 112 comes to us live from Abu Dhabi today, which is why we’re watching fights at this strange hour when the sun has not yet set. We have no idea what will even happen as a result of this anomaly. Will the glare off the TV force me to rely on Mike Goldberg’s description of the action, which would mean I’m basically screwed? Will I run out of steam halfway through because I’ve been forced to miss lunch? Will I fall asleep immediately after the fights in the middle of the afternoon, just out of habit?

These, as well as some other questions, will be answered. All I can promise is that I won’t freak out unless Frankie Edgar and/or Demian Maia actually pull off an upset, in which case I will freak out to the point of being completely non-functional. That, and I will not make as many “Spider” puns as the UFC’s pre-fight promos.

Now that we’ve got the ground rules out of the way, let’s get started. Remember to hit refresh often.

We open with a lot of footage of Abu Dhabi, with a voiceover trying to impart the significance of this event in this particular place. If you weren’t feeling it before, this footage of the arena going up is going to have to push you over the edge.

B.J. Penn appears to let us know that Edgar shouldn’t make the mistake of going into the Octagon and thinking that B.J. Penn is going to be his friend. I’m going to say that of all the mistakes Edgar might make today, that won’t be one of them.

Shots of the crowd show several people wearing Western clothing, and many women with their heads uncovered and their bodies not hidden by a formless garb. What whores.

Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz

Round 1

Munoz feels Grove out for thirty seconds before going for a takedown and getting it, but Grove gets to his feet without absorbing much damage. An uppercut from Grove drops Munoz. He’s hurt. Grove tries to pour it on but Munoz grabs a leg and rides it out. Grove avoids the takedown and drops hammerfists on Munoz’s ear. The ref looks close to stopping it, but Munoz continues moving just enough to show some signs of life They’re brought back to the center of the Octagon and Munoz attempts another shot, only to very nearly get caught with an anaconda choke. He gets out, and then winds up in a guillotine soon after. Munoz slips out, and then out of another one before the round ends.

Round 2

Munoz comes out swinging for the fences and Grove counters. A hard knee in the clinch from Grove has Munoz hurt. Grove takes his back and looks for a choke before transitioning to the armbar. Munoz gets out and rains down some punches from the top. This is the most offense we’ve seen from Munoz so far. Grove is starting to look tired and a little discouraged. He’s hurt. Munoz swarming all over Grove now, and Grove turtles up and waits for the ref to stop it, which he does. Great come-from-behind victory for Munoz.

Mark Munoz def. Kendall Grove via TKO (punches) at 2:50 of round 2

Munoz admits that he was in some trouble there, as if we didn’t know that.  Could this be all it takes for Grove to get his walking papers?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Terry Etim vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 1

Etim has the greater range, and he’s looking to put it to use early on, jabbing and kicking to keep Dos Anjos at a safe distance. A head kick from Etim is partially blocked, and Dos Anjos responds by shooting for a double-leg. He gets the takedown, but also gets stuck in a tight guillotine. Dos Anjos hangs on and escapes. Etim tries an armbar and this allows Dos Anjos to go to side control. The ref stops it and warns Dos Anjos for a shot to the spine. Seems a little odd, but it works to Etim’s benefit as they go back to their feet to the restart. Etim gets Dos Anjos down and then is forced to slip out of a heel hook attempt. Etim isn’t terribly active from the top in Dos Anjos’ guard, and he ends the round there.

Round 2

They trade inside leg kicks to start the round. Spinning back kick from Etim, Dos Anjos gets another takedown and this time gets right to side control. Dos Anjos tries to slide his knee across for mount and gets caught in half-guard briefly before going back to side control. Dos Anjos grinding away with elbows, and Etim is flat on his back, absorbing all of them. Dos Anjos is in mount for a moment, but Etim recovers half-guard. Dos Anjos goes to north-south and looks for a kimura, then moves to a straight armbar. Etim’s arm is fully extended, and he has no choice but to tap.

Rafael Dos Anjos def. Terry Etim via submission (armbar) at 4:30 of round 2.

Phil Davis vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Round 1

Davis has some seriously pink shorts, and we make it no more than ten seconds into the fight before Goldberg refers to Davis’ explosiveness and NFL running back-like build. He’s black, is what we’re saying here. Davis looks for a takedown, and then surprisingly Gustafsson tries for one of his own, which turns out not to be such a great idea. Davis is grinding away on Gustafsson, but allows him to get to his feet with a little under two minutes to go. Davis wastes no time putting him down again and going back to work. With ten seconds left Davis sinks in an anaconda choke and rolls Gustafsson over. Time is running out, but Gustafsson can’t take it and has to tap.

Phil Davis def. Alexander Gustafsson via submission (anaconda choke) 4:55 of round 1.

Davis apologizes for his performance, saying he can’t ever afford to miss a takedown.  That’s the spirit.

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie

Huge ovation for Renzo, and scattered boos for Hughes.  It is somewhat unfair, since Gracie came out to music with a local flavor, while Hughes walked out to his usual jam, which might not have gone over so well.

Round 1

A feeling-out process in the first minute, with Hughes attempting a body kick and Renzo bouncing out of the way. Good left hook from Gracie finds Hughes’ jaw, and then a right lands a few seconds later. Hughes has had enough of his, and he clinches Renzo against the cage. Gracie spins out of there without absorbing any damage. Hughes lands a couple of good leg kicks, and Renzo seems to be successfully baiting him into a stand-up battle. Another good left hook counter from Gracie, and Hughes’ right eye is starting to show the effects. A push kick from Renzo brings the round to a close. It’s close, but I give it to Gracie 10-9.

Round 2

Two very solid leg kicks from Hughes start the second frame. Renzo runs in with punches and Hughes clinches before getting the takedown. Gracie doesn’t stay down long though, and we’re back to the feet. Gracie lands a couple straight rights to the body, and mixes in some jabs to Hughes’ slightly bloodied face. A good right from Hughes makes Renzo smile. The crowd is growing restless now. I guess they wanted more lay-and-pray? Gracie looks for a clinch and Hughes responds with a guillotine followed by a flurry of punches. That may have stolen the round for him.

Round 3

Hughes looks battered at the start of the final frame. Hughes goes back to work with the leg kick, and Gracie has got to be feeling those now. A good right to Gracie’s jaw from Hughes, but he doesn’t follow it with anything. Hughes lands an uppercut and moves into the clinch again. Hughes fires off a few punches and Renzo looks wobbly. Hughes isn’t exactly going for the kill, though Gracie looks like he might be ready to go. Hughes knocks Renzo down with a leg kick. He gets back up, only to go down again the same way a few seconds later. The crowd showers this with boos. Hughes drops him again, and Gracie doesn’t really look like he wants to get up. Hughes backs him against the fence and fires off a series of damaging rights. Gracie collapses and he’s done. Herb Dean is merciful, and he stops it before it gets any sadder.

Matt Hughes def. Renzo Gracie via TKO (punches) at 4:40 of round 3

Hughes credits his plan to strike with Gracie for the victory.  Renzo blames his long layoff, but insists he’ll be back in the Octagon soon. 

We pause to advertise some sort of Abu Dhabi racing circuit.  I have no idea what the hell Goldberg is talking about, or what he’s trying to accomplish here.  Is this an attempt to get me to go see some races in Abu Dhabi?  Because that ain’t gonna happen.

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar

Edgar comes out to some Biggie; Penn comes out licking his lips as his weirdo Hawaiian ballad blares throughout the arena.

Round 1

Penn is wearing a knee brace, and Edgar aims a kick at it right off the bat but misses. Edgar keeps at it with kicks, landing a couple to Penn’s legs and circling around the champ in the center of the Octagon. Penn lands a good left hand counter off Edgar’s leg kick. Edgar grabs a leg and eats several rights from Penn before giving up on it. Edgar is all over the place, but Penn is starting to figure out where he’s going to be and the result is a good left hook. A knee to the gut by Penn, and Edgar tries a judo throw that he has zero chance of pulling off. That’s Penn’s round in my book.

Round 2

A hard left from Penn prompts Edgar to shoot for a takedown, but no dice. Edgar seems a little quicker than Penn, but so far it’s only been good when he wants to avoid engaging with the champ. Penn fires off a three-punch combo, and he seems like he’s ready to go on the offensive now, but Edgar stays out of his range. Edgar briefly takes Penn down, but that doesn’t last long. Penn goes back to controlling the center of the Octagon in the final minute, and the round ends with the mouse under his eye looking worse.

Round 3

Goldberg tries to credit Edgar’s surprising performance, and Rogan responds, “Well, he’s still here.” Penn’s counters are really finding their home at the start of the round. The left hook stings Edgar. Edgar comes back with a leg kick to Penn’s knee brace. Edgar tries for a takedown, but doesn’t come close. There’s a lot of bouncing around, but not a lot of action in this round.

Round 4

Penn is being backed up for the first time in this fight. He seems to be waiting for Edgar to come to him, and that’s not going to help on the judges’ scorecards. Edgar tries for a takedown but again can’t come close to finishing it. Penn lands a good jab and then a straight right. He doesn’t have any sense of urgency about going after Edgar, though. I don’t know if he’s tired or just biding his time, but he’s in danger of letting Edgar steal some of these rounds just by looking like he’s doing more.

Edgar gets a takedown in the first thirty seconds, but Penn is up in a hurry. Still, in a fight this close stuff like that could make the difference. It would be nice if someone would tell Penn that he’s in danger of losing his title if he doesn’t go on the offensive. Edgar is trying for takedowns and getting tossed off now, but at least he’s trying stuff. Penn seems too reliant on counters still, but his hands have slowed and they aren’t landing with the same force or frequency. Penn comes with an attack in the last ten seconds, and its effectiveness makes you wonder where that stuff was for five rounds.

Edgar finishes the fight with his hands in the air. Penn finishes the fight by shuffling off to his corner and looking exhausted. Not the fight I was expecting. For the record, I was expecting an exciting fight.

Frankie Edgar def. B.J. Penn via unanimous decision.

Weirdly, Penn does not look surprised or even upset. It’s like he didn’t care. Edgar, on the hand, really cares. One judge gave him every single round, which is pretty baffling. Penn seems to have left the Octagon right away. Can’t wait to hear his explanation for this one. Judging from the way he fought, anything from the flu to a sudden and complete loss of ambition would be believable explanations.

Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia

Silva comes to the center of the Octagon during the intros, gets to his knees, and starts bowing.  Maia does the same thing, only to then realize that Silva wasn’t really bowing to him.  Awkward.

Round 1

Silva is dangling his arms out there, doing his customary opening minute of complete inaction. Vicious leg kick from Silva spins Maia around. Silva is bouncing around and he flings a spinning back kick to Maia’s gut, then apes around the Octagon, clearly just fucking with Maia. A hard right from Silva stings Maia. Silva is now flinging his arms about like a crazy man at the bus stop. A flying knee from Silva catches Maia’s head and drops him. I have no idea what Silva is doing, but for some reason it involves jazz hands. Well, he won that round.

Round 2

Silva goes right back to work, hammering Maia with right hands and and then puts him down with a leg kick. Rogan calls it a showcase. I call it fucking with your opponent. Now he’s doing capoeria. Wow. Maia tries a couple unsuccessful takedowns, and Silva is verbally berating him in the center of the Octagon. He’s hitting himself in the face. During a fight. I can’t decide if he’s a bully, or if he’s just bored. Silva can clearly hit Maia whenever he wants, but too often what he wants to do is mock his opponent. Another bizarre and kind of entertaining fight.

Round 3

Maia comes out of the corner with his face looking bloodier than when he went in. Silva continues to try and entertain himself with an array of weird stuff. Clearly, he could finish Maia at any moment. He’s just in no hurry to bring that moment about. Silva spazzing out, backing Maia up with leg kicks. Silva clowns around by hiding behind Big Dan Miragliotta, who shoves him back towards Maia. The horn sounds; the crowd boos.

Round 4

A good overhand left from Maia lands flush on Silva’s jaw. Who knows, maybe it will convince Silva to take this seriously. There’s that left again from Maia. No sign of renewed focus from Silva. Now he’s no longer showboating, but also not really fighting very much. Just in case there was someone out there in the crowd who didn’t hate him yet. Now the crowd is chanting ‘GSP!’ Come on, people. This isn’t pro wrestling. He’s not going to jump in the cage and tag in. Maia is the one urging Silva to fight now, but he continues circling. I have no idea what’s happening, but I don’t think I like it.

Rogan says Dana White went over to Ed Soares and gave him a nasty glare.  That doesn’t sound like a happy president.

Round 5

Maia’s left eye is completely closed now, perhaps due to blowing his broken nose. Maia going on the offensive now, actually landing some punches and then trying to get Silva to the mat. He’s definitely the aggressor, and some of those blows are actually landing. Silva still doesn’t feel any urge to actually fight. Maia grabs a single leg and tries to pull Maia down, but no dice. The most Silva seems to want to do is kick Maia in the knee. Wow, Big Dan just stopped the fight to warn Silva for stalling and running around the Octagon, threatening to take a point away. Can he do that? God, I hope so.

And the fight is over, with Anderson Silva solidifying his place as the most hated middleweight champ of all time. He turned this entire arena against him, and exhibited the most bizarre behavior since the last time he did this shit.

Anderson Silva def. Demian Maia via unanimous decision.

Even Big Dan is disgusted. And when you’ve lost Big Dan, you’ve lost everything.

Silva (via Ed Soares) says he doesn’t know what got into him.  For the entire fight.  Call me crazy, but I don’t buy that explanation.

Well, this UFC was…noteworthy.  I’m going to go collect my thoughts, and we’ll talk later.


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cecils_pupils- April 11, 2010 at 1:13 pm
TehBeej try mma-core dot com
itsgalf- April 11, 2010 at 9:35 am
I think all of the "of the night" awards will go to fights other than the main 3 fights. What a disappointment
FlashinLeather- April 11, 2010 at 8:52 am
yea, i didn't know about the "don't blow the nose thing either" his eye got fucked up after he did that
TehBeej- April 11, 2010 at 8:23 am
Hey guys, can anyone post a link for me to see this Silva failure?

Thanks :)
jimbonics- April 11, 2010 at 7:21 am
I learned 2 things yesterday...

ASilva is a classless tool. God damnit 24 hours later and I'm still pissed and sad for MMA. A black eye for the sport.

And don't blow your nose when it's broken.
silverstar- April 11, 2010 at 7:07 am
silverstar- April 11, 2010 at 7:06 am
Like Serra said about Matt Hughes, the same goes for the Spider: Anderson Silva is a dick. He's a very talented dick, but still...
sevvi- April 11, 2010 at 5:49 am
I'm so fucking tired of Anderson and his antics, showboating, lame ass hands at your side flailing about etc. etc. etc. Ofcourse he owe it to the fans.. Without us there would be no MMA, without us buying the PPV there wouldnt be any UFC or no other MMA organization for that matter. But i think (hope) you get my point.. I don't think ANYONE want's to see that kind o fight. And i mean anyone. I don't get that any of you can be impressed with his antics the first 2 rounds.. I was disgusted and left the TV for a while. I think GSP's BJJ clinique on Hardy last week was WAY more entertaning then the crap Anderson did last night.
fatbellyfrank- April 11, 2010 at 5:26 am
Location: Extremely wealthy nation hosting first ever UFC main event Time zone: The present
Scenario: Anonymous MMA P4P legend’s 5 star Hotel HQ
Associate to legend cups phone to his chest “You guys will not believe the sort of money the bookies here can cover!”
“Well why the fuck don’t we carve ourselves a slice of that pie” stated an unknown associate “how much can we raise in the next 12 hours, should be at least $...............................................”
“So what do we gotta do to get the cash” requested another unknown associate…. “Let it go how many rounds? Oh man, I don’t know about that! How much we getting again?... Oh… that much…well OK then...”
Would make a cool movie script huh, bit too far fetched though
OK now I'm going to pass out
kempo666- April 11, 2010 at 5:16 am
Silva just embarrassed the fuck out of DW in front of people who just laid down a metric FUCKTON of money for that fight. I wouldnt be surprised if Silva gets cut. That's sure as fuck what I would do if he had just stuck his sweaty cock in my ass in front of millions of people.
Think about it. He doesnt want to fight... and they dont have a fight for him if he did. He just sickened millions of people... and there's DW's ego...
I bet he gets cut.
DW doesn't give a fuck who's best... (Fedor?) Its about who plays ball... Silva just made it very clear he ain't playing ball.

Silva has ability, but I think he might be kinda dumb.
Squirrelnuts- April 11, 2010 at 5:13 am
the WORST part about all of this?

the WORST part?

Chael Sonnen was right about Silva. That's going to keep me up at night. *shudders like Sideshow Bob stepping on a rake*
Jubbie- April 11, 2010 at 5:08 am
I don't understand this argument blaming Maia for Silva's failings. It was plain as day in the first two and a half rounds that Silva could've finished Maia in any form of striking. Just look at Maia's face at the end of the fight. I thought his mockery of Maia was disgusting but even if you ignore that, Silva's complaint with all his shenanigans seemed to be that Maia wasn't engaging. So the last half of the fight, Maia goes for broke and even gets some punches in. Silva does nothing in response. You can't have it both ways.

He knows he can finish. He's not for some cracked out reason only Silva can know.

Edit: If you're angry about your competition, why don't you just finish him easily instead of fucking around? Aoki was angry about his last fight and broke his opponent's arm.
vengful1- April 11, 2010 at 4:40 am
The ref held up Silva's hand for less than 2 seconds and walked away in disgust. Rogan walked away in disgust after the interview. And most fans walked away in disgust after watching the "main event".

Maia didn't belong in the ring with a beast like Silva and that's Dana's fault. When your best fighter is playing air guitar in the middle of his match, there is something very wrong (retardation maybe?). When your best fighter decides not to finish off his opponent, which he could have done easily early on, there is something very wrong.

Time for Silva to go to a weight class with some real competition. Preferably light heavy. I'd like to see him read a newspaper in the ring against Bones Jones, Rua, Vitor, or heaven forbid Machida. I hope Dana fines his ass, even though money doesn't seem to bother him since he didn't try to earn any extra $ tonight. Fuck you very much Silva. Stay classy.
fatbellyfrank- April 11, 2010 at 3:24 am
OK last rant on this shit then I'm going to pass out, bear with me for the set-up.
4 possible betting lines out of all the bets you can run on an MMA event
1. Silva defeats Maia, payout hardly worth it, only useful for laundering cash
2. Silva wins within first three, slightly better odds, still not a great payout
3. Maia defeats Silva. Not gonna happen. Seriously, no.
4. Maia lasts five rounds, crowd favorite, BJJ guy, it seems UAE love their BJJ guys, payout potentially fairly tasty and there’s a bit of spare cash around UAE, So who knows how much might have been laid on this outcome. I mean seriously, who the fuck would have expected Maia to last 5 rounds? And he realistically should have been put away in the first three.
Just sayin

KingZipperhed- April 11, 2010 at 3:00 am
jones vs silva would be crazy dont know if jones's groung game is good enough yet though
KingZipperhed- April 11, 2010 at 2:57 am
ya no i dont think frankie will hold that belt long either i could see florian tapping him out gray maynard steamrolling a gnp win over him or a bj rematch which would have alot more bjj in it im thinking with penn subbing edgar
MMAINMYBLOOD- April 11, 2010 at 2:43 am
I don't know if its been mentioned but Bj looked a bit soft in the middle. Also he had a knee brace and looked tired as fuck and bruised at the end of the fight. That said, I feel Bj still won. first three rounds all his, Edgar needed to stop him to win . Bj landed the more accurate cleaner shots more often. Moving a lot and getting two take downs don't win fights. Especially when you fail miserably in the take down dept he was like 2 for 12 or some shit. that's garbage wrestling. I have a theory either Dana wanted him to drop the strap, or Bj was hurt but this is not the same Bj that fucked up Joe daddy, K flo, The Nightmare, and the Muscle shark, oh and I almost forgot the raping he gave Pulver. I refuse to believe it was a legit win and I demand an immediate rematch. Honestly I could Live with Shogun winning against Machida, but this makes me want to become a UFC Hater...Even tho I love what they have done for the sport.
KingZipperhed- April 11, 2010 at 2:42 am
did he really? love sonnen crazy bastard lol andersons a fuckwad but still a very scary fuckwad kinda like lesnar now almost... weird ... hmmmm?? i can see it now anderson moves to hw and now theres a superfight UFC 127 SUPREME ASSHOLISHNESS battle for the whos the biggest tard in mma in the blue corner hes a fighter out of brazil excels at acting like a drunken asshole and mocking the very spirit of martial arts IIIIITTTTSSSSS Anderson the Clown Silva and introducing in the red corner hes a man who says hes never used steroids shits on anything foriegn and is also quite possibly the most overcompensatingly homophobic person anyone has ever met IIIITTSSS Brock the Cock Lesnar. Ya theres a matchup
MMAINMYBLOOD- April 11, 2010 at 2:38 am
I would LOVE to see Johnny Bones Jones Take on Silva at LHW what yall say???
El Topo- April 11, 2010 at 2:30 am

Despite his last three bullshit fights, I still think Silva's too good. Even at LHW I don't see anybody that could give him trouble.
KingZipperhed- April 11, 2010 at 2:19 am
oh ya and anderson youre a 8===D head did i mention that? props to demian for being far superior skill wise in the class department. one category in which you Mr Anderson may, sadly, never master.
El Topo- April 11, 2010 at 2:15 am

Yeah, Penn got out pointed. He shoulda been more aggressive. I like Edgar but I don't see him holding that belt.

I like how Chael Sonnen called out Silva and called him a "dirtbag".